Monday, July 6, 2020

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Debate is over! He’s not natural born

Team Obama has done a magnificent job of dividing the opposition and distracting attention away from the greatest Constitutional Crisis in American history by...

63% of Non-Citizen Households Access Welfare Programs

63% of Non-Citizen Households Access Welfare Programs Compared to 35% of native households Center for Imigration Studies By Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler on December 2,...

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Prosecute Biden the Crook!

No one, not one Democrat would care what happened between Donald Trump and the Ukraine but for Joe Biden's actions in 2014. So let's review a moment.... In 2014 did Joe Biden know he was going to run to be the President of the United States in 2020? Nope. And what did Joe Biden do in 2014 that's so important, he can tell you himself (I skipped to 16 seconds in since I am trying to just...

After Investigation, The Logic Of Impeachment Is Beyond Orwellian, Requires Further Investigation

Starting out with the goal of seeing if it is possible to arrive at a conclusion that would logically make sense for impeachment, the move to impeach the sitting president seems to defy all logic. To follow the events losely from election to now, there does not seem to be a logical pathway available to arrive at the official narrative being presented. Your help, feedback and corrections are requested. To begin, can we just please...


Perspectives on the Ukrainian Protests

A few months ago, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich was expected to sign some agreements that could eventually integrate Ukraine with the European Union economically....

China’s Fragile Evolution

By Rodger Baker and John Minnich Last week, China's anti-corruption campaign took a significant turn, though a largely overlooked one. The Supreme People's Court...

Islamists Face Setback in Egyptian Presidential Election

Muhammad Mursi (Muslim Brotherhood, 25.3 percent Ahmad Shafiq (ex-general, ex-prime minister), 24.9 percent Hamdin Sabbahi (radical left), 21.5 percent Abdul Moneim Aboul Fotouh (“moderate Islamist)...