By Eric Cornett, Right Side News

A stopped clock is right twice a day and Bill Clinton for once is also.Speaking at an Obama campaign appearance, the former president spoke with conviction about the incumbent and in stark terms.“Governor Romney’s argument is, we’re not fixed, so fire him and put me in.” When I first watched this video, I could have sworn that the former president was referring to himself as suitable replacement for Barack Obama. Despite whatever fantasies Mr. Clinton might entertain to the contrary, he can never run for president again. But it seems old “Slick Willy” might have finally spoken the truth to America when it comes to Barack Obama, even if he’s just quoting Mitt Romney.


“It is true we’re not fixed,” the former president continued.  Referring to the second presidential debate, he stated: “When president Obama looked into the eyes of that man, who said… ‘I had so much hope four years ago, and I don’t now’, I thought he was going to cry. Because he knows, it’s not fixed.” There was genuine pain in that man’s voice and Bill Clinton is a self-declared expert in feeling the pain of others.

Obama_and_Bill_ClintonPresident Clinton knows all too well that the blame for America remaining broken rests squarely on the president’s shoulders. Despite blaming everyone else for his own failures, Barack Obama knows that he need look no further than the mirror to see the true architect of the current state of affairs in America.  Like a corporation staggering in the aftermath of failed leadership, something must be done. A vote must be taken, whether to fire the incumbent and try a different approach under new leadership or take our chances with a proven failure.

Never one to allow the truth to get in the way of his objectives, Barack Obama continues to steamroll through the remaining weeks ahead of the November 6th election. Grasping at feathers from Big Bird and making flat jokes about Romney’s “binders full of women” remark, the president continues to repea the same stale rhetoric that he knows so well – no prompter required. Mr. Obama has become so desperate that he’s resorted to begging people to vote.

Of course, the president is hopeful that early voting states like Ohio will give him the upper hand. His strategy seems to be one of desperation. Catch young disenfranchised voters while they are still in the throes of Obamamania from his rally, gin up the turnout and pray that most in attendance will vote for him. Mr. Obama knows that his best hope to win is through rekindling the passion and fire of his 2008 campaign. An emotionally charged voter is not as likely to use reason when casting their ballot. Reason and liberalism have never occupied the same space and may in fact result in implosion if brought into close proximity of one another.

President Obama also is counting on the naïveté of youth to swell his number, as he did four years ago. He is still campaigning on hope, since that’s all that remains. He never stopped campaigning, choosing to waste four hard years of American anguish on false promises of changing things in Washington. Change went out the window long ago as our economy sank deeper into recession and one campaign promise after another was shattered. The vaunted transparency of the Obama ’08 campaign has resulted in an impenetrable haze of lies and distortions.

The president plods ever “Forward” in his quest for another term. He is foolishly optimistic and confident that the American voter will forgive him his ineptitude and grant him a four-year extension. But Bill Clinton knows better, and gave America the only sensible choice for November 6th. “Fire him.” America, like Clinton, knows what it must do. The choice has never been simpler. Whether you support Mitt Romney or not, you must vote in this election if your voice is to be heard. Don’t cast your ballot for four more years of failure.

Eric_CornettEric Cornett, Right Side News

Writer/Photographer/Graphic Artist

Eric is a writer and professional photographer in charge of the Right Side News graphic design projects.  Devoted father of four and husband, Eric is proud to be head of a traditional nuclear family in times where proclaiming such is politically incorrect.