by Eliana Benador  

Republicans have just had an amazing victory in New York.  

Naturally, after 88 years of democratic stronghold in New York’s Ninth District, it is not surprising to find analysts limiting their comments to down-to-earth interests presenting the Republican win as “voter displeasure” over president Obama and the liberal democratic agenda that has been passing until now, at City level in New York, or at a broader level of government, such with laws as same-sex marriage, pro-union policies, the disappearance of ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in official forms being replaced by ‘partner one’ and ‘partner two’, the abolition of don’t-ask-don’t-tell in the military, authorized distribution of gay magazines among our men in the military, all that crowned by a devastating economic, social and political liberal agenda aimed at the destruction of our country’s fundamental  structure and that has been put in place now since over two years ago -while an ever dangerously increasing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic trend looms in New York and America”s everyday life, alas, not only reduced to anti-Semitic remarks against Israel and Jews.

impeach_obamaWhether it happens or not, it has even been a question of 18 New York City subway stations displaying anti-Israel posters urging a halt to American military aid to Israel, during this month as part of a nationwide campaign supporting the Palestinian Authority and which is simply another symptom of the vastly anti-Israel underlying mission statement of Obama, Bloomberg and Cuomo.

 In the meantime, however, the president and his Administration took America’s military without Congress consent to a war in Libya where our men have been sent to help Libyan rebels whose provenance has the label of America’s arch-enemy: Al Qaeda.

However, we would be remiss if we would forget a critical element that has been at the origin of the outcome in this story that began as a seemingly innocuous activity on Internet networking -had it not been that the culprit was a married democratic Congressman representing New York’s Ninth District and whose wife was none other than Huma Abedin, the right hand of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -story that I was the first one to report about.  

While Huma Abedin has remained at her job, it is evident that democrats could not bear the burden of Anthony Weiner’s licentiousness attracting so much attention not only to his wife -but most of all at the fact that Obama and his people, have been keenly placing pro-Muslim Brotherhood key people at strategic positions within this Administration.  

After all, as I mentioned in my initial article dated June 13,2011, and published in the Washington Times Communities, Time Magazine (October 25,2010 issue) featured Abedin as a “rising political star” in their “40 Under 40” special edition. That has been most certainly one of the untold key elements that made democrats ‘invite’ Anthony Weiner into early retirement.  

Truth be told, never, not even once has the Administration ever raised their voice to rebuke accusations that they are allowing, encouraging and promoting the infiltration of Muslims close to America-hating, pro-terrorist groups as the Muslim Brotherhood, at key jobs inside our government. It’s as if though Obama and his Administration were not accountable to the American people.

Now, the fact that New York Republicans have had a major win, it could be the first step in a defining change of policy-making, unless this may turn to be a case of a democratic politician disguised as republican, which we all know would give birth yet again to another RINO, a Republican In Name Only.

But, let’s give Bob Turner the benefit of the doubt. 

A 70-year old former cable executive, Mr. Turner led a campaign strategy based on Obama’s unpopularity and an unseen before, beyond controversial, policy against our foremost and loyal ally, Israel.

Bob Turner counted on the support of the likes of Assemblyman Dov Hikind, former Mayors Rudi Giuliani and Ed Koch and business mogul, Donald Trump, among others.

But it is Mr. Turner’s message that has caught my attention:

“May we never forget those we lost 10 years ago on 9/11.   May today be a day of reflection and prayer for the victims.  May God bless the families of the victims, our first responders and all those who were injured, sickened or traumatized as a result of the attacks from Radical Islamic Terrorists on 9/11.  May God keep and protect our servicemen and woman who continue the fight to keep America and its allies safe.  May freedom and Democracy always prevail. May God Bless America.”  Bob Turner

And, so if we are lucky, we may have hit the jackpot this time.

In this America where government after government have allowed and favored a silent, smooth and creepy infiltration of Muslim settlers in our midst, we should look forward to welcoming a new set of politicians, whose mission and first priority should be the safety and preservation of our American way of life and the safeguard of our Constitution.

Needless to say, the official commemoration of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 without any religious mention has been an attack on the spirit of America and our Judeo-Christian traditions.  That is NO freedom of religion -that has been a total violation of our religious essence -because until now, our religious traditions have included even the acceptance of atheists, non-believers and agnostics, no questions asked.  

Imposing interfaith events is no freedom of religion, on the contrary, it is dictatorship -and most certainly no freedom of expression.

So, as we are allowed to dream in America, the land of impossible dreams, here is the first request to brand new, New York Representative Mr. Turner:  





America will be thankful to Mr. Turner, if he manages to muster the necessary courage to show leadership that our country is miserably missing in these dire times.

America cannot wait until 2012.  

G-d bless America.  

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EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global  strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can  find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website, on Twitter, at her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.