June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day, the allied landing to free Europe from Nazi occupation.  June 6th 1944, Operation Overlord began.

One might think a passing notation from our president would be appropriate for an anniversary where 6,500 allies, mostly American, died every single day, from the beginning of D-Day to the end of the Normandy Campaign on August 21st 1944, when the tide turned in our favor and Nazi Germany began their retreat.

One might think, but you’d also be wrong.

No, instead President Obama choses to focus his weekly address today on his pledge to continue allowing illegal immigration to undermine the very essence of American Exceptionalism.  After all, it is prudent to remember, President Obama has priorities.


But even in his self-appreciative ego-driven proclamations of his own magnanimity, he still hides the underlying truth.  His “executive action” was far more than he pontificates in the message above.  (prompted to 02:08 through 02:35 so you can see for yourself)

President Obama declares his November 2014 actions; he describes them:

“Last fall, I took action to provide more resources for border security; focus enforcement on the real threats to our security; modernize the legal immigration system for workers, employers and students; and bring more undocumented immigrants out of the shadows so they can get right with the law.”

…yet a keen ear will observe he also intentionally avoids noting the part where he granted, or, well, at least tried to grant, employment eligibility to millions of illegal aliens.

That’s the part where Obama’s own Office of Legal Counsel disengaged from his Executive Order, and the executive branch changed the verbiage to an “Executive Action”.  Few on our team drive home the point strongly enough.

There never was a 2014 Obama Executive Order on Immigration.

There never was, because it is entirely unlawful for the executive office to re-write employment law.  Neither he, nor any President, can just arbitrarily re-write employment law, that’s the job of congress.

That specific aspect that no-one highlights is exactly why Judge Hanen imposed an immediate injunction blocking implementation of the “executive action”.   That specific aspect is also why President Obama will lose an appeal in any court who hears the argument.


  On June 6th 1944 a campaign to restore freedom and liberty for Western Europe began.  The defeat of totalitarianism and Nazi occupation, along with the oppressive constructs they brought forth, cost 6,500 allied soldiers every single day for a combined 77 days.

For more than two years the Nazis had been fortifying the Western shores of Europe in preparation for an allied attack to liberate the oppressed.   For two years the Nazi forces  stockpiled weapons, stacked and stored ammunition and fortified their placements.

Wave after wave, after wave, of allied heroes kept advancing.  Inches became feet, became yards and eventually miles.  The enemy was defeated by pure attrition just as powerful as the losing of battles in immediate confrontation.   German machine gun barrels melted.  German pill boxes ran out of ammunition; they did not, however, run out of targets.

We were the side that would not relent.

We did not quit, after the first 6,500 fell.

Failure was not an option when 6,500 became 65,000 less than two weeks later.

Victory, in the purest and most consequential form, was not a goal – it was imperative.

The same level of ideological confrontation faces us today.

Deserve victory.


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 SOURCE: Conservative Tree House