Americans shouldn’t need any TV talking head or White House press secretary to interpret events unfolding right before their eyes today. As the chickens come home to roost upon the head of the most anti-American regime to ever hold political power in the U.S.A., Americans should be bright enough to properly interpret these events for themselves and fire these people come November.

rsn_betrayal_175Believe it or not, the biggest story of the day is not Kate Middleton’s invasion of privacy as she sought to sunbath topless in yet another Royal Family Lindsey Lohan moment. No, the biggest story of the day is how two Obama run White House Ops are imploding in a worldwide meltdown put in motion by Obama’s State Department.

In the United States, Obama & Co. designed, developed, funded and ignited the Occupy Wall Street movement through their established community organizing organizations, all operating under the umbrella known as NetRoots. Across the Middle East, the same organizations were on the ground months in advance, using the same Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals to topple numerous foreign governments and organize the so-called Arab Spring.

In both cases, Occupy and Arab Spring are brain children of community organizer-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama, using modern technologies and media minions to ignite civil unrest and class warfare across America and around the globe. None of it is at all accidental or organic in any way. All of it is the end game strategy for Alinsky radicals and their Marxist global agenda. They are a methodical means to an end.

Organized and funded by the world’s Marxist misfits, international leftists seek social justice all over the globe via Global Governance, toppling nations from Egypt and Libya to the UK and America, all for a utopian greater common good, in short, free stuff for everyone, freedom for no one. That’s why Marines were forced to protect our embassies unarmed, and no action was taken to stop the attack in Libya despite at least 48 hours advance warning.

Obama’s community organizers direct the Occupy movement in westernized countries and the Arab Spring in the Middle East. They had their boots on the ground months before, using the Internet, social networking sites, twitter and the media to organize and mobilize civil uprisings all over the globe. In the Middle East, that resulted in placing the Muslim Brotherhood in control of the most violent and unstable regions of the world.

Contrary to Obama Administration propaganda, the Muslim Brotherhood is not some kinder-gentler political party from Egypt focused upon a democratic Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother-ship of Islamic Jihad against the west. Obama friends Dohrn and Ayers led the Arab uprising on the ground in Egypt.

This means that the current acts of war against the United States taking place at U.S. Embassies in more the twenty countries over the past week are a direct result of Obama’s community organizing initiatives, carried out by his civilian army of Alinsky activists.

The death of four Americans at the Embassy in Libya, including the rape and murder of American Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, were carried out by Islamic animals placed in charge of Libya by the Obama White House.

Similar attacks on U.S. Embassies in Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, the Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Israel, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, all on or around the anniversary of the September 11, 2011 attacks on the U.S., are ALL the direct result of international community organizing by Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their network of civilian activists operating under the NetRoots umbrella.

Once again, contrary to Obama White House propaganda, the events unfolding on our TV screens were not ignited by an Coptic Christian refugee film-maker from Egypt, whom the Obama White House is now trying to saddle with the blame for causing Middle East unrest with a no-budget YouTube video.

According to Obama and Clinton, it is a refugee from Egypt living in California who is responsible for the widespread outbreak of Islamic terror around the world. Of course, Obama’s adoring press is ready to lynch this guy for free speech, just to save their own necks. That YouTube video had only a few thousand views before the Obama administration used the clip as an escape goat, drawing millions of viewers since and spreading the wildfire throughout Islam.

Leftist national security experts are being sent out to shift blame away from Obama, Clinton and Islam, denouncing the Coptic film-maker and apologizing to Islam for his free speech, claiming that what we are seeing has nothing to do with anger towards the west, or the peaceful religion of Islam. If that were true, the so-called organic uprising would not be raising the Black flag of Islamic Jihad over every embassy they destroy.

Obama’s administration can’t decide if it is Al Qaeda or ex-Gaddafi forces who raped and murdered our ambassador to Libya, after telling Americans that there is no such thing as a war on terror. Of course, there has been a war of terror waged against the west for decades now, whether Obama’s Marxists care to engage that war or not.

Frankly, at this point, Obama and Clinton are more the leaders of that terror war against the west than leaders of any war against Islamic terror. — And that’s what the American people must take away from the events they see playing out on their TV screens.

It’s no mistake that God and Israel were left out of the DNC Convention, ram-rodded back in only after the press took note, against three NO objections from DNC delegates. The Muslim Brotherhood had a large contingency at the DNC Convention, but God and Israel were not represented.

As useful idiots like Senator John McCain and Senator John Kerry chastise Mitt Romney for being so bold as to suggest that Obama’s foreign policy chickens are coming home to roost, they demand that American taxpayers continue to fund the people currently killing Americans at our foreign installations. But the Obama foreign policy is exploding in their faces, all at taxpayer expense.

Enough is enough! These global leftists must be held accountable for the results of the anti-American foreign policies carried out by Obama’s community organizers, now directly responsible for the death and destruction of Americans.

Obama’s Occupiers are raping, terrorizing and murdering innocent citizens in the United States while Obama’s Islamic Jihadists are doing the exact same things around the globe. It took only hours for the Middle East implosion to spread around the world and to American shores with numerous college campuses and nuclear facilities under threat across the U.S.

Nobody is going to hold these people accountable for their disastrous actions, unless the American people hold them accountable on November 6th.

I don’t care what your personal agenda or political leanings are…. If you are American, you should have no trouble seeing what this evil regime is doing to America and the free world from the halls of our own government. Only the American people can stop it and I pray that God will not show any mercy to Americans who fail to do their patriotic duty come November. Not just in the White House, but congress, state and local governments as well.

I pray that God will hold every American who is unable to properly interpret events or act accordingly, fully accountable. I pray that most Americans have the intelligence to see what is happening here and the guts to stop it from continuing. Our courts must be cleansed of leftist judges who simply will not protect and defend the Constitutional Republic today.

Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for all of the death and destruction taking place today. It is their community organizing that set the wheels of Jihad in motion and it is their leftist agenda that seeks political gain from the unrest rising up everywhere on earth.

Unite with others who are united against Global Marxism and Islamic terror and stand together as Americans committed to freedom, liberty and a Constitutional Republic.

I pray that God will show no mercy upon any American foolish or selfish enough to leave these traitorous criminals in power! I pray that God will grant Americans the ability to discern truth and take appropriate action to save the Constitutional Republic before the clock ticks out on freedom and liberty.