Christine Williams | Jihad Watch

A counter-terrorism expert warns that Europe should brace itself for more terror attacks once the Islamic State has been crushed in Mosul. The IS has been long threatening to attack America “at its heart” and has vowed to revenge on the West for its strikes in Syria through lone wolf attacks.

The intense hatred jihadists have for the West, and all non-Muslims, was revealed in an Islamic State declaration:

Even if you were to stop bombing us, imprisoning us, torturing us, vilifying us, and usurping our lands, we would continue to hate you because our primary reason for hating you will not cease to exist until you embrace Islam.

Pair this hatred with a humiliating loss in Mosul, and the fact that there have been “about 30,000 foreign fighters that have gone in from about 100 countries to join” the Islamic State, and there should be no surprise about about the threat of “ISIS jihadis” unleashing revenge attacks against Europe.

The larger question is: are leaders in Europe and the West prepared to strategize and implement realistic counter terrorism strategies, which should include the monitoring of mosques and Islamic centers, many of which are vehicles of radicalization doctrines?

Norway has already begun planning to ban the burka from schools and universities over heightened fears of jihad attacks. But although that might help Norway retain its cultural identity, it will not prevent those jihad attacks. Much more must be done.


“BRITAIN TERROR WARNING: ISIS jihadis ‘WILL unleash attacks on Europe as payback for Mosul’”, by Charlie Bayliss, UK Express, October 26, 2016:

Karin von Hippel – who served under US General John Allen as part of a special envoy to counter ISIS – claimed as many as 30,000 foreign Daesh fighters from around 100 different countries could spread across the continent once the terror group is crushed in its Iraqi stronghold.

Dr von Hippel warned: “I don’t think it will be the beginning of the end. I think once they lose territory in Iraq and Syria and probably Libya… they will likely go back to a more insurgent style operation versus a terrorist group that wants to try and hold onto territory.

“There has been about 30,000 foreign fighters that have gone in from about 100 countries to join. Not all of them have joined ISIS, some have joined al-Qaeda and Kurds and other groups, but the vast majority have gone to join ISIS.

“These people will disperse. Some of them have already been captured or killed but many will disperse and they’ll go to European countries.

“They may not go back to where they came from and that is definitely keeping security forces up at night in many, many countries.”

Dr von Hippel – who has also worked for the UN and EU in Kosovo and Somalia – added it was just a matter of time before Daesh is defeated in Iraq’s second city, but warned the twisted killers will not go down without a fight.

She added: “They will start to leave as they’re outnumbered but they will leave IEDs, they will probably take civilians with them as human shields. So the question in the immediate aftermath is what is the state of the city.

“They’re going to be significantly outgunned, and the Iraqis were only ever going to move on Mosul when they are ready.

“There has been talks to re-take Mosul for over a year and so Iraqis really were in charge and wanted to do it when they felt they were ready and got some successes under their belt.”

The director-general of military think tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) added that the next step after Mosul would be to crush any hope militants have of fleeing to the Syrian city of Raqqa…..