On July 2, Susan Daniels, a licensed private investigator and write-in candidate for president in Ohio, filed suit in Geauga County against Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. Daniels presents credible evidence that President Obama is fraudulently using a Connecticut Social Security number, and, as a result, calls on the court: 1) to prohibit Ohio Secretary of State Hulsted from entering Obama’s name on the Ohio presidential ballot in November until it is determined that Obama’s Social Security number was properly issued; and further, (2) to order Secretary of State Hulsted to investigate Obama’s fraudulent use of a Connecticut Social Security number.

Social_Security_cardJack Cashill’s report is here. I just had a chance to listen to Daniels’ interview with Mark Gillar here, and read her complaint here. It is all explosive stuff. It fails to explode inside the media bubble only because that media bubble, Left and Right, is a vacuum hermetically sealed against  reality. That doesn’t mean, however, that the pressure stops building.

What the media, Right and Left, are not telling the American people is this: Daniels discovered in 2009 that, since the 1980s, Barack Obama has been using a Social Security number issued in the late 1970s by the state of Connecticut. Daniels’ evidence begins with the three-digit prefix — 042 — which tags the number as having originated in Connecticut. (The Social Security agency abandoned state prefixes shortly after Daniels’ findings began to surface. Connected? Another question that should be investigated.)

This 042-number is linked to, among other things, Obama’s 1980 Selective Service Registration card (alleged to be a forgery by Sheriff Arpaio), his Massachusetts driver’s license from his Harvard Law School days; and his 2009 tax return. But Barack Obama has no known or traceable connection to the state of Connecticut — notwithstanding the unretracted lie or mistake uttered by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly who wrongly stated on the air that Obama Sr. lived in Connecticut for a time and somehow that explained everything. Obama Sr. never lived in Connecticut.

There’s more. Daniels also flags the entirely anomolous appearance of two birth dates associated with the 042-number: 1961 (Obama’s birth year) and 1890. Out of “thousands” of Social Security numbers Daniels has checked as a P.I., she says she have never seen a second birth date attach itself to a number.

How could this be so? Why is it so? Daniels’ suit places the responsibility of answering these troubling questions with Ohio Secretary of State Husted — and that means not permitting the Obama defense team to wiggle out of such charges by asserting, as the president’s lawyer did in Georgia this year when the Social Security issue came before the court: “Nothing in the Constitution makes … participating in Social Security a prerequisite to serving as president.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of his client’s bona fides.

Daniels’ challenge is probably unique among the well over Obama 100 eligibility lawsuits filed to date because it focuses exclusively on the fraud angle. That is, Daniels’ case in no way bears on the Constitutional “natural-born” issue, or even matters related to the Obama birth certificate, which Arpaio’s team and many experts also believe to be a forgery.

What next? Daniels tells Gillar that a response — a hearing date — from the court may be expected no later than 28 days after her complaint is served to Husted.

That gives the forces of suppression and secrecy a scant month to cook up more suppression and secrecy.

Will it work … again?

SOURCE: Diana West