The Ultimate Uranium One & Fusion GPS Primer

The Ultimate Uranium One & Fusion GPS Primer

Twitter user NavyJack thinks he knows just what is going down. This thread is from November, 2017- how much of this is just now becoming breaking news?

Speculation is as speculation does, and whether or not NavyJack has it nailed down exactly right or not, his thread is a fascinating exploration into the machinations of the so-called Deep State. I guess we've all moved on from calling it the Military-Industrial Complex, as the MIC is no longer engaged in the Cold War, and so the power players have shifted to other fields.

The leaks that are coming out from unnamed sources at the Department of Justice and the FBI could be morsels thrown overboard to keep us satisfied while the real prey gets away clean. Here's the initial analysis NavyJack made back in November.

At Right Side News we'll be following the threads closely, ready to bring analysis when the murky waters clear.

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