Or is Commander Fitzpatrick III Guilty of Mutiny?
By JB Williams ©2009 USA

June 10, 2009   

The answer to one of the above questions is absolutely, YES! – Either Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of treason, as formally charged in a March 2009 federal criminal complaint filed by retired Navy LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, on March 17th, (or) LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick is indeed guilty of Mutiny, – “forcible or passive resistance to lawful authority; especially: concerted revolt (as of a naval crew) against discipline or a superior officer.”

There is no higher authority for a U.S. Naval Commander than the superior office of Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, the President of the Unites States. Yet, LCDR Fitzpatrick has publicly and formally charged President Barack Hussein Obama with the high crime of treason in a federal complaint filed with James R. Dedrick U.S. Attorney, Eastern District Tennessee, and Edgar Schmutzer, Dedrick’s Assistant U.S. Attorney on March 17, 2009.

In doing so, LCDR Fitzpatrick opened himself up to the very serious charge of mutiny, a crime which requires Court Martial and carries the penalty of death.

In the criminal complaint, Fitzpatrick has charged Barack Hussein Obama (and others alleged complicit) with treason, an act that if false, constitutes an act of mutiny on behalf of Commander Fitzpatrick.

However, if Commander Fitzpatrick is right, then the act constitutes the ultimate selfless act of true patriotism, and a glowing example of what it means to stand on an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

By his actions, Commander Fitzpatrick is either a traitor guilty of mutiny, or a shining example of heroic patriotism, willing to risk all in defense of the U.S. Constitution and the people it was written to protect. The situation could hardly be more serious! If this were a game of high stakes poker, the Commander just went all-in!

From the official complaint – “Your criminal ascension manifests a clear and present danger.  You fundamentally changed our form of government.  The Constitution no longer works. – Confident holding your silent agreement and admission, I identify you as a foreign born domestic enemy. – My sworn duty, Mr. Obama, is to stand against what you stand for.  You are not my president. You are not my commander in chief.”

There’s nothing at all ambiguous about this statement. The basis upon which Commander Fitzpatrick makes his charge is equally straight forward.

– “you [Mr. Obama] have broken in and entered the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling, and deceit.  Posing as an imposter president and commander in chief, you have stripped civilian command and control over the military establishment.  Known military criminal actors – command racketeers – are now free in the exercise of military government intent upon destruction of America’s constitutional government.”

You can read THE OBAMA FEDERAL CRIMINAL COMPLAINT in its entirely at Commander Fitzpatrick’s blog site, The JAG Hunter…Dauntless and unafraid! – where you can also find additional follow-up information.

Has Fitzpatrick Lost his Mind?

Fitzpatrick reports that two days after Commander Fitzpatrick filed his charges against the President of the United States, the Secret Service showed up on his doorstep – “Two Secret Service special agents came to my residence two months ago… on 19 March 2009, as directed by James Russell Dedrick, United States Attorney for the Eastern District, Tennessee. Dedrick and his assistant, attorney Edgar Schmutzer, triggered the Secret Service alert and reaction upon receipt of my federal criminal complaint naming Mr. Obama in commission of the crime of TREASON. Dedrick reported me a threat to the imposter Obama.

The two Secret Service agents, escorted by two local police officers, arrived at eight minutes before 3 o’clock in the afternoon. They all left ’bout an hour later. – I’m still here. – It’s been two months. – Mr. Obama admits his TREASON.”

This may in fact establish some very critical points in what seems to be a storm of monumental consequence brewing on the horizon.

  • Questioning Obama’s eligibility constitutes a “threat to national security” in the minds of leftists who clearly don’t care whether or not Obama is a Constitutional President. But what about the rest of us?
  • The fact that Fitzpatrick was not immediately taken into custody on the spot is an indication that there is doubt in the minds of Secret Service agents and local law enforcement about Obama’s eligibility.
  • The fact that Fitzpatrick has NOT been charged with mutiny is a very strong indication that his charges of treason against Obama, may be very well founded.
  • Commander Fitzpatrick takes his oath to the Constitution, more seriously than most.

Commander Fitzpatrick is a career Naval Officer who graduated the Annapolis Naval Academy in 1975 and spent a lifetime serving his country with honor and distinction. He is not known as any form of conspiracy crackpot or extreme right-wing rabble rouser.

As of this writing, he has not been charged with mutiny for his formal charge of treason leveled against the sitting President of the United States, almost three months after those charges were filed, and Secret Service agents effectively vetted those charges on March 19th.

If Fitzpatrick’s charge of treason against the sitting President is false, why has he not been charged with mutiny? Why did Secret Service agents leave without arresting Commander Fitzpatrick on March 19th, or at any time since?

Does Fitzpatrick Stand Alone?

No, he does not stand alone, and Obama knows it. In a telephone interview with Commander Fitzpatrick yesterday, he stated that according to the MANUAL FOR COURTS-MARTIAL, he MUST be charged with mutiny if his treason charges against Barack Obama are in any way false. He further explained that he is fully prepared to be charged and accept the potentially severe consequences, if his charges against Obama are not true and accurate.

Fitzpatrick seems the first to take a criminal route to addressing what many Americans believe to be a fraudulent and unconstitutional president and administration. Several others have taken a civil suit approach to forcing Obama out in the open, thus far to no avail.

Over 400,000 American citizens have signed a national petition demanding that Barack Obama keep his campaign promise to operate a “transparent” government, beginning with his own history.

Yet to date, Mr. Obama has spent millions in legal fees to block his true identity from becoming public. His entire past, from birth to adoption in Indonesia, to his travel on an Indonesian passport, his college records, including how such an average individual was able to afford such an expensive Ivy League education, and how he came to be friends with so many evil anti-American individuals during that period, remain a secret guarded far more carefully than actual matters of national security.

Hundreds across the country are now filing Grand Jury Indictments against Obama, via the American Grand Jury initiative, which makes criminal allegations against Obama, very similar to those made by Commander Fitzpatrick.

No, the Commander is by no means alone… although he acted alone in the filing of his formal criminal complaint against his alleged Commander-in-Chief. Is he nuts? I see no signs that he is anything less than a true patriot of impeccable decency, honor and intellect.

Those who oppose his actions will undoubtedly call him every nasty name under the sun. But they will do so without foundation, based upon the research I have done on the man.

What Next?

Like it or not, Mr. Obama was elected on the promise of running a “transparent” administration of high integrity. Yet Mr. Obama has spent millions in legal fees to keep his own identity Top Secret. Why?

No U.S. court has agreed to hear the many civil suits pending against Barack Obama, all of them demanding nothing more than “transparency” in the president. Commander Fitzpatrick’s criminal case has yet to be acted upon by any individual it has been delivered to, all of whom have taken a sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

No mainstream news agency has investigated the growing claims that Barack Obama is a “usurper” and “imposter” engaged in destructive activities against America, and no member of congress has looked beyond Snopes or FactCheck.org to investigate the fact that Mr. Obama has never proven his eligibility for the office he currently holds, nor has he ever been run through the standard security clearance checks used to vet every other individual who has ever been given access to Top Secret information.

How is this even possible?

Commander Fitzpatrick’s complaint ups the ante… It isn’t a civil suit. It’s a federal criminal complaint accusing the sitting president of treason. I can think of nothing more serious…

The Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA, the courts, congress and the press cannot run or hide from Fitzpatrick’s charge of treason. The people don’t need any of these federal bureaucracies currently running interference for Obama, to take action.

The American Grand Jury system places the power right in the people’s hands, and Commander Fitzpatrick’s complaint is a blue print of what the people should file via the Grand Jury system.

Sooner or later, the official answer to the two questions asked in the title of this column will be known by all Americans, Obama supporters and dissenters alike.

The storm is brewing and there is only one way Obama can stop it from hitting land. Obama can come clean at any moment and offer up all of details to his Top Secret life and that will end all of the speculation and every effort underway to force him out in the open. Of course, it will likely end his otherwise promising career too.

The only way Obama can successfully defend himself against Commander Fitzpatrick’s charges is to charge Fitzpatrick with mutiny for filing them. Not doing so constitutes an admission of guilt on Obama’s part. Fitzpatrick intentionally placed Obama in this legal corner… and almost three months later, the Obama camp has still not figured out how to respond to it.

What Can YOU Do?

You can join the American Grand Jury effort and/or individually file your own criminal complaint patterned after Fitzpatrick’s. When this storm reaches critical mass through shear number of similar complaints, there will be nowhere left for Obama to run or hide.

It is important to understand that the charge of treason is unique.

TREASON – This word imports a betraying, treachery, or breach of allegiance.

The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. This offence is punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

Not only is Commander Fitzpatrick risking death for the crime of mutiny himself, he has accused the U.S. President of a crime which is also punishable by death. If Obama is found guilty of treason, every individual who was complicit in the perpetration or perpetuation of that treason is by definition of treason, also guilty. That list is very long… covering his entire administration and maybe beyond.

I can’t remember any time in my life when more was at stake.

In the end, it all comes down to the U.S. Constitution. It either stands as written and ratified, or it is a meaningless piece of paper of no use to any American ever again. This is the Constitutional Crisis so many worried about when Obama chose to seek an office he refused to demonstrate his eligibility for… It should have never been allowed to happen. The reason nobody wants to touch this thing with a ten foot pole is because once done, nobody knows how to undo it! Now we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t…

But it’s here now, and it isn’t going away until the truth is known about Mr. Obama and all of his ill-advised associates. As for the average American, you can choose to become part of the Constitutional solution, or leave the heavy lifting to others.

The Constitution: To be, or not to be..? – The time to choose and act is now!
JB Williams
JB – “In God We Trust, because man alone, especially leftists, cannot be trusted.”