If there was the slightest doubt about Obama’s Marxism, his “put down” of the American capitalist system last weekend should have swept it completely away.What all America saw was the REAL Obama — the statist, the collectivist, the socialist, the Marxist Obama.


THAT is Obama’s belief and he has finally, finally, dropped his guard enough that even the dimmest bulb among us can see him for what he really is — IF — they are not voluntarily blind to reality.

Official_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaThere was some speculation over the past few days that the Obama team had made a decision to remove the teleprompter to allow Obama to be more “himself” and more easily connect to his audience.  Well, I’d like to report — IT WORKED!!! The real Obama appeared.  And he connected with me, at least.  I understood EXACTLY what he was saying.   By the time Obama walked off that stage his complexion had changed to a deep communist red.

I bet the teleprompter will reappear before the coming weekend!

The lines are now clearly drawn — more so than ever before — between Obama and Romney.  The Socialist and the Capitalist — respectively.

The choice is now a no-brainer.  Choose socialism and die a slow economic death, or choose capitalism and live and prosper.

So, now the ball is REALLY in the American electorate’s court.  This is no longer a decision about who will lead America after January 20th, 2013, the decision is about much, much, more.  It is now about what America wants to become.

It is clear that the American people are in the midst of some sort of crisis not unlike the so-called “mid-life” crisis supposedly suffered by men of a certain age.

This state of mind for America is new and frankly, more than a little worrisome to an old man of my generation.  I’ve never seen America so utterly confused about who she is and what she wants to be.

The current level of uncertainty was not apparent even in 1960’s America when her empty-headed youth took to the streets, much like the Occupy Wall Street mobs of today, and made utter fools of themselves in the eyes of the world — and in doing so gave aid and comfort to America’s enemy in Vietnam.

Obama has, you see, introduced the seduction of socialism into the American consciousness.  My generation has no problem defining socialism.  We know it for what it is.  Many of us old veterans were even trained to fight it on the battlefield.

But — my generation was among America’s last well-educated AND sophisticated citizens.  We are well-read with decades of real world experience and we are not attracted, for one second, to socialism. The superiority of capitalism, to us,  is supremely clear.

However, “Modern America” is largely bereft of that real-world experience and they are the worst educated generation this country has ever produced  —  so far. These conditions make them perfect dupes, and easy targets for socialist con men like Obama and his minions.

Modern Americans have been set-up to FAIL — and to FALL for socialism — by the American public education system. By 2008, the only thing needed for them to fall head over heels into the socialist cesspool was a socialist snake oil salesman.  Obama filled the bill for that post.   He had been groomed for many years for his role in “fundamentally changing” America.


America is now at the tipping point. The country is very close to being equally divided between socialists and capitalist.  That should frighten you.  If it does not, you, dear reader, have been duped, a victim of a well-formed, well played out, con game on America — and you need to do a reassessment of your beliefs in the clear light of reality.

Half of America has been led down the primrose path, which leads ultimately to the destruction of the nation.

The division in America is so deep and so wide, many feel it is impossible to ever close the gap and bring America together again.  Millions of Americans have been indoctrinated, brainwashed if you will, into accepting the lie that socialism is superior to capitalism.  They will never accept the truth.  They can’t. They are now captives to the statist, collectivist, socialist/Marxist dogma as surely as the citizens of North Korea are captive to their Marxist ideology/dogma.

We have warned time and again that socialism will murder its host country.  It ALWAYS kills its host.

Americans are now witnesses to the murder of their very own country — and — all Americans are co-conspirators in this heinous crime.  All that was necessary to join in the murder of America was for its citizens to do nothing, to stand passively by as the activist left planted the seeds of socialism in our young scholars in the public education system, the government schools. The new socialist America was planted, cultivated, and harvested right before our eyes — and we did NOTHING. Now we are reaping what the political left has sown.

Yes, the whirlwind will soon follow for a divided America cannot stand. No country as split, as divided, as America can continue to exist as a single nation. Either she will commence to fighting with herself for one side or the other’s superiority, or she will be invaded and conquered by an outside enemy. In any event, that divided country will cease to exist.  And America, we now know,  is no different.

Mr. Obama, by showing us his true Marxist self, last weekend, also unmasked the political left in America. They have been doing business as democrats when, in  fact, they have been socialist and Marxists all along.

The gathering storm clouds over America are dark and violent. They are filled with turbulence and tribulation much as the last time Americans went to war with each other. But this time there will be no Mason-Dixon line dividing enemies.  This time your enemy will be next door, across the street, or in the room down the hall.

No matter what happens in the weeks, months, and years ahead, the America of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Patrick Henry, even Davis and Lee is gone forever.  The New Socialist America has already been born and has begun its task of destroying those who gave it life.

J. D. Longstreet