It’s not just a “Choice” but now “Selective reduction”

A truly ghastly 40-second ad with the title “The Chosen” supporting Planned Parenthood is currently circulating on the internet. The ad, which is over three years old, shows a beautiful baby. With a lullaby tune playing in the background captions appear stating, “She deserves to be…loved. She deserves to be…wanted. She deserves to be…a choice.” But that begs the rhetorical question: “Who is to make that choice?”


This idea of “choice” was offered to a childhood friend and his wife a number of years ago. However, it wasn’t called a choice but rather “selective reduction.” After viewing this ad, he wrote: My son found out he was going to have triplets. The doctor asked if my son and his wife would like to do a selective reduction? Un be freaking believable.


“David and Karen have two beautiful baby boys and a beautiful little girl. It’s not easy but they’re loving it with lots of help from grandparents and family. I was shocked that the doctor is expected to ask parents of multiple births if they would like to have a selective reduction.”  Fred C.


Another friend’s son and his wife were offered the same “choice”. Here is what she had to say:


This is exactly what happened to my oldest son who has the triplets. Needless to say, he was having none of that! 


“Now I look at those 3 beautiful kids (grandchildren) and shake my head. Which one would they have been willing to destroy? 


“We are reaching the point where I fear God may finally become so disgusted, He’ll turn His face from us. We’re becoming like the Israelites who were sacrificing their children to Moloch – and that didn’t turn out so well for them!” – Jackie M


By the way, these were two different doctors from different states.


Echoing Jackie M’s biblical reference to Moloch a former college classmate offered this thought: “Remember Israel’s punishment for sacrificing her 1st born children by the thousands, through the fire, on the altar of Molech.


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“The U.S. will also be punished for sacrificing its children by the millions on the altar of the right to choose.” -Bill E


Finally, a friend and former judge emailed me this: “John, we’re making the Roman Empire in the last stages look good.” – Robert D


Unfortunately, I fear my judge friend is right on the mark.  

Like those above, my wife and I are appalled and disgusted at the obviously callous indifference to the sanctity of life as evidenced by this despicable ad. Everyone should be, but unfortunately, that is not the case – and like Israel, our nation may one day pay a terrible price. 

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