I am pretty sure someone already made the analogy so I’ll just jump on board, but I feel compelled to make this disclaimer:

A hypothetical will be posed using directive language. Do not actually carry out anything I suggest in this hypothetical as it is solely intended as a mental exercise to help those who are Southern Border Wall Emergency challenged to identify what they apparently do know and understand but for politics appear willingly failing to own and take charge of as a reasonable person would. This hypothetical is not to be taken or done literally, and I take no responsibility for anyone who did anything directed by this hypothetical.

And now that that’s out of the way….

We (being America and Americans) were told walls are immoral. We were told walls are un-American. We were told walls do not promote our American values. We were told everyone is welcome. We were told we should take down what walls we have.

Hypothetical begins here:

Therefore I challenge everyone who made these above claims, or thinks they are valid, to do 3 things, or hire a computer professional to do them if you are not computer savvy enough to do it:

1) Please uninstall and turn off all firewalls on your computer, that means remove all forms of this program from your personal computers and devices of every kind, and throughout your company and business, and at every terminal; and,

2) Please uninstall and remove all virus scanners from your computer, that means remove all forms of this program from your personal computers and devices of every kind, and throughout your company and business, and at every terminal; and,

3) Please uninstall and remove all anti-malware scanners from your computer, that means remove all forms of this program from your personal computers and devices of every kind, and throughout your company and business, and at every terminal.

If you even for a second agreed to do what I just suggested, then at least you’re true to your belief walls are unnecessary and everyone coming across the border is a good person with good reason to be in America. However, you may also turn on your computer tomorrow morning and some clown somewhere in the world wants 10, 15, thousand or million dollars depending on the system they just compromised to send you a key to unlock your computer so you can use it, better known as ransomeware. Now if you’re a true believer you’ll see this as a “one-off” incident and still keep your computer from having a firewall or virus protection.

Up to an hour or maybe a few days later depending on how rigid you are with email and snail mail checking, you discover “the loan you took out for $400,000 is approved” with a big thank you letter and some personal note post it of “We really appreciated lending you the money you needed when you needed it, your new 2nd mortgage starts on May 1st. Again congratulations on getting the money you needed when you needed it from us.” You’re completely surprised that this is one of 43 other emails and letters you’ve received and that the English grammer is so good coming from all 5 of these banks in the Turks & Caicos…. And then the screen goes blue, then black, cntrl+alt+delete doesn’t work, you flip the computer off… er flip the computer’s on off switch off and then back on, and you get another wonderful message of money you must pay to use your computer again, that “one-off” struck again but hey lightning does strike twice it has to be an accident right?

…About 3 days later, your friends are contacting you by written mail explaining they have blocked you on their email list because you keep sending them porn, the half of your friends who actually read the email (meaning clicked the link) are contacting you with a different explanation, “I blocked you because you sent me an email and, according to the computer geeks I hired, your email infected my computer with at least one trojan and then they had to clean out 30 other viruses. I think your computer is infected, attached is a pic of my repair bill, look forward to your reimbursement.”

…About a week later, and 5 more ransomeware payments later (obviously I am assuming you have George Soros’s money to spend on this experiment) your sibling(s) call you angered you shared their vacation photos and video, to then share a link to a gif website where a portion of the video is included but heavily edited and showing some sexual acts with animals by your sibling…. But true believer you are you keep the firewall and anti-virus software uninstalled and turned off.

What I just described happening to you in this event may well be too expedited, may well be too often and maybe it could take a year or 3 for all of this to happen to you. I’ll give you that, but, it is a description of the illegal aliens crossing the border and what they do to America, how the few bad ones act to make sure you have a system in place to keep out unauthorized access (firewalls) and systems in place to check and scan for viruses (not necessarily intended attachments to something you downloaded from the Internet that has infected the system you’re downloading from but the owner of that system doesn’t know), to a scanner to scan for the intended effort to infect your system (malware scanners which look for rootkits and similar programs, even in memory files that disappear after they do their dirty work to your system for whatever nefarious purpose the person who tried to install this in your system had in mind for your computer and/or you).

If you have any of these things running and active on your computer then you support President Donald Trump and America’s border wall, and requested changes to our immigration laws.

Hypothetical ends here.

And to help appreciate changes to the Asylum laws if you’re still not sure, have a look at this which happened in 2010, https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-fake-microsoft-security-essentials-alert.

The funny thing is these guys probably got the idea of faking being Microsoft from fake news which has been going on since before the Constitution was passed:

“Admit, for so is the fact, that this plan [The Constitution] is only RECOMMENDED, not imposed, yet let it be remembered that it is neither recommended to BLIND approbation, nor to BLIND reprobation; but to that sedate and candid consideration which the magnitude and importance of the subject demand, and which it certainly ought to receive. But this (as was remarked in the foregoing number of this paper) is more to be wished than expected, that it may be so considered and examined. Experience on a former occasion teaches us not to be too sanguine in such hopes. It is not yet forgotten that well-grounded apprehensions of imminent danger induced the people of America to form the memorable Congress of 1774. That body recommended certain measures to their constituents, and the event proved their wisdom; yet it is fresh in our memories how soon the press began to teem with pamphlets and weekly papers against those very measures. Not only many of the officers of government, who obeyed the dictates of personal interest, but others, from a mistaken estimate of consequences, or the undue influence of former attachments, or whose ambition aimed at objects which did not correspond with the public good, were indefatigable in their efforts to pursuade the people to reject the advice of that patriotic Congress. Many, indeed, were deceived and deluded, but the great majority of the people reasoned and decided judiciously; and happy they are in reflecting that they did so.” — Emphasis mine. Federalist 2, https://www.congress.gov/resources/display/content/The+Federalist+Papers#TheFederalistPapers-2.

So I hope you can see why, with the “indefatigable” caravans of folks making asylum claims how it appears illegal aliens have figured out how to use the same fakeness, how to legally perpetrate a fraud on America. Don’t get me wrong, the good ones deserve an opportunity of proper entry through our Ports of Entry, and the well-intended who generally come in Ports of Entry, deserve an objective review. But we won’t find these without making it difficult to just cross the border where there is no Port of Entry, without making sure they come in a Port of Entry and only by a port of entry is no different than turning off and turning on “ports” in Firewall software on your computer. And lowering the “area” requiring patrols outside of Ports of Entry makes it easier for us to have the resources to pursue those who overstayed their visas, people who are virtually ignored when we have overwhelming numbers of people coming across the border anywhere and using up our resources, and apparently primarily due to asylum laws that cater solely to them and not to our country’s ability to provide that asylum to those who actually do need and deserve it.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman