CNN Queen Fake News

CNN is already King of Fake News and now has crowned itself Queen of Leftist Indoctrination.


In a stunning exploitation of American children CNN partnered with PBS and IRC to bring Sesame Street’s Elmo on screen to “educate” the youngest American children on refugees.


Clearly American pre-schoolers are not watching CNN but this shocking interview exposed what they will be watching when they tune into Sesame Street.


Early childhood education is arguably the most powerful influencer and indicator of the direction of society. Palestinian children are being indoctrinated to hate Jews and to destroy Israel. Muslim children are being taught Islamic supremacism and hatred of infidels (all non-Muslims). The purpose of propagandizing Palestinian children is to produce Palestinian adults who will fight to achieve the destruction of Israel. The purpose of propagandizing Muslim children with Islamic hate education is to produce Muslim adults who will fight for re-establishment of the caliphate and imposition of sharia law worldwide.


So what are American children being taught and what is the purpose of their education?


Since the end of WWII American children have been indoctrinated in left-wing liberal tenets of political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism courtesy of Tavistock Institute and its principles of mass psychology for social engineering. The purpose is to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism. Socialism, the necessary condition for cradle-to-grave control by the government will be replaced by an internationalized globalist elite dream of one-world government.


American children are being tutored in passivity and collectivism while Middle Eastern children are being tutored to be warriors. In The Suicide of Reason, Lee Harris’ stunning analysis of the existential threat of Islam to the West, Harris describes the conflict between the tribal mind and the enlightened mind. The book jacket provides a concise summary:


“The Suicide of Reason shows how modern liberal societies, whose political theories are born of the Enlightenment are unfamiliar with the nature of mass fanaticism. The West, so accustomed to thinking of history as an inevitable progress toward enlightenment, can only think of fanaticism as a social pathology, a failure to modernize, rather than what it is: a variety of social order that is not only fully viable in the modern world but that possesses weapons to which the West is uniquely vulnerable. A governing philosophy based on reason, tolerance, consensus and deliberation cannot defend itself against a strategy of ruthless violence without being radically transformed – or worse, destroyed.” 

Lee Harris posits a binary conflict between societies with tribal minds and societies with enlightened minds. What Harris overlooked is that there has been a seismic shift in the definition of the enlightened mind. The enlightened mind, born in the Age of Enlightenment was the child of 18th century Europe that focused on individualism and individual rights instead of subservience to the monarchy. Reason, not religion, was the primary source of authority and the principles of scientific inquiry, individual freedom, equality, tolerance, constitutional government, and the separation of church and state were its tenets. Individual liberty and religious tolerance, core principles of the enlightenment, were foundational in the founding of the United States, American democracy, and the U.S. Constitution.

The enlightened mind that created America believed in individualism, exceptionalism and the meritocracy which eventually created the most powerful nation on earth. After WWII the education of American children shifted from the tenets of American exceptionalism and individualism toward collectivism, passivity, and socialism. The success of American democracy being challenged by globalist elite (monarchs, aristocrats, royalty, world bankers, and industrialists) seeking to destroy America and impose a New World Order of one-world government with open borders and an internationalized market that they would rule themselves.

The radical left-wing liberals worldwide are the useful idiots being financed and exploited by the globalist elite. In a pathetic drama of deceit, the Leftist puppets promise social justice, income equality, and humanitarian outreach to the masses to lure democratic societies into socialism. Societies that resist the soft-pedal seduction are exposed to hard core anarchists who are paid to create social chaos. Socialism is the prerequisite condition for America to be internationalized and then merged into one-world government

America’s enemies are following Sun Tzu’s approach to warfare:


Sun Tzu’s conviction is force is not central to warfare – victory and defeat are fundamentally psychological states. He sees war, therefore, not so much as a matter of destroying the enemy materially and physically (although that may play a role), but of unsettling the enemy psychologically; his goal is to force the enemy’s leadership and society from a condition of harmony, in which they can resist effectively, toward one of chaos (luan), which is tantamount to defeat.  

The globalist initiative is designed to destabilize America and create world wide chaos through early childhood education, television programming, and through mass immigration of populations with hostile cultural norms that challenge the stability of host countries. CNN crowned itself Queen of Leftist Indoctrination when it broadcast the interview of Elmo “educating” children on refugees. In a shocking display of the globalist shell game, the media moguls who own CNN focus Western attention on the displaced children suffering from war so that the hijrah (jihad through immigration) that they deliberately fomented and financed will be ignored.

Lee Harris’ strategy for confronting and defeating the tribal mind that threatens us is a return to our original enlightened mind that unapologetically fought and defended our American traditions of freedom, individualism, exceptionalism, and the meritocracy. Harris’ book was written before Obama was elected and imposed eight years of anti-American pro-Muslim policies to weaken America. Harris could not have imagined President Donald Trump and his unwavering support of American sovereignty, strength, and commitment to oppose the globalists, the Leftists, the colluding mainstream media, and the tribal minds seeking our destruction. That is what it means to “Make America Great Again.”

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