Be leery of the false (fake) patriot. they are full of hubris and fail to be self-aware enough to see their own complete hypocrisy. It’s very easy to see who the Patriots are in America right now. The False patriots should check their alliances before it gets too late.

It’s all about laws.

People should get familiar with them.

Time to SERIOUSLY start draining the swamp and see what the hell we are sending them our money for.

To sit around and align themselves with foreign agents to sell out Americans all day?

I don’t think so.

Career bureaucrats should take account. We’re coming after you. Prove your value… you’re on our dime. Don’t be a traitor.

Seems more likely that Mueller is working for Trump. It’s what a little bird hasn’t told me.

Great Mark Levin here. Educational. Factual. We aren’t the standard republic. this is America. We’re exceptional.

Edited 11/27/18 – removed youtube deadlink and corrected grammar and spelling.
(False Patriots subterfuge the intermediary with a malice-like self-appropriation)

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