The Humanitarian Hoax of Victimhood: Killing America With Kindness – Hoax #8

by Linda Goudsmit

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief, weakened the United States for eight years presenting his deceitful policies featuring victimhood as altruistic when in fact they were designed for destruction. His legacy, the Leftist Democrat Party with its “resistance” movement, is the party of the Humanitarian Hoax attempting to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism.

The three basic tenets of left-wing liberal progressivism are political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism. Leftist progressivism is an extremely regressive political structure that emphasizes victimhood and encourages childlike dependence on the government in its march toward socialism. Progressivism is an Orwellian doublespeak word designed to dupe the participant into believing he is moving society forward when in fact progressivism and progressive policies support regression backwards toward childhood dependence.

Historical records present the humanitarian huckster with a conundrum. The history of our American democracy is one of immense growth, development, and achievement. American history contradicts the negative message of the humanitarian huckster attempting to transform America into socialism. Destroying historical records, historical facts, and historical icons does not erase history – it simply leaves history open to historical revisionism. Obama’s revisionist anti-American pro-Muslim Common Core re-education curriculum was a start, smashing historical statues is an escalation, violent anarchy is the ultimate Leftist strategy to destroy American democracy.

Progressivism posits that objective reality does not exist – this in itself is an invitation for historical revisionism. For progressives there are only matters of opinion and all opinions are equal. This means that opinions of out of control screaming protesters at Evergreen college have the same status as the opinions of their professors. Progressives support subjective reality and deny objective reality in their self-serving need to preserve the fiction of their narrative. Here is the problem – saying something does not make it true. Objective reality exists whether the Left accepts it or not. Watching the Left is like watching a child insist he can fly. He is certain of it – but that does not make it true or a fact in objective reality.

George Orwell understood these dynamics seventy years ago when he created the dystopian society in his cautionary tale “1984.” American society under Obama has devolved into an Orwellian nightmare of Leftist political correctness, groupthink, and moral relativism designed to destroy the moral fabric of American society. The Left is convinced of its moral superiority because its narrative of moral relativism and political correctness insists it is superior and its groupthink mentality validates itself.

A civil society requires consensus. Normative behavior is a matter of consensus that is codified into laws that govern society. Multiculturalism challenges consensus. If one individual thinks “honor” killing is acceptable and society considers it murder then there is a problem – whose norms will prevail if everyone’s opinions are equal? When Leftists insist that opposing points of view are intolerable hate speech they hypocritically deny freedom of speech and a free society. When everything is a matter of opinion and all opinions are equal there can be no consensus. Without consensus there are no accepted laws to abide – there is only anarchy and social chaos. But that is exactly the point – the Left wants anarchy and social chaos. Their leaders are fomenting racial violence and violent anarchy because social chaos is the prerequisite for seismic social change. Obama’s “resistance” movement is trying to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism. The Leftist/Islamist axis is attacking Judeo-Christian norms and destabilizing society with the collaborating mainstream media. For the Left to embrace the barbaric tenets of Islamist sharia law requires political correctness, moral relativism, historical revisionism and the dreamscape of subjective reality where the stunning hypocrisy of their alliance is ignored and considered irrelevant by the media.

The Leftist demand for the destruction of American historical statues is an angry expression of victimhood. American democracy has made enormous strides since the Civil Rights Act in the 60s. Americans voted their growth and elected a black president to lead the country but the Left deliberately ignores that reality and chooses to promote a victim mentality instead of an achievement mentality. The Left prefers to look backwards instead of looking forward. Why? Because looking backward solidifies their base as victims of white exploitation and foments more racist violence. It is ironic that the Left calls themselves “progressive” when everything they do is regressive. The leaders of the Left understand that identity politics is tribal in nature. Leftist identity politics invites anyone who self-identifies as a victim to join the group and express their angry victimhood. The identification with the group promotes groupthink that concentrates on the WHO of behavior rather than the WHAT of behavior. If a member of the group does something it is accepted, if a non-member of the group does the same thing it is rejected. Groupthink explains the stunning hypocrisy of the Left. Groupthink is only possible when people surrender their rational critical thinking skills and embrace the emotional soundbites repeated incessantly by other members of the group and the media.

Here is the problem. A victim identity may be a unifying force but victimhood is the position of powerlessness. Victimhood is the powerless position of childhood dependence that is promoted by the leaders on the Left. Why do the Leftist leaders insist on a regressive dependent victim identity instead of an independent achievement mentality? Why is the victim mentality that produces angry violence advanced by the colluding mainstream media? Voices of divisiveness, voices of exploitation, voices of victimhood, voices of dependence, voices of angry powerlessness fomenting social chaos to destabilize and overthrow the democratic government of President Donald Trump are the voices we hear on the Left. This is extremely important to consider – the Left is deliberately inciting race wars and violent anarchy in the streets of America by selling victimhood.

Socialism suits the childish Left – like children they expect all the benefits of society without the work. Their Leftist leaders have promised them free tuition, free food, free housing, free health care – complete cradle to grave dependence upon the government mommy and daddy who will provide unconditional love and care for them forever. Like angry adolescents when their demands are opposed they go out of control – their temper tantrums become violent – they smash statues, shatter store windows, burn police cars, and physically assault the opposition. The violence in the streets of America is deliberately fomented by the Left to create the social chaos necessary for social transformation. But here is the problem – socialism is not the endgame.

Socialism with its complete government control is the prerequisite social structure for the globalist elite to internationalize the socialist countries, internationalize the police force and enforce an imposed one-world government. One-world government is the endgame and new world order that the globalist elite intend to rule themselves. It is unapologetically described in chilling detail by Lord Bertrand Russell in his 1952 book “The Impact of Science on Society.” One-world government is a binary socio-political system of masters and slaves. There is no social justice in one-world government, there is no income equality in one-world government, there are no Leftists, Islamists, or political agitators of any kind in one-world government – only a docile, compliant Orwellian population of slaves ruled by the globalist elite.

One-world government is the goal and the underlying motive of the campaign to destroy America from within. American democracy is the single greatest existential threat to one-world government and President Donald Trump is America’s pro-democracy leader. The globalist elite are desperate to stop Trump because if Obama is exposed as a con man it leaves them without their primetime huckster to continue marching America toward anarchy and social chaos with his “resistance” movement. The globalist elites like George Soros who fund the leftist humanitarian hucksters are using them as useful idiots to facilitate the great Humanitarian Hoax of Victimhood to create the overwhelming social chaos necessary to internationalize the police force and impose their own special brand of a new world order.

Obama and his left-wing liberal lemmings are too arrogant to understand that they are being used as puppets by the globalist elite who have an endgame of their own. If the globalist elite are successful in their efforts to weaken America by promoting their deceitful campaign of ongoing dependence and victimhood, overthrow the US government of President Donald Trump, and transform America into socialism the next step is globalist conquest and the imposition of one-world government.

After 241 years of American freedom the world will be returned to the dystopian existence of masters and slaves because a willfully blind American public was seduced by the Humanitarian Hoax of Victimhood advanced by leftist humanitarian hucksters promising protection and safety for their fragile dependent victimized selves. The Humanitarian Hoax will have succeeded in killing America with “kindness.”