Paul Weston, the leader of the LibertyGB party in Britain, spoke yesterday at an English Defence League demonstration in Luton. Below is the video of Paul Westonhis speech:

Update: I’ve added a transcript of Mr Weston’s remarks below those of Mr. Cameron.

Speaking of traitors, the following is an excerpt from Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech to British Muslims at a Downing Street reception to mark Eid al-Adha:

I’ve just been chairing a meeting today about how we respond to the appalling crisis of Ebola in West Africa, where Muslims and Christians are suffering alongside each other with this appalling affliction. Of course America has taken some great steps but Britain again is the second country in the world, spending £125 million to help people in West Africa. We’re sending ships. We’re sending helicopters. We’re sending doctors. We’re building 700 beds to help those people. If you look at who funds the Palestinian authority, again, Britain is one of the most generous donors, not just to help with aid but also to help with governance and with expertise so that Palestine can have the statehood that it so richly deserves.

Transcript of Paul Weston’s speech:

Well, hello all. Thank you again to Steve Eddowes for asking me to come down and speak to you today. After my last speech a lot of people have been emailing me saying, “How come some middle class nancy-boy like you supports the EDL?” And I’ve got a very simple answer for that because at the moment the EDL are the only people in this country who are standing up for what’s going on. We, in twenty-first century England, are looking at a battle for survival over the coming decades — the battle for western civilisation and the battle for our children and our grandchildren. And that is why I support all of you brave people here today.

I see we’ve got some […] soap-dodgers from the UAF behind us causing a bit of trouble. These peculiar people call us Nazis. They shout, “Nazi scum off our streets!” They are a communist movement, and in 1939 they allied themselves with Adolf Hitler, who I think, if memory serves me correctly, was actually a Nazi. They allied themselves with Adolf Hitler in 1939, and today they are allying themselves with exactly the same culture and ideology that Adolf Hitler promoted.

  • World supremacism: Adolf Hitler — Mohammed.

  • Death to the Jews: Adolf Hitler — Mohammed.

  • Military might to do it: Adolf Hitler — Mohammed.

  • Death to the homosexuals: Adolf Hitler — Mohammed.

  • Women fit only for the kitchen, the bedroom and the place of worship: Adolf Hitler — Mohammed.

And who do these people call Nazis!? They are the reincarnate Nazis of the twenty-first century, and they should be ashamed of themselves!

Now, going back to why I support the EDL. One of the main reasons is the video that came out in 2011 with Jeremy Paxman on the BBC talking to Tommy Robinson, and when Tommy started talking about the rape that was going on and had been going on for decades, Jeremy Paxman just sneered at him, ignored him. Because this guy lives in a big, white, wealthy area where none of these things ever happen to him, to his children, to his friends, and therefore it can be ignored. But it cannot be ignored, because it’s happening with us, it’s happening today, and it has to be stopped!

Paxman is just part of that crowd of the New Labour people who have betrayed the English, betrayed the British. It is a total betrayal.

Andrew Neather was Tony Blair’s speech-writer, and four or five years ago he said that we deliberately brought these people into the country to rub the noses of the Right in diversity. But it is not the Right who are having their noses rubbed in diversity, it’s the English, it’s you, it’s us, it’s our children, it’s our grandchildren. That is what’s happening, and we haven’t even seen everything yet, because every ten [years] the Muslim demographic is doubling. They’re now somewhere between three and four million. In ten years’ time they will be six to eight million. In twenty years’ time, twelve to twenty million. Then we are going to see problems. We are going to see civil war in this country unless this is stopped now!

It’s not just the Labour Party. It is the entire liberal establishment that has taken over this country in their long march through the institutions since the late 1960s.

And they are everywhere.

We even have Prince Charles, is no longer — I hope to God he doesn’t become king, I’d rather see William -, but if Prince Charles becomes king, he will no longer be Defender of the Faith, of Christianity, he will be Defender of Faith, which incorporates Islam and everything else. This is the future king of this country saying this, who is pandering to Islam. No respect at all.

And underneath that you’ve got the Church. Archbishop Rowan Williams thinks we should have some form of sharia law in this country, and the rest of the Church is pretty much behind him on that.

There’s a guy called Lord Phillips, who is now the most important bloke in this country in our judicial system: he’s the leader of the Supreme Court. He has said we can have sharia law in this country as long as it doesn’t physically disfigure anybody — and this is the leader of our judicial system!

Underneath that, you’ve got the police. The police today — the rank and file coppers here are good boys, but the leaders of the police are fully paid-up members of the traitor class in this country. You only have to go back to the 7/7 bombings, when Commissioner Ian Blair came out and said Islam and terrorism are not two words you can put together. Has that guy ever read a newspaper? Has he ever watched the news? It’s going on all around the world. Islam and terrorism go hand-in-hand, it’s what they do!

Enoch Powell made his famous Rivers of Blood speech — let’s hear it for Enoch! Come on Enoch! -, Enoch Powell said the greatest duty of a statesman is to put the best interests of his people first. This is not happening in this country. We are being put as second class citizens in our own country, by every single institution in this country. It is a disgrace. We need to make ourselves heard. We’re doing something here today, but we’ve got to do much more than this: we’ve got to frighten — I’m not allowed to swear — the flipping life out of these people!

And one of the main ones we’ve got to get into is David Cameron, who as you all know is a complete and utter … [holds microphone to audience].

If we’ve got the UAF […] behind us, David Cameron — I hope this is on video George [points to cameraman] -, because David Cameron needs to be outed on the fact that he is a founding signatory to Unite Against Fascism, and on that board of Unite Against Fascism you’ve got a guy called Azad Ali who thinks it is his religious duty to kill British soldiers. Your Prime Minister is a founding signatory to people who want to kill British soldiers. This needs the world to know what a flipping traitor this bloke is.

You’re a traitor Cameron, you’re a traitor, a traitor — let’s hear it, let’s hear that word! A traitor, a traitor, a traitor … Listen up Cameron — you’ve been nailed matey!

Right … I think I’ve said my bit now. I’m going to say one last thing before I go. I have never intended for my attending EDL rallies to have anything to do with my political party, but today I’m going to say it because next May I’m going to be standing in Luton South for Liberty GB. So Luton ain’t heard the last of me yet!

Thank you all for coming, thank you.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.