By Eliana Benador

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

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Once again, The American Muslim (TAM) publication has allowed another attack against this author -but instead of responding, we have decided to further address issues that concern the American people with legitimate journalistic professionalism, with strong arguments, based on incontestable facts and on solid political pro-American positions..

EB-TAM-29DEC2011This article will hopefully present a stimulating analysis. We believe in raising the spiritual level of our readers presenting articulate opinions protected by the First Amendment, based on facts and our right to freedom of speech..

Turn Around the Table

Let’s imagine we wanted to emigrate to the Muslim world because we need to expand the American vision to the whole world. Immediately one finds some barriers: the language, the fundamental approach to religion represented by sharia and, alas, much more that’s not integral part of our ‘civilization’ list. And a total absence of freedom of religion with conspicuous absence of churches, synagogues, Buddhist or Hindu temples..  

At this point, some detractors may argue that America had already invaded the Muslim world.   Having lived and worked intermittently in the Muslim world during several years, it was easy to realize that no one put a gun to their heads of locals, to force them to “choose” American businesses such as Starbucks, Hyatt hotel chains, and so many more…  It was their free will and laziness that led them to accept the presence of American businesses and not be inventive and creative to develop their own brands.  

But, undoubtedly, Muslims have been and continue to be very busy -busy, that is, terrorizing the world.  

Daily news coming from the Muslim world are unequivocally loaded with reports of hate and endless violence, from an Arab Spring that is not “Arab” but “Muslim” and has nothing of “Spring” but rather is bringing the “darkness” of fundamentalist cruelty, as in the massacre of Christians in Nigeria, precisely on Christmas day.   

On the other hand, comparing this report on “Christophobia in the Muslim world” from May 2011, to this one on the Muslim Persecution of Christians dated November 2011, barely a month ago, shows how nothing is changing in the Muslim world.

Another Legitimate Question

How would the Muslim world have reacted if one day, out of the blue, they had been attacked by terrorists and over 3,000 of their people would have been murdered without any warning, in time of peace?  

Is it in the realm of possible that, throughout the next ten years, their leaders would have continued to welcome any massive immigration from the country of origin of their attackers?  It’s doubtful.  And yet, that is what American Administrations, including both Bush, Clinton, and even more Obama, have done and continue to do.  From president to president and from year to year.  Thanks also to a numb population, wrongly used to a pace of comfort, assuming that  life could stagnate, while an enemy was carefully planning a value- and life-changing invasion.

Mr. Alwaleed

When Mr. Alwaleed decides to invest three hundred million dollars in Twitter, we are not speaking here of late Mother Teresa making a wise investment.  

Mr. Alwaleed is actively involved in an agenda to promote the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood that now, indirectly thanks to the current American president and his team, has infiltrated our government a the highest possible levels (see below.)  

“In December 2005, the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU) received a $20 million dollar gift from HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, an internationally renowned businessman and global investor, to support and expand the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. The Center was renamed the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU). This endowed fund was the second largest single gift in Georgetown University history.”   

But, ACMCU “understanding” can be encapsulated in these words: “9/11 marked the beginning of what would become a decade of war.  On September 12, America awoke to the world’s sympathy; an unrivaled opportunity to transform the world for the better, but all Washington wanted was retribution…” and so on. 

So that’s how they consider the massacre of over three thousand innocent Americans: “ unrivaled opportunity to transform the world for the better...”  regardless of the moral destruction of families caused by unfair, sudden and horrible deaths of their loved ones, as much as the economic chaos that were caused by a despicable attack during times of peace.

It is also not surprising that ACMCU sponsored an event to commemorate Religion and the American Muslim Community in Post 9/11, where a who’s who Muslim advocates were in attendance:  from John Esposito to Juan Cole, to civil rights attorney Linda Moreno, NPR American Muslim specialist commentator Arsalan Iftikhar and “comparative religion expert” Karen Armstrong.  

But, this ACMCU is only one pro-Islamist pet project among many others of Mr. Alwaleed, he also has funded the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University, seeking to bridge gaps between East and West.  The ACMCU is also part of the editorial board of the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies Online.   

As this Saudi royal increases his presence in Murdoch’s NewsCorp, or in Citigroup, or more recently, associations with Bloomberg and his massive 300 million dollar investment in Twitter, among most certainly many others, his active support for the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be denied.  

Mr. Alwaleed is on the Forbes list year after year.  Last March 2011, Forbes ranked him number one Saudi Arabia’s billionaire and number 26 in the International Forbes ranking, though the 19.6 billion attributed to this magnanimous billionaire seems quite a small amount, given that in recent years the financial boom in the Muslim world, whether in Saudi, their neighbors, the Emirates or Qatar, and so on.

We own the media,” said in January 2010, CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper privately brags, according to a source currently working inside the aggressive Islamist lobby group -and that, simply because Mr. Alwaleed is the second largest investor of NewsCorp the parent company that owns Fox News Channel.  But, since then, Fox has fine-tuned their approach so as not to alert Americans of what’s happening.  After all, Muslims have time on their side.  Time to increase their mass of immigrants.  Time to make more babies and silently make us implode.  

So Mr. Alwaleed investing on Twitter should be worrisome.

Muslim Brotherhood Members Influencing the American President

The President announced the appointment of Rashad Hussain as Special Envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on February 13, 2010. The OIC is comprised of 56 nations and is the second largest international body after the UN. And no mention was made of where Mr. Hussain, Muslim Brotherhood advocate, was born but one can see how busy he is keeping here.  

Head-covered Dahlia Moghaden, an Islamic ideologue supporting sharia, was Obama’s adviser on the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, and now she is chairing the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies in Abu Dhabi, where she conducts research and statistics on Muslims throughout the world.

In June 2011, Aziza al-Hibri, was appointed by President Obama to serve as a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.  Never mind that she was the grand-daughter of a sheikh, and that she had declared that “Islamic fiqh or law is deeper and better than Western codes of law.”

Where are the Muslim Mothers?

As time goes by, the Muslim world is not going in the right direction.  Bearing witness of the situation is the announcement that barbaric Muslim textbooks are being handed out in Saudi Arabian schools, to teach children how to cut off a thief’s hands and feet under Sharia law…  

And so, the perpetuation of barbarism and bestiality goes on.  No matter how dapper any prince can dress, or how many hundreds of millions they will invest in the West, or even if they build great buildings for museums.  

How can they understand that the beauty of life is in the purity of the soul.  

Thus, as civilized people, it is legitimate to ask where are the mothers of those children, how do they allow this to continue happening and to corrupt the souls of their young children who will become the monsters of their tomorrow…?

NO Islamophobia, but if you insist…

Muslims do not appreciate strength -simply because it places on their laps part of the responsibility that one bears when one looks on as a crime is committed.

Terrorism is a crime against humanity.

And the only way to oppose it is to persecute those who commit it and those who by their silence become their quiet accomplices, whether it is one individual or a whole society.  

So far, we have not heard a plan of action from any Muslim prince, doctor, or woman, telling us:  

“We are sorry for the pain that our people have perpetrated against you -we hope you will forgive us for our inaction.  But, we have set a plan in action to stop altogether teaching terror acts to our children.  We have also agreed to not continue our wish for world domination.  We will review our religion books and we are calling on our reformers to help us find an acceptable philosophy to enter the civilized world.  We also agree that none of us in the Muslim world has the right to call for the elimination of ANY country and we understand that it is completely unacceptable.  We will also, with immediate effect, give their due rights to our women.   However, there are some of our harmless traditions that we believe are important to keep….” etcetera…  

In a nutshell, the Muslim world must:

  • Stop terrorism
  • Stop teaching hate 
  • Stop immigration outside their own countries

Measures America Must Take to Safeguard Their Citizens

This is not a one-sided operation.  Americans also need to make sure their anti-American president and his Administration be replaced by a pro-American president and team.  We also must stop immigration to a bare minimum.  There was a time when America needed immigration.  Now, America needs to encourage birth of American children.  Keep n mind every Muslim woman is able to give six, seven or eight children -or more, then make your calculations…  

English should be the only language spoken officially in this country with the second language being Chinese -and no new national should be accepted unless they speak perfectly well English, know our traditions, learn our geography and our history pledge allegiance to the flag and know the American anthem by heart and explain what does each phrase mean.  

It is also imperative that Americans realize that visas to our country cannot be given massively and randomly -not to people coming from a country that has not made any iota of effort to stop the terrorism that cowardly massacred over 3,000 of our compatriots.

Readers must bear in mind that because there is no Muslim plan in place to combat the terrorism they export, the increasing number of Muslims in our midst are certain to bring a heightened possibility of a human time-bomb in our midst…  so don’t say IF, just wonder when…  

This is not Islamophobia, these are legitimate concerns that can certainly be shared by anyone whose country has been attacked and massacred in times of peace.  

At this point, just as the invaders want to get their agenda done without resistance on our part, it is up to Americans to decide if they are planning to use the same energy, effort, time, that ninety million of our compatriots devoted to go on end-of-year vacation -and rescue our country, making sure that the most anti-American President and his Administration will unequivocally enjoy a one-term existence.

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