There are some dates that leave indelible impressions on those witnessing human tragedy.

9 11 9/11 is one of those tragic memories, and as such, it is no difficult task for a former New Yorker to remember precisely what each one was doing during or how they watched the miserable attacks on the essence of America.

Time has passed, and on each anniversary of the tragedy, we wonder what went wrong and, above all, are we safer now than we were on September 11, 2001?


19 Muslim students, of which 15 were Saudis, with student visas, living in America, enjoying American hospitality and the gifts of Democracy, were able to, unsuspectedly, prepare four coordinated attacks with mathematical and almost scientific precision.

Imagine them.  Make-believe students who had all the leisure to make true a plan masterminded by their Muslim terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, head their organization, Al Qaeda.

The targets were meaningful:  The Twin Towers, in New York, the financial center of the world; the Pentagon, the Department of Defense headquarters, in Washington, D.C.; and somewhere in  Philadelphia.

There was a message for the future there:  They were going to make sure to bring America down by bringing down each of those sectors: the economy, national defense and everyday life.

They are keeping their word.

Despite the fact that many had warned of the dangers of sleepers cells inside America prior to 9/11, among them most especially, Steven Emerson and Daniel Pipes, who were mostly gleefully ignored by the establishment, until the fatidic date.  They were called Islamophobes before anybody else was.

In 2011, infamous Anthony Weiner’s sexting brought to notoriety his Kalamazoo-born wife Huma Abedin, daughter of a prominent Muslim Brotherhood father and her well-respected mother, founder of the Muslim Sisterhood, both funded by Saudi Arabia.

It seemed strange that Abedin was born in forlorn Kalamazoo, and in doing research on other states throughout the country, massive information showed the extent to which Islam had spread throughout America, and how silently it all had happened.  In June 2011, as a result of that quest, this author wrote:  “Silent, creeping sharia and mosques galore in America.”

Back to the day of the tragedy, knowing what we now know about Saudi Arabia’s audacity in influencing world events, it may be possible to get closer to the truth and better understand the incomprehensible reaction of former President George W. Bush, when he learned of the attacks on the World Trade Center.  After all, the Bushes are family friends with the royal family of Saudi Arabia.


Be it as it may, the attacks on America were a result of a much larger conspiracy than initially thought.  The worst part of it is that American public opinion has not considered it an act of war against their existence.

Eleven months after the horrific murder of President Gaddafi at the hands of Muslim terrorists supported by the Obama Administration, as America was remembering the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, another 9/11 attack, this time in Benghazi a savage attack took place.   Muslim terrorists massacred the American Ambassador Christopher Stevens together with three former navy seals in charge of security at the embassy.

Recently, and to save face, based on “intelligence” that reported on potential attacks on one American embassy in the Muslim Middle East, the Obama Administration, made a fake display of concern for the representations abroad, closing roughly 19 embassies.  Too little too late, nothing can erase how the indifferent Obama Administration watched as the terrorists murdered Americans and did nothing to stop the massacre.

It was a true slap on the face to learn that last January 2013, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the Open Skies agreement with Saudi Arabia. Saudi airlines may now operate, unrestricted, from any point in the kingdom to any point in the United States and that U.S. airlines may fly from any point here to any airport in Saudi Arabia.  The Obama Administration cooperating closely with Saudi Arabia, they say, “to more effectively secure our two countries against evolving threats while facilitating legitimate trade and travel.”  Allies such as France and Germany had not received the same privileges. Saudis can also bypass regular passport controls at the most important American airports.  And, the United States also granted the Saudi government the decision-power of vetting who is eligible for getting fast-tracked for entry into the United States.

Is America safer now than on September 11, 2001?  No. America is less safe in 2013 than it was in 2001.


The Past

While President Bush showed self-control when he learned the news, it is hard to imagine how could anyone control himself and not show in someway how shocked he was by such news.  After all, showing children a concerned and shaken President in the face of a national catastrophe, could not be wrong.

As most important measure to retaliate the attack, Bush sent troops to the other end of the world, to Afghanistan, to look for the mastermind of 9/11.

BUSH DID NOTHING about the Muslims and their extremists and terrorists inside the United States.  Mosques continued operating as if nothing had happened.  Bear in mind that for those devout Muslim terrorists who had been working on their evil project during years, it was necessary to attend mosques, have their faith and political convictions continually reinforced.  There must have been their imams keeping the brainwashing fresh and vibrant, yet  Bush did nothing to stop Islamism from continuing flourishing inside America.

The Bush family ties with the royal Saudi family, their commonality of business interests, were stronger than allegiance to America and to the American people.

The Present

In the end, it was natural that an anti-Bush sentiment nationwide prevailed, only for the nation to be thereafter, swallowed by a wolf.  Unbeknownst from Americans, was that candidate Obama, son of a Muslim, is a Muslim.  Thus, with his twice-election, it is easily understandable that what was bad, has gone worse.

This President has surrounded himself with Muslim Brotherhood members, supports their arm in the United States, Islamic Society of North America that is spearheading the silent takeover of this country. At a gathering celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ISNA, Obama said:  “My Administration is proud to be your partner in our shared efforts to promote economic opportunity, accessible health care and affordable education in Muslim communities throughout our country.

Obama forces the American military to fight alongside al-Qaeda terrorists.  For instance, in the Syrian affair, should there be war, Obama’s decision is that American troops will support the efforts and the cause advocated by the al-Qaeda terrorists trying to depose President Assad.

The “Million Muslim March” scheduled for today, in Washington, D.C., is to protest against “injustice” against Muslims, organized by MD Rabbi  Alam, a naturalized military veteran who views himself as an ally of Vice President Joe Biden and DNC chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  In 2008, he became  “satellite campaign manager” for the then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. His efforts on Obama’s behalf eventually earned Alam an invitation to the White House in December 2011.  In July 2012, Alam made national headlines for his controversial questioning of the 9/11 commission reports, specifically regarding the number of Jews killed in the attacks.  The youtube segment, showing Alam, as well as the list of invitees to the White House, have been deleted, showing how the Obama Administration censors information.

Today the 9/11 American Biker March is scheduled in parallel to the above, and the Benghazi protesters who have not forgotten the massacre, the murdered ambassador, plus all those families from the Seal Team Six massacred in August 11th, in Peshawar, Afghanistan, will be also marching towards Washington, D.C. 

The Future

Traveling time from 9/11 to 9/11, sad to say, shows things are not better or stagnating.  They are worse.

It is to hope that the American people will wake up and succeed electing American patriots as leaders of the nation. Unless the authentic American population strives in increasing their demographics acutely, there will be one day, in the not too distant future, a Muslim majority in America.

Americans must realize that, if that were to occur, there is no reason why the cruelty and horrors that happen on a daily basis in the Muslim world, with their beheading, mutilations, honor killing, child marriage, child terrorist training, pedophilia will also be part of America’s daily features.  Therefore, while it is still time, Americans must insist in keeping Christianity as the official religion. Americans must defend the pillar of their essence: The American family.

To be sure, there are peace loving Muslims, but they are also powerless in front of their Islamists.  And the law of the land in America, should stress that Muslims are welcome on the same terms as all other religions to live in America, with the understanding that it is forbidden to proselytize, or force-convert people; that sharia will never be the law of the land and that their first allegiance must be to America.

Besides, the American government should also demand that churches, synagogues and Buddhist, Bahai temples be also built in each Muslim country.

Needless to say, to save America, this President together with his Administration, Congress, must be peacefully forced out of office as he has outdone and abused his mandate.

If America is to survive, Americans must understand that the time is now and not later because then, it will be too late.




Eliana BenadorEliana Benador is a global strategist, a political operative and a human rights activist. She has been the founder of Benador Associates. She has represented dissidents abroad from Iraq, Iran, the Copts and others. Her blog is Eliana’s Choice.  You may follow her on Twitter, join her fan page on Facebook and you may find her also on LinkedIn