by Eliana Benador

“A man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures – and that is the basis of all human morality”  Sir Winston Churchill

Elections 2012 are in the works.  And soporific America is simply continuing their lethargic inaction as if they were not aware the time machine can no longer wait for them to jump in the bandwagon that’s leaving to save their country.  By their inaction, their future and the future of many generations to come, and for which they are the primary responsible, is going to be in shambles while they look idly on.

Recently, the amount of attacks and betrayal against our country has continued at a steadily increasing rate. Obama-Boots-SHughes

In the aftermath of the Koran burning by our troops in Afghanistan, the current president of the United States, did not find anything better to do than write a letter apologizing for the “incident”.

To be clear, let’s lay down the sequence of events…

We were attacked on several occasions prior to the massacre of 9/11 perpetrated by Muslim terrorists, branding the malignant shriek of “Allah Hu Aqbar!”

As a result, we sent troops into the Muslim world with the purpose of fighting Muslim terrorists….    Now, that per se, has been an absurd: Send our legitimate troops, men trained to wage symmetrical war with matching methods, to deal and try to fight an asymmetrical war against Muslim terrorists, bred, trained, nurtured and hidden within their communities in the lands where terror has generated for many decades.

Under normal circumstances, after such an attack, which was equal to the bombing by an enemy, the normal procedure would have been to retaliate massively.  In retrospect, President Bush should have also put pressure and demanded that the same Muslim countries of origin of the terrorists, should have implemented policies and the know-how necessary to eradicate their homegrown terrorism and stop exporting it to the world.

Instead of that, Bush sent our troops.  During ten years, our courageous men have been fighting wars abroad, trying to catch those Muslim terrorists, even though at odds and unable to connect with the environment, because Arabic is a difficult language…

And, as anyone who knows the Arab Muslim mentality and traditions would testify, that it is a very close-knitted, family oriented society, who cares about their own, even if they look at one of their children knowing that one day soon that child might explode himself or herself in order to make the maximum casualties among innocent enemy civilians.

Now, why has all of this happened?


Totalitarianism is a political system or kind of rule where the state does not recognize any limits to its authority and strive to regulate every possible aspect of public and private life of its citizens.

Islam, the mother of all Muslims, is a totalitarian regime that imposes jihad, the holy war, whose ultimate goal is to conquer the world in order to submit it to the one true faith, the law of Allah as it is written in their Koran, where unequivocal mention is made of actual battlefields and in no case of metaphorical or moral crusades.  And all those bloodthirsty demands, are nonetheless, written in their so-called holy book.

Dar al-Islam vs Dar al-Harb

In a nutshell, it is particularly interesting to begin to understand the territorial distribution of what is and what is not the Muslim world and its implications.

Dar al-Islam is the Muslim world, formed by communities (umma) and countries where the edicts of Islam are unhesitatingly, promulgated.

Dar al-Harb is the Land of Warfare, where the Harbi or non-Muslims, such as you and I, live.  It is important here to explain that any country belonging to the infidels is destined to pass, sooner or later, into Islamic jurisdiction, either by conversion or by war (Harb).  Once the Dar al-Harb has been conquered, the Harbi become prisoners of war and the Imam can do whatever he wants to them, as need be.

The Koran, though in name is a holy book, it does not hesitate to call for brutal violence against Non-Muslims and other religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, as day-in day-out, Muslims are indoctrinated in the uncontested knowledge that Allah knows best who their enemies are and only count on Allah, who also become their best helper.

Therefore, Jihad is aimed at world domination under the rule of Islam and its Koran, to impose sharia -their rule of law based on cruelty, sadism and unusual punishments as they are mentioned, and in detail described in the Koran.

From Bush to Obama

Simply put, elections in America are pure farce.  Americans may feel good about holding elections as it will liberate their consciences, but in reality all are accomplices of wrongdoing to the country we are supposed to love.

President after president, maybe with the sole exception of President Reagan, have been slowly but surely serving our country on a silver platter for the Muslim invasion of America.

Bush became our president and was doubly loaded as an oil business partner of the Saudi royal family and made sure that the creation of masjid after masjid at every state would remained unnoticed.  Masjid means mosque.

Obama had his own agenda as well, to establish Socialism combined with Islam, both being as totalitarian one as the other.

Obama apologizes for America

America’s Exceptionalism has been brought down by different factors, but one essential has been the fact that the current president wanted the job for his very particular agenda, as his wife said around the time of his swearing-in, “Barack will change America…”   And he did not lose a minute and continues to apply his mastermind plan to destroy our country brick-by-brick.  Time and again, this is a man who routinely only obeys those laws he personally deems fit, has violated the Constitution.  His recess appointments, when there was no recess, have also been unconstitutional, but there is infinitely more.

What’s most serious is how this president has undermined our strong political and economic outlook, how he has been detrimental in the image projected by America abroad, one which painstakingly presidents and politicians since our Independence, have protected and nurtured. 

Now, America’s military heroes have sent a signal to the American people when they burned the copies of the Koran, telling us that they need help -because without us, they cannot do anything whatsoever.

And, the current president, finds nothing better than send a letter to the Afghan president, “apologizing” for the incident.

One thing is that the president has his own agenda, but what about the people of America?

We are seeing that our leaders have been failing us all along.  Why would they open the doors of our country and countries in the West, when they know that we are part of the Dar el-Harbi, the Land of War, that now that Muslims have been allowed to enter to America, their goal will be to conquer us, by conversion or by war.  

Are our readers aware of what it takes to convert to Islam?   There is an easy phrase that is repeated in front of an adult male -and, voila!  people are converted in that easy, uncomplicated way.

By contrast, Islam’s nemesis, Judaism, does not proselytize.  Judaism rather emphatically discourages any potential candidate to conversion -people who want to convert to Judaism, have to go out of their way to convince the rabbis that they are authentic and that they understand the seriousness of the choice.  Then, they have to learn for almost eighteen months.  And, a religious court tests them on a final test.  That’s the difference.

Back to Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama and his team continue betraying our ideals, our country and are constantly jeopardizing our safety as our national security is attacked from every corner.

So, his general and he sent “apology” letters…  forgetting that they were the perpetrators to order with impunity, the burning of bibles a few years ago, forcing our army men as well.

Obama and his team’s cowardly attitude have already indirectly provoked the death of two of our troops due to this burning of Korans in Afghanistan.

How can our men feel secure when the president betrays them, when their own military leadership is cowardly accepting orders from a commander-in-chief who seems more a representative of an enemy that has never been accountable for their actions, than our president?

And, last but not definitely not least, how can our troops feel safe, when no one on mainland raise their voice to stop the destruction of our land. 

Elections may be coming, but just imagine what if they don’t, or what if the outcome will not be the right one…?

Who will be the one to stop America’s free fall…?  The people?  Let’s hope so…

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EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates.