“American Patriots, the time has come to stop evil whatever it takes.”   Eliana Benador 

“Democracy”, the ‘softening’ system, the lifestyle to protect the weak and to undermine the strong, has been at the root cause of many of our ailments.

The truth of the matter is that America is *not* a democracy.  America is a Republic.   What is the intrinsic difference among them?

SaveTheConstitutionSayNoToObamaDemocracy per se, is a political system based on giving equal rights to all adult citizens in a country.  This means among all else, that uneducated people may have the same rights as educated people with even sophisticated education.   Democracy is basically a license to almost everything -except to kill.  Under democracy, it does not matter how educated you are, nor does it matter how little experience you have. It does not matter either what your principles and values are.  In fact, if you have no principles and your values are twisted or better yet, non-existent, you are seen as a sought-after-commodity in the corrupted world of “democracy”.  Regardless of who you are, and most of all, of who you are not,  you rule!   

What have been the results of democracy in our civilization?   In a nutshell, the rise of mediocrity in every possible sense.  Socialism and communism are direct offspring of democratic ideals implementing officially the rule of mediocrity and the rise of a few oligarchs in direct opposition to the principles of a free-market capitalism, especially in the light of the senseless distribution of wealth, its natural economic evolution.  And, naturally, legitimacy by race became also a given, allowing the skin color to be a determining “equalizing” factor though in reality it was a degrading approach to look at human beings according to a superficial factor such as skin color.

America was born a Republic, a government of law under a Constitution that keeps the government in check and prevents the majority (acting through their government) from violating the rights of the individual.   

The Obama regime took power by the grace of popular elections in the American Republic; then, he and his Administration have proceeded to the dismantling of America, making any and everything possible at their hands to bring down not only the American economy, but American science, education, business, our military, aerospace, and so much more.

Looking back into American history, Ronald Reagan’s was probably one of the few presidents who actually truly believed and fought for our country’s exceptionalism and its role as the moral lighthouse, and the most generous ever, country, in the world.  

To be sure, the conspiracy against America has been taking place throughout the last century, when liberalism began its entrance from the beginning of the century, and what initially was a welcome basis for our nascent society under the shape of an immigration policy that allowed opening our doors for a silent Latino invasion that erroneously led to the establishment of a second language –instead of insisting that immigrants should learn and be taught our language and be given the opportunity to raise to the highest levels of education our nation could have made available for them.  Then, a Mario Rubio would not have been an exception, but the rule.

JustSayNoToObamaIt is since the seventies, that we find Muslims begin a more goal oriented immigration to our land with the quiet complicity of the various and successive administrations -who, as all not-for-profit organizations dealing on terrorism, never alerted Americans, not even after 9/11, on the fact that Muslims were entering our country, installing themselves in forlorn towns and villages and, far from indiscreet publicity, had all the leisure in the world to bring their families, get married and, undisturbed, continue their traditional procreation rate.  Now we find “American-Muslims” who as Americans pretend to have a -formal- allegiance to our country, but who as good observant Muslims, give their allegiance to the religion for which their hearts beat.  Here, please, insert the notion of taqiyya:  The legalized duty of Muslims to distort the truth to achieve their higher goal of world domination.  

Naturally, Muslims will have an issue with the above paragraph, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and see who among them will oppose imposing shariah in America, in order to safeguard our country’s values and traditions but above all our own legal system.   

Houston, we have a problem!

Be it as it may, we have currently a major problem.  Americans elected Obama in 2008.  Maybe he was not even electable.  But that’s a non-issue nowadays, because even if he had a pristine American certificate of birth nothing would change the fact that he has done everything in his power to betray the trust of the American people and to prove that he’s the worst American president ever.  No one can argue with that, except, probably, Mr. Soros, Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Rahm Emanuel and others of their ilk.  

To the amazement of people in the know, whether they are seasoned analysts or political scientists, or constitutional lawyers, Hussein Obama, inexplicably, is getting a pass every time he violates the Constitution.  

The president and his Administration betray us.  But so does Congress.

Let’s be clear:  Being elected does not give a blank check to anyone to do whatever they want once they take over their jobs, least of all, be the first to betray the people who elected them.  

It is high time to realize this and take things in our hands and stop the dismantling of our country by the liberal progressive pro-Muslim administration WITH the complicity of Congress.

It is inexcusable that Congress is also betraying America and Americans.

The RINO producing factory that has become the Republican Party, cannot provide us with a decent option for president and we will have to vote for whoever will be elected -main thing on our agenda is to stop Obama and his ilk at any rate, at any cost.  Tea Party?  They are as shapeless as at the beginning.  And have gotten as spineless as the so-called Republicans.  

Where does that leave us, you and I, regular Americans?  Are we powerless?

No, not at all.  It seems that we are forgetting something essential and basic:  that the government can only do anything against America, and therefore against us, IF we allow them to.   

That is our first premise.  And we will need to repeat it until our minds, hearts and brains get it.  Government officials are our employees to the service of our Constitution, from the president to all his Administration and to the last of the employees of Congress.  They are at our service.  

Keep that in mind and it will help you visualize that the American Patriot is not under the spell of anyone.  The American Patriot believes in Gd as the ultimate power.  Therefore, the American Patriot gave the president, his Administration and the American Congress their jobs.

As in any business corporation, we must make an assessment now of how are our employees performing.  That’s an easy call.  A lousy job, a detrimental job, they are basically working for the competition.   What would any sensible CEO of any corporation do, in view of these results?  Would he allow these people to continue working destroying his corporation, let alone even thinking of giving them another four year contract?  NO, undoubtedly, unhesitatingly, NO.

However, our greatest enemy are the fake republicans and conservatives that pretend to defend national interests while safeguarding their options to protect their businesses and financial interests -and those of their major backers and donors.  


Therefore, WE THE PEOPLE have all the rights, including the right and the sacred duty to change the government -if it would become, as this one is, destructive of our inalienable rights.

Recess appointment after recess appointment, the banning of Muslim terrorism from our official lingo, the betrayal of Team Six, the new way of seeing our beloved America trashed when they call her and us a “terrorism-producing country.”  How dare they!  

The list of their endless crimes against the pride and well-being of our country, as well as their violations of our Constitution -including the forcible omission of the Gd from, among others, military funerals, can be found all over the internet.  

And, now WE THE PEOPLE must make up our minds.  

Are you going to be as spineless as Congress and allow that America be destroyed?  

Or are you going to let everyone know and feel you are the boss, because even when we will replace the democrats with the republicans, there has to be a major overhaul in the mind of our nation at large, as we will have to put pressure and clearly state to any and all leaders that they are accountable to us, that the American Patriot will keep an eye on each of their actions and that we will always question their policy-making capabilities which we will expect at all times that will be those that will bring America’s Exceptionalism back to our country and to this world that is rotating without any moral direction -because without America’s Exceptionalism and Leadership, it is obvious the world is going directly to hell.

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EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador.  Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.