“If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.”    Sir Winston Churchill

By Eliana Benador

Pundits are vociferously regretting that Obama did not attack Syria and stop the “gassing of the Syrian people by the Syrian President,” purposefully oblivious that even the UN team of scientists who were in Syria last week, came with inconclusive results, announced to the world that they have to go back to the country within 10 days, to continue doing tests “and” they added, whatever the results, they will never know which side committed the crime.  

That is, the UN tests are good when the forces of evil can use them to benefit their causes.  Otherwise, they are not even mention-worthy.  France, for instance, desperate to have parliament approval to join Obama in the crime, has come out today with an extraordinary revelation of a “massive” chemical attack this time, which means chemical tests gave speedier results… to help the cause of France.  

As Muslims are slowly taking over the world, the powers-to-be seem to have abdicated their allegiance to the countries they should be defending, naturally following the pro-Muslim Brotherhood American leadership.  

In a nutshell, Obama, though President of the United States, is not worried about American interests or the American people for that matter.  He is not even worried about the well-being of the Muslim populations at large.  

His only worry is to advance the Koranic, Islamist agenda, as defended by the Muslim Brotherhood and facilitating their ascent will indirectly facilitate the Muslim world domination happen sooner.

The “Commander-in-Chief” has no qualms sending American troops fight alongside the terrorists of Al Qaeda, to defend the Muslim terrorist agenda, Christian killers and persecutors.Obama Terrorist

A few days ago, Obama issued an executive order on gun control:  “The new orders ban Americans from buying weapons that the US military has provided to foreign governments. Around 250,000 guns, including assault rifles, have been re-imported back into the US since 2005, according to White House figures.

A second order prevents gun buyers from registering machine guns or sawn-off shotguns to a corporation and therefore avoid undergoing a personal background check.

The White House said the orders were intended [to] “make progress toward reducing gun violence” in the wake of the Newtown massacre even as “Congress fails to act on common-sense proposals”.”  That is, the  ill-willed “common sense” of the anti-American White House.  

To understand how Obama has been manipulating the situation from the beginning, a little known but very significant detail his Administration avoided mentioning at the time of the events:  When Obama gave his now infamous 2009 Cairo Speech, few remarked a notorious absence, that of President Hosni Mubarak.  

Knowing that his sworn enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood were guests of Obama, Mubarak abstained.  In doing so, Obama abused Egypt’s and Mubarak’s hospitality, interfered with the affairs of a foreign nation, broke the rules of protocol and elementary politeness.  And he legitimized the Brothers, to show them the path and to shed light on them so they could come out of their darkness into officialdom.

A few years later, Egyptians “inspired” by the Muslim Brotherhood, ousted President Mubarak.  “Democratic” elections followed and the Brother, Mohammed Morsi, rose to power. The rest is History.

In 2012, came Libya’s turn.  

And, we alerted public opinion:

High Treason for Obama, his Administration & the People’s Representatives:

“Obama and Al Qaeda

Precisely a year ago, Obama used his friends at the UN to jointly launch a military intervention against Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi -and by doing so, America was aiding non other than al-Qaeda...  deeply tied to the so-called Libyan“revolution”.   

Already back then, Obama did not hesitate to send our military to fight alongside with the anti-American Islamist terrorists.   

And, as no Americans showed their dissatisfaction, it certainly looks like most approved of it, because not one single soul in America protested, nobody stopped the man from over passing Congress to do as he willed -in flagrant disregard to our Constitution.   And Republican Speaker Boehner and our representatives, did not do anything…   

And, off went our men and women, who had signed up to give their lives to defend our country from the enemy, with no one stopping their Commander-in-Chief from doing something morally and ethically wrong, sending them to fight alongside our deadly enemy.  

In the end, it was reported that al-Qaeda grabbed advanced military weaponry.  But that was just the tip of the iceberg.  What came afterwards was much worse:

As mentioned back then, the man identified in news reports as the leader of Libya’s “revolution”,  Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, did actually fight against the U.S. and coalition forces during the invasion of Afghanistan ten years earlier…  In the aftermath of the Muslim terrorist attacks and massacres committed against American civilians on 9/11.

He was captured in 2002, handed over to U.S. authorities, and eventually released in Libya in 2008.

On March 2011, we found al-Hasidi, this time with winds and American administration favorably positioned now as his friends, so he was successfully able to lead the opposition forces to depose and brutally murder Gaddafi.  

Obama vs Gaddafi… with Bin Laden In Between

At the time, Gaddafi had been claiming for weeks that al-Qaeda and drug use were responsible for inciting the uprisings. “Bin Laden …  is the enemy who is manipulating people,” he told state television in late February. “Do not be swayed by bin Laden.”

Most observers assumed the allegations were deliberate lies or the delusions of a madman trying to keep the reins of power. But it turned out that the claims of al-Qaeda involvement were at least partially correct.

And, here, some food for thought:

19 March 2011:  Operation Odyssey Dawn: Hussein Obama took America, as part of a multi-state coalition to intervene militarily in Libya, implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, aiding rebels in the Libyan civil war -they sent an international coalition military force who sided with Muslim terrorists whose doctrine was at the base of the 9/11 massacres in the US, and that commands them to attack any and all non-Islamic parts of the world, in their goal for world domination.

May 2, 2011: Osama bin Laden was reportedly killed by U.S. Forces in Pakistan…  and given the development of events, some may find that information quite controversial…

October 20, 2011: Moammar al-Gaddafi was brutally murdered by al-Qaeda supported rebels aided by America and the coalition.

Obama and Taliban

As number one item here, we need to remember that back in December 2011, the White House, meaning Obama et al, actually agreed with Vice President Joe Biden for saying that the Taliban isn’t an enemy of the United States despite the years spent fighting the militant Islamic group that gave a home to Al Qaeda and its leader Usama bin Laden while he plotted the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Let’s take it from Obama’s own words, when a few days ago he said that the international forces have to make sure the Afghans could secure their borders and stop al-Qaeda from getting back into the country.”

But barely a month ago, news from Murdoch-Alwaleed’s Fox News informed that the Obama administration, as part of confidence building efforts with the Afghan Taliban, had scheduled to release five Taliban [terrorist] “leaders” currently “residing” in Guantanamo Bay –as part of a series of “operational steps” -so to say, to improve our chances to make peace with Muslim terrorists.

The five [Taliban terrorists] detainees were said to have been “hand-picked” by the Taliban themselves…


1)  Obama sends our military to help al-Qaeda to bring down Gaddafi.  

2)  Obama allows Taliban in Afghanistan to handpick five of their terrorissts leaders detained in Guantanamo.

3)  Now, Obama wants to help Taliban and Karzai in Afghanistan -in order to stop al-Qaeda from going back to Afghanistan  (?)

4)  When the burning of the Korans happened (and I am purposefully omitting the conditional fact “if” it was accidental or not, because that’s inconsequential)  first thing Obama did was to apologize for America and our soldier, our heroes.  

5)  Since then, Karzai has been calling the shots.  Deadlines -that were sheepishly fulfilled by our military in Afghanistan.  He had even demanded our men be given to them for trial.  For all we know, it’s not Obama or his administration who are going to stand up for our men, on the contrary.

6)  With this attack where sixteen Afghans were killed, Obama and his administration are considering the death penalty for our man, who just as all our men stationed there, must be feeling the hate towards them not only from the enemy but, sadly, most of all from their Commander-in-Chief and all the ranks in-between.

(7)  In all, Obama’s sudden “no rush” to take our men out of Afghanistan, is also aiming atbankrupting America even more, as trillions in debt continue to accumulate.  As, Arnaud de Borchgrave, wrote on January 2011: “…40 percent of $56 billion — $22.4 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds — allocated to civilian projects in Afghanistan cannot be accounted for by the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction.  The original amount for civilian aid is now being increased to $71 billion…”  And, that was only at the beginning of 2011…  “  


The allegiance of the President to the terrorist cause of the Muslims and their religion, Islam, is solid and unwavering.  What counts for him and his circle or like-minded friends, is to help advance the cause of world domination on behalf of Islam.  

As such, he understands the importance to help ‘convert’ regular, even secular Muslim regimes, to the radical, Islamist version advocated by the Brothers.  Hence, this particular emphasis in removing Mubarak and Gaddafi.  And, as Egypt has failed, there is an imperative need to place the Brothers in power again, therefore Assad is the next in line.  

This is not about America at all -except to use our military, as operators and cannon meat, this is about Obama’s Muslim agenda.  .  


Military Against War with SyriaThe American Military has been a victim of this ruthless and reckless President to whom they are merely and, oh blessing, obedience-bound pawns.  

From the beginning, Obama has moved with ease in between Muslim terrorists, from Bin Laden, to Taliban, to Al Qaeda.  

In his back-and-forth play with his terrorists friends, some thing are intemporal, as:  

“At the time, Gaddafi had been claiming for weeks that al-Qaeda and drug use were responsible for inciting the uprisings. “Bin Laden …  is the enemy who is manipulating people,” he told state television in late February. “Do not be swayed by bin Laden.”   

Now, replace Gaddafi for Assad; Bin Laden for Obama; and al-Qaeda remains al-Qaeda.

What has not changed as well, is Obama’s willingness to humiliate the American military to fight alongside Muslim terrorists.  

Obama is a Muslim, no doubt about that.  As the son of a Muslim father, he is a Muslim.  Period.   Again, as such, his utmost allegiance is to the Muslim cause.

That’s why when the Fort Hood terrorist attack happened, he and his administration hastened to put the massacre in the category or workplace violence, which has been maintained until now, despite the fact that the terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan has been convicted and during trial has avowedly insisted he did that for the cause of Islam.  This Muslim terrorist massacred 13 innocent, unsuspecting, American military and wounded 14 more meant, and he is not considered a terrorist. Thanks to Obama.

Also, he unveiled the existence of the until then totally unknown -thus completely protected- Seal Team Six on the night he announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  He made as if they were their heroes, while he was in reality giving them away to the Taliban terrorists, who could only have received the highly classified information from official sources.   Together, all of them, massacred 23 of our most highly and exclusively trained top counter-terrorism operators.  Thanks to Obama.  

That’s why, Obama is intent in bringing down Assad, because though a Muslim, Assad, the president of a key oil-producing country, is the perfect piece to be ousted and advance the cause of extreme, radical, terrorist Islam.  

Pundits are allowing themselves to be pulled by the anti-Assad frenzy, forgetting that the alternative is going to be worse from the onset.  An al-Qaeda supported regime will be one to impose sharia in Syria, something that as sure as hell, the Syrian people do not want, and will not tolerate.  It will be an Egypt re-do.  And the unavoidable and dire consequences that one day will result against America and the American people will be surely written in the pages of History.  

Obama has an ally in General Martin Dempsey, a follow-orders man, who seems to be as globalist as his Commander-in-Chief.  They have already put in place five formidable warships in front of Syria.  The people maneuvering that machinery, are American military who must obey orders.  

Imagine those military men and women sitting in those warships waiting for the orders to join forces and defend the cause of the al-Qaeda terrorists against a country that has done NOTHING to America.   

How are they feeling?

Sigmund Freud always said that lapsus linguae were curtains to the truth.  Recently, the President disrespected our Military, calling them “his” Military.  Obama may have his dog.  But he most certainly does not have “his” Military.  

When Obama says he will order only a limited strike, he is as usual misleading everyone, or so he thinks.

There is no “limited” anything in life.  As such, there is no guarantee of any “limited” strike in war.  With the violence one knows from the terrorists, once the attack will begin, one will never know when and how it will end, or where.  


Congress has been put on the spot, when Obama said they will be “consulted”; only to hear his Secretary of State say, a day later, that even if Congress does not authorize the attack on Syria, Obama is free to decide to go ahead.

Military are now on the spot as well, because they know they are the unwilling accomplices, once again, in the attack on a country that has not jeopardized American national security.  

While the military are crushed by the rules of obedience, Obama is pushing them to think hard.  

Which one to fight for?  Al-Qaeda or America?  

Guess which one will they choose.



EB-carlylepic-2Eliana Benador is a global strategist, a political operative and a human rights activist. She has been the founder of Benador Associates. She has represented dissidents abroad from Iraq, Iran, the Copts and others. Her blog is Eliana’s Choice.  You may follow her on Twitter and join her fan page on Facebook, you may find her also on LinkedIn.