by Eliana Benador  

“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing -after they’ve tried everything else.”  Sir Winston Churchill

ObamaMuzzleBarak Hussein Obama is counting on many of his presidential loyal friends to advance him in the race to re-election.  Whether it’s Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Jr., or the infamous reverend Jeremiah Wright, Hussein Obama’s back is very well protected by a most devoted clique.  

Together, they have succeeded dividing America for their purposes, moving the racial agenda forward, positioning presidential candidate Hussein Obama in an angle from which he can more easily check mate America, if and when need be, especially now that he has the means to inflict a sweeping and unprecedented power grab.

After all, Obama has given himself the powers to declare martial law as he see fit, even in times of peace.  Similarly, Obama, in his thirst for success in order to move his communist, Muslim agenda further, has publicly abused his power by putting pressure on the Supreme Court Justices, in charge of  debating the fate of his Obama Health Care Reform.

Afghanistan Security Consultations Forum (SCF)

 In the sneaky, silent way he and his team have maneuvered ever since he was given the reins of the nation, the Obama administration had prepared without much fanfare, the Third Afghanistan Security Consultations Forum (SCF).

As part of those meetings, last week, silently arrived the Afghanistan delegation, led by their Defense Minister General Abdul Rahim Wardak and their Interior Minister Bishmullah Muhammadi Khan, who participates in official talks and meetings pertaining to the consultation forum.

Reportedly, Wardak said at the beginning of last week in Washington, D.C.  that they “are not an ungrateful nation” and that Afghani people “acknowledge and honor [American] sacrifices.”

Mr. Wardak’s memory seems to be very short lived.  None other than his boss, president Hamid Karzai barely three weeks ago had declared loud and clear, that: “The Americans in Afghanistan are “demons”….  They claim they burned Korans by mistake, but really those were “Satanic acts that will never be forgiven by apologies.” Such harsh talk nowadays has been coming more from the Afghan president himself or has been transmitted by his office.


 As we have recently learned, America’s military and our military maneuvers are no longer a Constitution-law-abiding American power, but it has become the arm of this administration -which has without much-ado, decided that American military institutions are better off under the global rule of the United Nations.  As such, currently, there is a situation by which the responsibility of American troops belongs to the NATO leadership. That’s why we often see both, NATO and ISAF, associated.   

What actually happens is that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)  established the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to be a NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan and it is engaged in the War in Afghanistan since the massacres of 9/11 until the present.

Therefore, when Obama placed American troops to receive orders from NATO, what he actually did was to place our men under the orders of the global power, the United Nations.

American Military Killed in AfghanistanSEH-lost_my_daddy

Operation Enduring Freedom began on October 7, 2001, a month after the massacres of 9/11 perpetrated by a majority of Saudi Muslim terrorists, based out of Afghanistan.  

So far, the Department of Defense has published that as of April 11, 2012, Operation Enduring Freedom has has in Afghanistan “only” a total of 1,810 soldiers killed -from which 1,504 were killed in action (KIA), 306 were killed in Non-Hostile circumstances.  And, 15,594 were wounded in action (WIA).

Afghan Ministers of Defense and Interior in Washington D.C.

Last week, in the surreal choreography of the Afghanistan Security Consultation Forum, Afghan ministers of defense and interior said that “the goal of a sovereign, secure Afghanistan is in sight.”  

In his sheepishly manner, Panetta congratulated both, defense and interior Afghan ministers “for the progress the military and police are making.” And he added that a “… Strong Afghan military and police forces are needed to make the transition to local security lead.”

A mysterious memorandum of understanding appears to have been signed last April 8th, between the United States and Afghanistan on special operations.  “The fact that we were able to achieve an agreement, I think, was a very important step forward to ensure that we will make the transition to Afghan operations, but we will do it in a responsible and effective way,” Panetta said. “I thank both of you for the leadership that you’ve provided in being able to achieve those very important agreements.”  

But, what could possibly there be to agree upon regarding our highly sophisticated American state of the art special operations and the troubled Afghan government.  The famous April 8th Memorandum of Agreement, is about an “Afghan paradigm shitf” which came about “… because Afghan forces are getting better and want to take the lead,” said Navy Capt. John Kirby, deputy assistant secretary of defense for media operations.  

American Patriots as well as hundreds of thousands of American military families should be infuriated about, is that while you sacrifice your men and women to defend our country from the Muslim invasion, the Hussein Obama administration has not found better use for our men than having a support role -because, actually, the people acting on the intelligence, planning the operation and leading it are Afghans.   

When you hear or read Navy Captain Kirby say that  the Afghan forces are getting better and want to take the lead -one must but wonder who is this man to the service of, the United States of Afghanistan…  but the crude reality is that this man is at the service of ISAF which is, as we saw above, part of the United Nations which in the end is tacitly under the shadow of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

We are also told that our BANKRUPT country, the United States will continue to provide support to Afghan special operations forces -which will include aircraft, intelligence support and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets. All that while the people acting on the intelligence, planning the operation and leading it are Afghans.

As a result:

U.S. Special Ops in Afghanistan now need Warrant to raid Muslim Terrorists

Under a brand new agreement, our highly specialized and excruciatingly trained special ops men are now under the control of local Afghans.

Called a “compromise”, this agreement of American surrender, deals with the future situation of night raids.   As such, the Obama administration will keep the America committed to Afghanistan for another decade after the 2014 withdrawal deadline.

And, as part of it, it seems that a contingent of US forces will remain in Afghanistan beyond the 2014 withdrawal date. The agreement would also affirm continuing US economic assistance to Afghanistan and determine the size of the Afghan military and other issues.  The strategic partnership is expected to be finalized before the NATO summit on Afghanistan that will take place in Chicago this May.

Despite many concerns, Afghan authorities consider important the role that night raids have played in breaking up the leadership of Muslim terrorist groups. In essence, the goal of making Afghans in charge of night raids, is to be more accommodating to locals.

More American Casualties under “NATO-ISAF”

Until last Wednesday, there have been 101 coalition troops who have been killed in Afghanistan, including 60 Americans.

Unfortunately, Muslim Taliban terrorists perpetrated coordinated massive attacks throughout Afghanistan in what appears to be an attack mostly against mostly foreign military bases.  Restricted and vague information only has been available, signaling that “members of the International Security Assistance Force” have been among the victims of the attacks.  So far, three.

Follow-up on our American Sergeant Robert BalesSEH-Bales_and_Karilyn-1-

While Obama administration is keeping busy defending other countries and their terrorists, and also keeps violating the Constitution while Congress and the American people seem unmoved by it, there is still an sick young, twice-decorated American man who has a family with two young children, who is facing 17 murder charges for Afghanistan killings, and who is now sitting in military jail.  

As of last, Mr. Bales’ lawyer, has made it public that his client was expected to pass what’s called a “sanity board” examination by Army doctors from Walter Reed Army Medical Center, in the total absence of his civilian lawyers.    The purpose ot that examination was to determine if he would be competent to stand trial and they were also intent in establishing his mental state at the time of the attacks.  His civilian lawyer has instructed Mr. Bales to invoke his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent as his lawyer is not allowed to be present at the examination.

The Obama Attack on American Interests Not About to Stop

While on the one side, American patriots are being misled by the upcoming elections, on the other side, the relentless assault against our country continues and seems to be unstoppable.

Obama is moving all his pieces in place to assure that he will end up at the helm of the country for four deadly more years.

Whether it is with his Muslim agenda, the Communist program, the dismantlement of our intellectual, scientific, economic, business, social and human assets, we are witnessing the destruction of America.


The time has come for American Patriots to understand that while there has been a time where many voted for the person living until December 2012 in the White House, the time has come to move beyond partisanship and think of saving America and let it become once again the Number One Superpower in the world, the force for good.

American Democrats must understand that Obama’s democracy is not theirs. They wanted distribution of wealth but did not want the destruction of America.

American Conservatives -whoever they are who have some glimmer of genuine Patriotism, must now begin to gather and allow our representatives to feel the weight of our unhappiness and that we are not ready to squander the responsibility we have vis-a-vis many generations of Americans to come.

Certainly, slavery to our former, comfortable way of life is stopping us and it is time to recognize it as another type of slavery from which we must move on, and fight peacefully but decisively for this new battle to achieve once again, a responsible freedom.

Slavery is not for Americans and the time to stop it, is now!


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