by Eliana Benador

Knock-knock…  Is anybody home…  anybody at all….???

There are men out there, whose work requires from them to wear a uniform and who are risking their lives so that you, dear Reader, can lead a comfortable life here on mainland.

However, those men and women, are not like isolated mushrooms…  they are human beings just like you and I -but they go beyond the call of duty in order to protect us.  They decide to leave families, parents, siblings, and what’s worse, their wives or husbands and their little children, all in the name of duty.  Therefore, all of us, American civilians, have a responsibility vis-à-vis  our men and women in uniform and their families.

“Courageous restraint” has been the initial measure taken in the theatre of the absurd that has slowly but surely being imposed as the suicidal rules of engagement to be followed by our men in the military -who, ironically, find themselves in an equally suicidal position as the enemy they are supposedly fighting.  The only difference is that the terrorists, in their great wisdom, are there to fight and kill the enemy and that’s what they do.  Whereas in the case of our military it’s all about avoiding civilian enemies, and have to exert self-inflicting suicidal restraining and its degenerated rules of engagement that protect the enemy -rather than go for their jugular -which is what a war is about. 

Koran Burning and Total Silence Surrounding Fate of Our MenSome_Take_All

What are our men thinking, when they realize that their compatriots are letting them down, while they may be undergoing abuse and a miserable fate under a most liberal, treacherous regime here in America?

One thing is sure:  Our military knows that the American people, their families, their neighbors, their classmates, their professors and employers, are plainly letting them down -because they are not doing anything at all, to stop whatever this murderous Administration is ready to do to be subservient to the global power the left is trying to establish parallel to what they naively take as their friendly Muslim caliphates throughout the planet.

As a matter of fact, we, at the Right Side News, keep stressing with crystal clear voice all the dangers that our men and women are encountering, and therefore our country at large.

Our Military in Afghanistan

 Let’s itemize our list for clarity:

(1)  Afghan President Hamid Karzai had set as a deadline for the Americans to hand over the Parwan prison.  That deadline was for last Friday, March 9, 2012.

(2)  Dutifully, the U.S. military and the Afghan government sealed an agreement on the deadline set by Karzai for the gradual transfer of control of the main U.S. prison in the country, a last-minute breakthrough…  With it, it’s as if though, our administration is also under the orders of a foreign regime…  Isn’t that against the Constitution from the American Republic?

(3)  Karzai’s “agreement” which is more of a “demand”, gives the U.S. six months to transfer Parwan’s 3,000 Afghan detainees to Afghan control -or else…?   That said, Karzai and his people, grant the Americans the courtesy to be able to block the release of prisoners, “easing” American fears that insurgents or members of the Taliban could be freed and return to the fight.

(4)  Last Thursday, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Obama and Karzai had had a video conference where they reportedly did some progress toward completing an agreement “that reinforces Afghan sovereignty while addressing the practical requirements of transition,” which means that Mr. Hussein Obama is rather consulting with Karzai about the “practical requirements of transition,” to the greatest benefit of Afghanistan, that goes without saying.

(5)  While the deal gives the Americans the extension they wanted for Parwan, the U.S.-run prison adjoining its Bagram military base north of Kabul, under the deal, an Afghan general will be put in charge of Parwan within days, but the Americans have a six-month window to transfer detainees to Afghan oversight, according to presidential spokesman Aimal Faizi. And this means that our American military men will be under orders of an Afghan general…    Does anyone see here that there is something sickeningly wrong?

(6)  Still remains the unresolved issue of night raids that target insurgents, but Karzai has said civilians are too often rounded up or killed when raids turn violent…(?) And he insists that if there are night raids, Afghan troops should conduct them alone.  By all means…

The Koran and Islamic Training of our Military

 After the events around the burning of the Koran last month, our government once again apologized to Muslims.  The American Administration explained that  the Korans came from the Parwan detention center and were taken out because they had extremist messages written in them, but that they should not have been sent to be burned. Karzai said soon after the Koran burnings became public that these types of incidents would not occur if the Afghans were in charge of the detention facility.  For more on this subject, kindly read here.

The Black Death of the Twenty First Century

 Here in America, our authorities have not found anything better than use this opportunity to introduce Islamic sharia-abiding training for our American military and diverse contractors, in front of the eyes and knowledge of passive, complacent Americans.  Some of the rules our men are learning, are Insulting the Koran is an act of blasphemy.” Or: “If in the performance of your duty, you are required to handle a Koran or other Islamic Religious Material, you should use a clean cloth or clean gloves.”

Americans are making a terrible mistake if they think Islam in America could happen in a few centuries.   Muslims are quite shrewd people and by now they have figured out the lethal inertia and lethargy that has become America’s  XXIst century silent Black Death.

Just as the silent Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1348 and 1350, in order to explain the phenomenon, it was necessary to appeal several competing theories as to the etiology of the Black Death.  And, after much research, it was conclusively proven via analysis of ancient DNA from plague victims in northern and southern Europe that the pathogen responsible is a certain bacterium, called the Yersinia pestis

Similarly, the twenty-first century version of the Black Death is a most devastating plague whose etiology at first sight seems to indicate the existence of a most powerful bacterium existing in current century societies:  Liberalism causing a most indicative symptom such as:  suicide-prone, acute lethargy.

What’s the remedy?  What we writers, researchers are precisely doing: We are trying to place intellectual doses of electroshock, hoping against hope that the American public will finally wake up -but not the Occupy ones, who are already awake and up in arms so to say.

We hope against hope that the so-called conservatives will soon show their spine -especially in these times of need, when it’s about the safety, dignity and protection of those who are out there to protect us but who now, in times of their dire need, have the right to demand and expect from us to back them and stand up for them, not by voting only, not by sending forms or making futile calls or faxes, but by taking to the streets of cities throughout America and making it damn clear to the Administration from the top to the bottom and all treacherous representatives that they better take good care that nothing whatsoever happens to any of our soldiers regarding the Koran or any other excuse of the sort – OR ELSE….

U.S. Soldier kills Afghan Civilians

 We don’t know what’s the truth here.   As it is, we have seen many times in many places, people disguised as fake military men from different countries, attacking their own just to blame the enemy, that’s not new.  It simply seems very timely and convenient that this has happened -and will end up giving Obama and Karzai an American soldier to be tried and, most likely, executed at the hands of Afghan “justice”.

Hussein Obama hardly waited to call Afghan President Hamid Karzai “to express his shock and sadness.”   Obama pledged “to hold fully accountable anyone responsible,” according to a White House statement.
Karzai’s demand for the U.S. troops who burned Korans to be tried and punished, the White House won’t say what will happen to those troops.

And, yet, here at home, Hussein Obama, Holder et al, have made that the FBI purged hundreds of bureau documents from its counterterrorism training part of instructional material about Muslims, some of which characterized them as prone to violence or terrorism.

As a result, here we are, again, concerned with Muslims’ sensitivities…  When ,nineteen (19) Muslim terrorists actually perpetrated massacres against our people in front of the whole world, we, American people, allow this treacherous administration to remove information about our attackers and enemies without protesting.  

What a difference!  The Left and their Muslim friends are always protesting…  So, where are the voices who should be standing loud to defend our rights?

Some_Give_AllWho will defend the American troops?

 Americans are losing precious time to get ready to defend what belongs to them:  Their country and their soldiers, their lives and the future of many generations to come.

If Americans do not get their act together soon, it’s important to understand what the consequences of their inaction could be:

Given that this administration sends our men in the military with stringent rules of engagement that basically equates to have them behave in a suicidal manner, it would not be surprising at all that the same administration makes a summary trial of the soldiers and executes them within the military base, to appease their Muslim friends, our enemies.  Another possibility would be that they would abide by Karzai’s request and give our men to be tried by Afghan “justice”, just as Karzai has been demanding.  In which case, our men could possibly end tortured, beheaded… .

Americans Wake UP Now!

 What Americans are forgetting is that if they do not look after the military, they are themselves neutralizing the only force that stands strong between them and the enemy.  Americans would be destroying the human shield they have, those fathers and husbands, brothers and sisters who still believe that it’s glorious to fight for our land and for our people…

God Bless America


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