by Eliana Benador  
Recently, a rather unusual phenomenon within traditional opposition to mainstream media may announce a fundamental change. News hit the wires announcing that NewsCorp, Rupert Murdoch’s conglomerate company, is undergoing a renewed uprise among shareholder activists calling for his resignation as chairman -in the aftermath of his son James’ resignation as chairman of its British pay-TV giant.

Catholic Father Seamus Finn, shareholder activist at Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, seems to be spearheading shareholders’ concerns about  the Murdochs.  But, is it only that?

We cannot possibly forget the looming presence of someone who has been actively encroaching our media, our businesses, our education systems, our political life…  And, that’s none other than Rupert Murdoch’s partner, Alwaleed.  Sadly, one of the deadliest mixtures in life is greed, business and naivete.  Lethal.

Obama-Chains-smallThe Masters

 The ultimate symbol in the super-rich lifestyle:  a huge plane to show off their wealth while conducting business crossing the skies above 40,000 feet.

Airbus will deliver this year the most expensive personal jet with a final price well beyond $500 million -the A380 double-decker- ordered in 2007 by the Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, a major investor in Citigroup. The price will include the cost of outfitting it with one-of-a kind amenities. The original plans included a prayer room that rotates so it always points toward Mecca.  Included are also a garage for two Rolls-Royces, a stable for horses and camels, a pen for hawks.

Prince Alwaleed’s investments in America have a particular interest in media and education: Already back in December 2005, Alwaleed invested $20 million dollars to support and expand the Center for Muslim-Christian Undersanding at Georgetown University.

Alwaleed donated $20 million dollars to Harvard University in April 2009, ranking among the 25 largest donations the university had so far received.  So was established the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University.

Twitter, the microblogging service with more than 100 million users, received a $300 million investment from Alwaleed. Reportedly, the prince’s holdings in Citigroup are now in the range of 1 billion dollars.

But, he is not the only one.  Boeing’s new version of 747, the 747-V.I.P. which can carry 460 passengers, was delivered to another private customer in the Middle East rumored to be the emir of Qatar.


Murder of Americans

The example par excellence will be the massacre caused by Major Nidal Malik Hasan who in an uncontested hate crime committed at Fort Hood murdered 13 military personnel and wounded 29 -and yet, Malik has kept his rank, probably also his pay, and no one was rushed to court martial him.  To add insult to injury, his was declared a “work related violence” by the Obama Administration even though it was the worst massacre caused by a Muslim terrorist since 9/11.

But, when Sergeant Robert Bales, a twice decorate American hero of two war deployments, snaps on his third deployment, he has been immediately tried and charged with 17 counts of murder in the Afghan shooting.

The political liberal leadership has infested the military who now in their sick minds have accepted that saving the enemy is commendable and having our own being killed by the enemy is also commendable. There is something definitely wrong in this picture.

International Institute for Islamic Thought brainchild: Islamophobia

 Many may not be aware but this institute exists and operates out of Virginia and was founded with seed money from the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is the crib where the term “Islamophobia” was coined, using the example of the homosexual world, where “homophobia” was also invented along those lines.  

Islamophobia is a manipulative terminology, designed exclusively to arise the guilt and remorse among us, for something that does not exist…  but the feeling is simply based on countless facts and disasters connected and provoked by sources coming from…  Islam and the Muslim world, namely, organized, diligently prepared and cruelly executed Islamic, Muslim terror that follows precise instructions given by their prophet Mohammed in their operational ideological instruction manual, the Koran.   

The 9/11 massacres have been defining in our deep sentiment about Islam, the Muslims and their ambitions about world domination, including our world.  So, if our reprehension is not welcome, maybe they can re-read the line above and understand that ours is a rational aversion against people who practice and have beheaded many from our own.  Stoning, beheading, honor killing, mutilation, and so on…  is honestly a future that no one can look forward to and smile.  So, sorry if Muslims feel we have a problem with them.  

Maybe they could start their own revolution so that they can accommodate also to our values of life, happiness, culture, science, music, art, and so on…

Muslim Iraqi Woman Killed in El Cajon, San Diego, California

First let’s take a look at Muslim life in El Cajon, part of the larger San Diego, in California.   And here some information that’s available for San Diego Muslims.  

Last March 25th, it was reported that an Iraqi Muslim woman had been beaten to death in El Cajon.  Police found her with a note “Go back to your country.”   Reports immediately included allusion to a hate crime.  

By the same token we can also make allusion to the fact that Muslims do not hesitate to kill their own wherever that is.  We can also add another truthful argument, which is that taqqiya allows Muslims to distort truth and do whatever needs to be done in order to advance Islam’s world domination.  

Why would the death of this woman advance their cause?

Simply because it would make our authorities search for the murderer and continue weakening our position, because it is in our societies that they will be looking for the murderer regardless the fact that very seldom we see such crimes -which is more in their style of murder.   

And as we will see next, when the opposite happens, then we only hear “condolences” on the part of the malignant Obama administration.

American Teacher executed by Al Qaeda in Yemen

 On March 18th, an American working in Yemen was executed in the city of Taiz, by a group tied to al-Qaida who explained the execution, because of his “Christian proselytizing.”

And, here the lame statement by the State Department “We can confirm that a U.S. citizen was tragically killed in Yemen.”  State Department’s spokesman later told NBC News. “We condemn this heinous crime in the strongest terms and express our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

Sure, our government “condemns” and sends “deepest condolences…”   But they did not ask for the murderers to be caught, tried and executed, did they?

Brainwashed Americans

 Condolences seem enough for this Administration.  And for Americans.

As it is, in what’s called the “One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi,” many non-Muslim women have been posting photos of themselves wearing a headscarf in honor of the Iraqi Muslim woman recently killed.   There is even a Facebook page ad hoc for that, with over 10,000 “likes.”  

While this is unconfirmed, it seems that some posting on that page have identified themselves as Catholics, Quakers, Mennonites, Jews, Pagans, and atheists.  But, again, everything that goes on social media is very difficult to verify.

The Danger for Americans Is Real And Now

But what’s most dangerous for gullible Americans now is an inordinate call to “fight the system and defeat Islamophobia.” And this is to be taken seriously.

It’s time for Americans to understand that good will is simply not enough and that to trust a political ideology under the wrap of religion, is not wise and is going to further open the doors to people who although they may seem nice and agreeable at first, if and when they are called to do whatever is demanded from them, they will not hesitate to join their own.  

It is time that we finally understand that our system is not working.  We have an anti-American president, an anti-constitution Supreme Judge, a Secretary of State that when she goes around in the world, she can’t miss mentioning about “American” terrorism, so as to make feel better those who actually have invented and produced terrorism, we have senators and representatives that are spineless.  And the list goes on.  

It seems that American flesh and blood has no value for our government -and even less for Americans themselves -because no one is standing up and refusing totalitarianism that’s taking the country and many generations to come, directly into slavery.

God bless America


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