by Eliana Benador

Taqqiya, in Islam, is a doctrine of pious fraud or religious dissimulation… whereby Muslims may under certain circumstances openly deceive infidels by feigning friendship or goodwill provided their heart remains true to Islam.”

As I am about to set to write the second article, the first thing that hits my mind is…  “Little Red Riding Hood…”   The sweet story of how a bad wolf disguised under innocent appearance, gets close to a naive little girl, Little Red Riding Hood, who tells him where she’s going, i.e., to visit grandma.  The wolf gets to poor grandma first, eats her and disguises himself as grandma -and it’s Red’s turn of to be eaten next…  As it’s a children’s story, a good lumberjack appears, cuts the wolf open, and up they come, both, Red and grandma…  alive…

lawfare1Yesterday we spoke about some of the culprits in our story with “democracy” -which is an authorization to kill whatever exists good in our previously existing societies.Therefore, continuing on that same line of thinking, it will be easy to understand why as part of “democracy” we are able not only to accept but also to promote and to advocate the right to existence of pernicious discourse while endangering not only our safety but also, outright, our existence.   That’s why democracy is such a great match for the “liberal” misguided minds in our midst, who believe they are fighting for ideals while in reality their goal is none other than the dismantlement and dismemberment of the societies they live in.

In America now, we are facing a major, existential threat to our lifestyle.  This threat has, alas, being implanted creepingly, silently, in our country.  As we saw yesterday, personal interests from the different families at the helm of our country have facilitated quiet immigration from groups enjoying the necessary influence to do so in the convenience of the somnolence in which we have been kept by our different administrations.  

But, it’s time to wake up.

Is Islam compatible with Democracy?

 In the context presented above, it certainly is.  Why would Islam be incompatible with democracy, when democracy is the distribution of the power giving the people political and social equality -thus, it is not surprising that this kind of system has also been the parent of communism and socialism, after all, those can be considered the utmost versions of popular power as stipulated in the principles of democracy.

Along the road someone conveniently forgot that the United States of America was founded as a Republic -a system where the obedience to the law as established in our Constitution was the way to go in our country.

One of the first symptoms of our decadence began when governments did not promote national birth while our societies tolerated sexual promiscuity facilitating the notion of birth control, rather than making sure couples could get economic and financial stimulus and advantages to continue pro-creating American families with our values and traditions.  And, so, immigration was facilitated.  In came the Latinos, in came many others.  But, so far, while not really assimilating to our customs and mores, those groups were not aiming at changing the core existence of our societies and our lifestyle from the inside.

In comes Islam

 Silently, creepingly, Islam appears in our country in a more intent manner, since the seventies.  The reader must remember the enormity of the American territory, as the song says:  From sea to shining sea…  and beyond…

Unlike probably the majority of “experts” who write about Islam and their customs and their likings and disliking more from the books than anything else, this author can assess it from a more fresh and direct point of view because of direct experience in the field intermittently during five recent years.   

In the seventies, we see families coming to quietly get established in our country.  They didn’t get established in the main cities.  They went to Kalamazoo in Michigan of all places, as in the case of Huma Abedin’s parents.  She is the wife of disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner.  Her parents were key people within the Muslim Brotherhood and also closer to the Saudi royal family.

Likewise, you can also find elsewhere in America the Beautiful different towns as cradle for other “devout American Muslims…”  

Here you can see the silent creeping installation of Islam in our midst.  Doing that research what was most worrisome is that the majority of Americans were not aware of the advance of Islam in our midst.

Meet the Suave Dr. Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser

This man is no “invader” per se, because he was born in Ohio from devout Muslim parents from Syria who moved to America in the seventies.  

I met Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser when he was invited to speak in front of an influential group.  I had been invited because of my longstanding work in the field.  The expectations were high prior to meeting him, he came with highest recommendations from friends.  

In comes Jasser, a handsome, suave man, with impeccable manners and equally impeccably outfitted.  It was immediately obvious that this man was not targeting and trying to impress average Joe but this very exclusive milieu in the Upper East Side and the rest of the American elite.  

However, I was mostly interested in listening to his speech, in which he mentioned at the very beginning that 9/11 was the result of actions by “foreign agents.”  Then he spoke of liberties, democracy.  And, in the whole speech -which was addressed to a group of New York Jews, he did not mention “once” Israel.  

At the Q & A, I asked why was it so difficult to say that 9/11 perpetrators who caused the massacre were Muslim terrorists.  To which he said that it was not related to religion.  Hmm…  So, I asked, “It was not their religion they called when they blew themselves saying Allah hu Aqbar?”  No, it was not religion.  

The host came to his rescue allowing for a more friendly question about “what can we do to be nicer to Muslims…?”

At the end of Q & A, I managed to ask him two main questions:  Why did he not mention Israel in all his talk to this group of Jews?  He said: because it has nothing to do with this.  I said to him, Israel and Judaism are inseparable.

My second question was:  As a devout Muslim, you practice taqqiya, do you not?  His answer:  “You are asking me if I lie.”  My answer then was:  “No, I am asking you if you practice taqqiya…”   He said he does not lie.  That was the confirmation that  he practices taqqiya.

First, let’s understand exactly what a “doctrine” is.  It comes from the Latin word “doctrina” and it is a codification of beliefs or a body of teachings or instructions, taught principles or positions, as for example in the body of teachings in a branch of knowledge or belief system.

Taqqiya, in Islam, is a doctrine of pious fraud or religious dissimulation… whereby Muslims may under certain circumstances openly deceive infidels by feigning friendship or goodwill provided their heart remains true to Islam.”  

Jasser’s position is blatant and he has no qualms in speaking about it anywhere he is invited, as for instance at the Oslo Freedom Forum 2010 or anywhere else for that matter.  

His organization, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy’s (AIFD) avowed mission is “to advocate for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Constitution, liberty and freedom, through the separation of mosque and state.”

It looks as though, Mr. Jasser has already established that America’s religion is Islam… “separation of mosque and state…”

However, there is another detail of non-negligible importance that will show how deep ingrained Muslims already are within our system.

Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser is a former Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy, where he served as staff internist in the Office of the Attending Physician of the United States Congress.  

Now, we must wonder why would the United States Navy send Mohammed to serve as staff internist in the “Office of the Attending Physician of the United States Congress…  instead of deploying him with his valuable skills to one of our different war zone fronts…?  

The following is a very telling piece of information, mostly if we read in between the lines… “AIFD’s mission is derived from a love for America and a love of our faith of Islam. Dr. Jasser and the board of AIFD believe that Muslims can better practice Islam in an environment that protects the rights of an individual to practice their faith as they choose. The theocratic “Islamic” regimes of the Middle East and some Muslim majority nations use Islam as a way to control Muslim populations, not to glorify God as they portend. The purest practice of Islam is one in which Muslims have complete freedom to accept or reject any of the tenants or laws of the faith no different than we enjoy as Americans in this Constitutional republic.”

Let’s analyze this together:   Mohammed and his board “… believe that Muslims can better practice Islam in an environment that protects the rights of an individual to practice their faith as they choose.”

That, however, it’s not new.  In the aftermath of 9/11 I coordinated the visit of some Kuwaiti representatives from the Kuwaiti parliament, including a few women -who had no right to vote at the time- and who complained that they “send our children from our secular homes to study in America, and they come back radicalized…”

Indeed, Dr. Mohammed Z. Jasser is right in his assertion and the key word in his rhetoric is “legal protection” because our country being infected by both viruses of democracy and liberalism, protects everyone equally:  whether you are a crazy scientist or a virulent pro-terrorism advocating Muslim under the wrapping of an inoffensive grandma.

The Mohammed Z.J. Infiltration

Dr. Mohammed’s performances are pretty convincing for the inexperienced eye and offer a wonderful opportunity to those treacherous non-profit anti-terrorism anti-radical-Islam outfits that are all to eager to present to their key contributors some innovative “hope” coming from Islam and the Muslim world.  After all, showing that “some progress” is been done and can be done in the turbulent and ever deteriorating situation in the Muslim world, sharing some “hope” will make those contributors give more gladly -especially in these dire times where the economy has made life less easy for those non-profit outfits specializing in anti-radical-Islam.

Some of Mohammed’s new found friends are:  Glenn Beck, Frank Gaffney, Rep. Peter King, even former prosecutor Andy McCarthy…  who avows that he accepts a differentiation between Islam and Islamism, and that there have been “immense contributions from patriotic Muslims…” [such as Mohammed Z.J.,] who have been instrumental in the decision making about the approach [American justice] took in regards to Muslim terrorists -which none of them has actually been condemned to death.

American Democracy Used to Advance Islam or Islamism?

Islam and Islamism are only the shades of a same color.  Islam with its book the Koran, are the root of Islamism.  Islamism without Islam would not exist.  They are interconnected and inseparable.  That you may find a Muslim who seems quite Westernized is only that.  When you put that Muslim together with his people at the mosque or at a rally in Dubai, where I was present, and they have Ali Larijani virulently speaking against Israel, the Jews and America, your Muslim, just as all the thousands present where I was, become as virulent when hearing one of their speakers.  Make no doubt about that.

Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser speaking of liberty and democracy, is outright meaningless.

Just as former Palestinian terrorist, Walid Shoebat, who is doing business here at the expense of his “experience” back then when he was a terrorist, and now he says he is an Israeli advocate and pro-Jewish defender.  Right.

Practical To-Do List for Self-Anointed Muslim and Palestinian Renegades

1)  No need to work in the United States to “reform” your people.  

2)  If you feel the urge to truly desert the cause of Islam, then move back to Muslim countries.

3)  When in your Muslim world:  Organize a resistance having in mind the ultimate REVOLUTION in the Islamic world.

4)  Your goals shall be clear and above all, remove each and all of the demands in the Koran where your prophet called for the annihilation of all non-Muslims.  That’s a good beginning, but there is more.

5)  You also must admit in writing that Islam advocates honor killing, stoning, beheading, amputations, female mutilation, rape, pedophilia and much more.  

6)  After admitting it in writing, you must also denounce those as crimes against Humanity, in the past, in the present and for any time in the future.

7)  You must organize an active resistance, given that you are telling the world that there are “moderate” Muslims -you all need to gather together and

8)  Immediately and with no questions asked, stop all kind of terrorism, here, there, everywhere.  No more homicide-suicide-bombings on Planet Earth courtesy of the Muslim world.

9)  In order to stop terrorism, it is understood that you have to hunt, chase, fight and kill your terrorists.  And you must do so with your own people, not counting on any help from any country outside the Muslim world.

10)  With a thorough progress report you come twice per year to us, with verifiable data.  Then we can talk about establishing timidly normal relations, but know that we have no rush.  We need actions, facts and results.  And you can only come to us with success report.  We will take nothing less.

Why the above plan?

Simply because Islam has been at the forefront and center of the most deadly massacre in our midst in times of peace, where thousands of Americans were murdered, and so to say also were their families, the country at large.  

We the people do not care that the Obama administration has ordered and gotten that the FBI whitewash Islam from official records.  

We will continue writing about it so no one ever will forget.

So, forget Islamophobia because ours is a legitimate concern about a people that has been educated to hate us and our lifestyle and that has gone well beyond words, when they perpetrated the massive attack and massacred our thousands of innocent unassuming civilians.

American governments had their own interests first on their lists, so be it.

We the American people will not forgive and will not forget.  

And this has nothing to do with freedom of religion.  No religion has any problem in our midst because they have not wanted to kill us and done so.  Not the Baha’is, not the Buddhists, not the Hindus, not the Mormons, not the Christians of any kind and not the Jews, and the list is endless.

It’s only Islam that’s calling for the active conquest of our world and is using any and all evil ways to achieve their goal of world domination.

That’s why Islam cannot be trusted.  And, if there are “moderate” Muslims, they know now what to do, because when push comes to shove, those “moderates” will join ranks with the most virulent anti-Western elements, simply because in their essence they are all the same.


America has entrapped herself with her naivete.  

Mohammed Z.J. a good devout American Muslim?  Sure he is.  

That’s why he is the constant guest at Murdoch-Alwaleed’s Fox News Channel.  

Alwaleed, issue of the Saudi royal family knows how to do things to show us what we knows we want and expect, and what we believe in, from showing his delightful and very fashionable wife as his arm-candy, to hiring a Muslim voice he can trust, a voice that is appealing to all naive Americans, speaking of liberty, of our founding principles and of separation of mosque and state.

Trouble is, our America is not about mosque and state.

America is about separation of church and state.

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