by Eliana Benador

“.. it is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people…”  Sir Winston Churchill   

Liberalism and democracy are systems that ever since they appeared have been polluting our societies and countries with germs of “licentiousness” in whichever imaginable shape and form -and it also brought an ever increasing “godlessness” in the Western world.

Thus, it is no surprise that down came barriers in life, accepting whatever kind of abnormal behavior in the name of freedom and democracy advocating equality for all, “legalizing” the license to kill traditional everything, from values, to life styles, and so much more.

“Democracy” in the United States of America, brought the rise of the Kingdom of Mediocrity.   Everything went, everything goes.  And, so, opinions, written or spoken, were no longer, for instance, in the realm of erudite people but of anyone who had a mind and a mouth.  So, anyone really can have an opinion and, that being so, it also brought down the quality and authoritativeness of learned experts to give place to the mediocrity of many, abundant opinions.

To make a comparison, hardly anyone would venture in a chemistry lab and begin making experiments -considering that we all have hands to mix probes here and there.  If some adventurers would mix and match chemicals in such a way, they could end up producing poison or an explosion, take your pick.  Therefore, one doesn’t really find improvised, homemade, and yet successful chemists.  The same could happen in any profession.

With words, either spoken or written, it seems so innocent.  It is, after all, air being blown from our lungs, esophagus and through our mouths.

But, words have an immense power, the power of the mind and the intention of the soul.  Words are intellectual swords that can be used in the most creative and powerful way -or in the most lethal way.  Also, the absence of the right words at the right time may stop short of producing the right of action.  And that can also be lethal.

What differentiates one from the other? The knowledge, the conviction of doing what’s right -which has no price. And, beyond all of that, especially in politics, the passion for the cause, the utmost conviction that fighting for what’s right has no price is unconditional. Cheap talk and talk to make sales has no room here. When you fight for what’s right there is no limit, there is no concession to be made and only success is acceptable.

After the 9/11 massacres happened, Americans have faced the coming of a new world for which they have not been prepared, especially in the realm of democratic principles that have, wrongfully and directly, affected and weakened the principles by which our nation was created.  

While the idea of the “American Dream” is rooted in the United States Declaration of Independence, where we find the proclamation that “all men are created equal” and that they are “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights” that included “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,”  it has also been used by some to create confusion and take our society towards the wrong path.  

By “Pursuit of Happiness,” it was never meant that doors were to be carelessly opened.  The Founding Fathers were God-abiding citizens, men who knew that certain things and behaviour were totally unacceptable and certainly not up for discussion.  

“Pursuit of Happiness in America” has meant for liberal minds, that our doors were open to all, and that our discussion platform was also welcoming of all opinions, even those who aimed at destroying the fundamental basis upon which this glorious country was built, without realizing that unity in the mind and the soul of America was essential to keep the cohesiveness of such a giant country, geographically spread throughout a territory equal to that of a continent.

The fate of America, as all other countries in the world has been at the hands of a few.  As a capitalist country though, there were few who succeeded amassing huge and prosperous fortunes while there were many who also succeeded with slightly less fortune, but they were able to attain in some measure, their American dream.  Back then, it was a dream to come to America and become an American, pledge allegiance to the flag, learn the anthem, speak the language, adopt the traditions, celebrate Thanksgiving and so on…

The “American Dream” was the result of the hard work of becoming a true American, of loving this country and working hard to contribute to what has until now, being called the American Exceptionalism...   and that at the end of the day, all their sweat and tears, would crown their efforts with a well-deserved success.  That, was America.  

Now, after electing the most self-destructive government ever, the “American Dream” has been shattered and many are deciding not to open their eyes so as to avoid looking at the crude reality in front of them.  

America, in this beginning of the twenty-first century, is having hard times waking up to stop the rise of the new American society -mostly based on food stamps in an all but officially bankrupt country, losing its future in far away wars, fighting a ruthless, asymmetrical enemy whose conscience makes it beyond powerful because it is aided by their own, in their quest to conquer the highest prize in the world: America, the former super-power -under the watchful eye of Americans that do not want to accept that there is change coming.  Change all right.  And it depends on Americans to choose which kind of change.

The work that has been done to bring down America begun with a silent, unnamed invasion, that instead of being brought up with utmost urgency to the knowledge of average Americans, has been kept under wraps by all, whether the so-called non-profit anti-terrorism devoted organizations that wanted to keep the information for their donors, so funding could keep coming; or by our successive governments, because whether it was Clinton, the Bushes and Obama now, all of them had their own personal interests and agendas to promote -and America’s interests were not even close to their top ones.   

That’s how you find now, near you, anywhere in America, an abundance of mosques or MASJID, the Arabic “nom de guerre” that Muslims chose to name their mosques by, as they were spreading them throughout our territory. In that manner, they did not alert anyone checking on real estate developments in America.  That’s how they have managed to develop and grow in our midst, totally undisturbed.

What’s happening right now is the natural result of that sum of circumstances.

In our opinion, most likely 90% of America has become liberal and pro-democratic.  Only that can explain how a Republican party has become the RINO-producing factory that we know.  That’s most likely also the reason why the Tea Party has not really risen up as the leading opposition group in America, they have no head and certainly no spine.  And that’s also how no not-for-profit anti-terrorism organization has failed to alert the American public of the dangers that were growing in our midst as mushrooms, in the forest, on a rainy day.

Continues tomorrow:   “Are “Moderate” Muslims really “Moderate?”  The Suave Invader – Part Two

God Bless America


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