by Eliana Benador

“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing -after they’ve tried everything else.” Sir Winston Churchill

Has anyone read in the newspapers and news media the headline “Islamic Countries agree to stop Spreading Muslim Terrorism throughout the World-in the last days?

You don’t think so?  Well, you are right.  You have not.  You couldn’t have, simply because it was never published, and that’s because Islamic countries have never even intended to stop spreading of Muslim Terrorism. On the contrary.

SEH-Osama_fire-However, after the massacres of September 11, 2001, it would have been expected that they (1) apologize profusely, (2) promise to stop the incendiary rhetoric used in the Koran promoting attacks on dhimmi countries with the goal of world domination under Islam, (3) stop the teachings of hate in the madrassas, and (4) most importantly, that they would immediately stop exporting Muslim terrorism to the Western world.

Time has gone by but no progress has been made.  On the contrary, we have learned to accept that regression as normal and acceptable.


How so?

Simply because on 9/11/12001 we were the victims of a terrible series of massacres against our people, therefore against our country.

And today, 25/4/2012, ten years and a half later, the table has been turned around.  

From victims, we became the invaders of such countries as Iraq -where we sent our men to “liberate” them.  We have become the despicable “aggressors” of a country as Afghanistan -where our men went to fight “their terrorism.”   It was in this country where was based the mastermind planner of the 9/11 massacres in America, in times of peace and against a civilian population.  The terror planner was Saudi Osama Bin Laden -whose death has not made him innocent of the irrepressible violence against Western civilization, and mostly, America, Europe and Israel.

Why has such regression been possible?

It has been possible because of the strong will within the Muslim world, based on the teachings of their prophet Mohammed in their religious book, the Koran that has inspired perseverance and decisiveness in their leaders -not the official leaders- but the ones that move the masses behind the scenes, the masters of Muslim terrorism who are able to dance under a choreography set up with the tacit accord of officialdom and under the wrapping of the “religion” of Islam, vessel of the most heinous violence and which destination is nothing less than complete world domination.

But, on the other hand, regression has also been enabled in Western civilization by the pervasiveness of liberals combined with the aloof indifference of the conservatives -from Israel to America, passing by France to Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and everywhere else where liberalism has given way to self-destruction and suicidal mentalities.

Islamophobia or Common Sense Apprehension?

Historically, it was one of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood arm in the United States, the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Northern Virginia that, years ago, gave birth to the term “Islamophobia,” which their creators saw as a way to counter criticism with the humanistic psychological coercion tools provided by American liberals.

Regarding the Koran, a Muslim must comply by all aspects mentioned in Sharia law.  And the practice of sharia must be 100%.  Naturally, there may be some Muslims who do not practice it to the fullest.  But, the Muslim world, unlike ours, is based in unity and when push comes to shove, and Muslims are called to “action” there won’t be many, if at all, who will not say present to the call of duty.

Muslim Family Values

Anyone who has lived in the Muslim world for a certain time, can attest that Muslim family values are a uniting element; they are closed knitted and, unlike the very divisive panorama that one can find in Western civilization, their  values at the source of unity within the society at large.

It is those values that will help understand the magnetic attraction of allegiance to Koran first and then to country.

What makes Muslims more prone to terrorism?

The Koran, with its teachings of world domination, demands to convert “conquered” populations, forcibly if need be, to Islam.  It also demands the establishment of sharia law as the law of the land.  Other aspects of the Koran include the inevitable terrorism, suicide bombings in the middle of innocent populations, and punishments such as beheading, stoning, mutilations, pedophilia, wife abuse, and much more.

Muslim children are taught to hate

Many have thought that only Palestinian children were indoctrinated with hate towards the Jews.  Surely, even little children are used as cobayes to the incendiary teachings of venom and hate:  Palestinian kids are “created to be fertilizer for land of Palestine, to saturate land with their blood”

In events, the children are trained to sing: “My pure land, I shall saturate you with my blood…  redeem you with my life…”  

Itamar Marcus, founder and director of the Palestinian Media Watch, is one of the foremost authorities on the Palestinian ideology and policy.  

In America, Muslim Children taught to Hate

According to trustworthy editor Dave Gaubatz, there is a looming threat:  Muslim children are being taught hate, in our America.  Mr. Gaubatz and his associates found that “young children from age 7, they are taught that assimilate in America is to disrespect and dishonor Islam.

Likewise, it is distressing to learn that “they are being taught our military personnel are the enemies of Islam and it is justifiable to kill anyone who dishonors or oppresses the Islamic ideology.”

The findings are abhorrent, sad, unbelievable, frightening, and most disturbing is the fact our government is keeping this dangerous fact from the American people. Muslim children attending mosques and Islamic schools are being taught to hate America, our government, our military personnel, and its non Muslim population. In this article I will identify three significant mosques in America that are leading the way in teaching Muslim children to hate and to influence them to commit violent acts inside our country.” Says the author, who writes this article for Family Matters.

Muslim “Arab Spring”

From different kinds and degrees of secular autocracies in the pre-2011 Muslim world, what’s left from the Arab Spring is chaos and mayhem.  Muslim revolutions have brought nothing but destruction, human rights abuse (just as with the civilian populations and in the case of Gaddafi.)  

The Muslim world in the Middle East is in total disarray; the forces of evil have been awakened, empowered and left at their own devises.   And theirs is a sight of pain, violence, abuse, and much worse.  Nothing to be proud of.    

Is that the way to move away from barbarism and get closer to civilization?

Keith Ellison demands Holder to stop Racial Profiling

SEH-we_the_people_-_eraseThe U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, is Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to be elected to the American Congress and the first American of African origin, from Minnesota, to have been elected to the House.   

As such, Mr. Ellison has been putting pressure on Mr. Holder, the pro-Muslim Attorney General and friend of Barack Hussein Obama, to stop racial and religious profiling.    

Emotions and a vested agenda are guiding these two men in their quest to continue cleaning the front door of Muslims in America.

Sneaky Congress held Hearing to question Racial Profiling

How many of our readers have been aware that this has happened on the 18th of April?

Obama and his administration, just as the U.S. Representatives and Senators, connived to make this happen, as usual, in the most discreet manner.

Culture of Victimization

From being the leader at the forefront and the vanguard of development in science, technology, business, industry, etc., America has now given place to the culture of victimization -which will end up deteriorating not only the American spirit but the real essence that was to be found in past times, in that inspiring figure, the American Cowboy.

For a second, close your eyes and imagine what would the famous American Cowboy have done in these dire times, seeing his beloved country about to fall into the hands of the living evil, Muslim executioners…?

Do NOT End Racial, Religious Profiling!

A Muslim human rights attorney, Engy Abdelkader, writes on Huffington on behalf of ending racial profiling.

It’s interesting how Abdelkader builds her case: “The assumption underlying religious profiling is that your identity as a Muslim or Islamic devotion translates into a likelihood to commit a terrorist act. Yet, existing research belies this notion: terrorists who claim to be inspired by religion are not likely to be found at mosques nor do they exhibit signs of devout religiosity.

A study by the British intelligence agency MI5 found that, “[f]ar from being religious zealots, a large number of those involved in terrorism do not practice their faith regularly. Many lack religious literacy and could actually be regarded as religious novices.”

However, the attorney forgets that we are speaking here of uneducated masses, those who are impressionable and who could follow a dog wherever the dog would tell them to go.  Thus, her arguments are fragile.  Not all terrorists have the same origin as Osama Bin Laden.  On the contrary.

What is massive, however, is how they all expect us to be so distracted and gullible that they may be hoping we would not think or learn about the Muslim children indoctrination abusing our country’s hospitality to teach their children to hate us and our military institutions.   

Something that for sure would ingratiate Muslims with us would be an outright resolution from all Muslim countries to stop exporting terrorism and give up on their intentions of world domination.   That would help.

Pressure Congress NOT to Stop Racial Profiling AND to Stop Hate Teaching

This is America, one of the cribs of civilization.  When our hospitality is abused to teach hate to little children, it is sacrilegious.  

And, we must make it our business, out of respect to our own American Children, because if we do not stop this extremely abusive behavior, our American children will be exposed to that kind of influence.  

Americans must understand that in the face of this threat to the education and standard of life of our children, we must: (1) Demand from Congress and AG Holder, with immediate effect, that the Racial Profiling continue, and  (2)  Given that Hate Teaching is unacceptable within our American Educational System, every measure must be taken to stop this abhorrent situation.

Racial profiling is essential for America’s national security and cannot be negotiable.

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