There has been a long hiatus in my writing since the disheartening American reelection.  It is only Obama’s visit to the Land of Israel url-4that has brought me back.

The idea of Obama setting his feet on the Land God gave to the Jewish people, is like a dagger in the heart of all true Jews.

We all know his untold anti-Semitic path as those liberal Jews welcome him with open arms.  We also know how he is a Muslim, as the son of an observant Muslim father.  And he has pledged allegiance to the Muslim cause that promotes world domination, the destruction of the Jewish people, eradicating them from their Land. His historic 2009 Cairo speech, remains as testimony of Obama’s commitment to the Muslim world.

As published in Arutz Sheva:As published in Arutz Sheva: “On Tuesday, Netanyahu and Livni announced that they would be joining forces in the next government in order to focus on Israel’s diplomatic and security challenges, with an emphasis on Iran’s nuclear program and “peace talks” with the Palestinian Authority.“ Lord Weidenfeld’s opinion piece published in Die Welt, sees liberal Livni as an adequate choice to help achieve peace.  

Judea and Samaria

Mr. Obama’s trip will not include the Jewish territories of Judea and Samaria. He and the world insist in considering them “settlements,” ignoring the fact that, as things stand, modern, tiny Israel *is* a settlement.  That said, it is in the Judea and Samaria that vestiges of the innermost historical Jewish elements are to be found.

Ma’arat Hamachpelah or Cave of Machpelah, is in Hebron, Judea.  Thousands of years ago Abraham purchased the land for 400 silver shekels as mentioned in the Torah.  “ …Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the cave of the field of Machpelah before Mamre–the same is Hebron–in the land of Canaan.”  Bereishit/Genesis 23:15-19.  There lies Abraham with Sarah, and the other Patriarchs and Matriarchs with the exception of Rachel, who died during childbirth in Bethlehem.

Jewish Kabbalah’s Zohar also identifies Machpelah with the very beginning of Creation as it is said that also Adam and Eve were buried there.  Furthermore, it is written that souls of deceased people pass through the caves of Machpela on their way to the next world.

When the Mamluks conquered Hebron in 1260 and Ma’arat Hamachpelah, the second holiest place in Judaism, became accessible only to Muslims for 700 years, until the 1967 Six-Day War, when Jews were able to have access to it.

Therefore, Obama’s refusal to visit Hebron is also his refusal to accept the Jewish most aristocratic lineage in the existence of mankind.

Israel in the Torah

In the Torah, God begins to allude to Israel since Bereshit or Genesis, as “the land…”

And the precise first time the word Israel is mentioned appears here: “And he [God] said unto him: ‘What is thy name?’ And he said: ‘Jacob.’ And he said: ‘Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel; for thou hast striven with God and with men, and hast prevailed.”

Politics and Religion?  Indeed.  And for many reasons:  The Torah is, whether some may like it or not, the History book par excellence.  Suffice it that we read about the names of all the nations to come, like France, Germany, Spain.  The Torah is a fountain of wisdom and information.

Detractors may try to show their snobbery, but facts are there. So are God’s Lessons that mankind obstinately disregard -at their own peril.


It was the much admired and thoroughly assimilated, anti-Semitic Jew, Theodor Herzl, who managed his way among the political classes of his time, and somehow succeeded convincing friend and foe of the necessity of creating a Jewish state.  Herzl’s was a national godless progressive movement promoting the return of Jews to their homeland in the Land of Israel.

However, with the Altalena affair came to light the virulent animosity of the heirs of Herzl’s faction, secular Jews, who did not hesitate to kill religious Jews.

Ben-Gurion gave the order not to talk to the Irgun people who were in the Altalena ship, to fire to destroy the ship at any rate.  While eliminating potential adversaries, Ben-Gurion also gave up on the means to have a crushing victory over the Arabs. Indeed, the Altalena was sunk while twenty of its true Jewish fighters were murdered, “half of them in the water while trying to swim ashore, some on the shore in cold blood.”

Ben-Gurion gave the last stroke with this statement: “Blessed be the cannon that blew up the ship. It should be enshrined in the Third Temple of the Jews.”

Zionism’s main feature  seems to be a nationalistic phenomenon in Israel.  So it is, but it is also the antithesis of Judaism as proven by the obstinate absence of God and the violent attitude towards religious Jews.  Even Hatikvah, the zionist anthem of modern Israel, is devoid of the mention of God.

*This* is the background of the current Israeli godless left.

That is why Netanyahu has no qualm “compromising” with someone such as “centrist” Tzipi Livni, who in reality is a staunch leftist, close to and appreciated by Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims, as well as liberal Europeans.

Obama wants a Palestine

The Obama Administration has made it clear that the president has picked and chosen who he will meet, during his visit to Israel, where will he go and most importantly, where he will not go.

Obama’s visit will be the excuse for a hard core liberal fest in Israel.  Furthermore, he has chosen to go to the nerve of the Israeli society: He will address university students in liberal institutions such as the Hebrew University -and has purposefully skip the up and coming Ariel University, which is in the Shomron, Samaria, and Bar-Ilan University.

The Fifth Column

Indeed, Palestinian Muslims, Muslims at large and the left worldwide love Chomsky’s offspring:  The Israeli godless left who is endlessly siding with the enemy and turning their back on their own.

They know Zionists are [godless] Jews in name only because they are as removed from Judaism as possible,  and they can serve the Muslim cause.

While Obama and his Muslim cohort know that their true and eternal enemies are Judaism and the true Jews, they also know they can always count on the fifth column.


Given the state of moral degradation in Israel, Obama’s visit is a test.  While many are apprehending it, one should not forget history lessons in similar cases. Whatever will happen during or after the visit, will be beyond the power of Obama and his Muslim friends.

Obama may want a Palestine -but he is no god.

God created Israel. 

EB-carlylepic-1Eliana Benador, founder of Benador Associates, is a publ relations consultant an a global strategist.