by Eliana Benador

“I do not accept that I have come to the end of the road….When one door closes, another one opens.”  Quote by D. Sanders, “The Queen Sends for Mrs. Chadwick,” 1979

Once again, main stream media got away with another attack on a political candidate.

Herman Cain, a promising GOP presidential contender gave up on his ambitions to become the good version of a black president for the United States of America, amputating his hopeful black constituency and America at large of the chance and change they were looking forward to.

CainVsObamaShughesMaybe it is time for WE THE PEOPLE to make the Administration feel what Cain so well said, that it is in our power to change the name of the game.

Who was Behind Cain’s Downfall?

It could be anyone.  

But, one has to admit that there is one omnipresent element, a common denominator with the “occupy” movements: Hussein Obama’s tentacles are wide-spread throughout them, in the person of his buddies, as we can see below.  

At a simple glance over the news there is the remarkable presence of the “Occupy” movements that are spreading with Obama’s silence and the help of many of his friends: his mentor and former terrorist Bill Ayers has been teaching the occupiers in Chicago.  Or, something daring that leading the Occupy campaign is President Obama’s good friend, civil rights lawyer Van Jones, the highly-touted “Green Czar” who was booted amid controversy

On the other hand, his tyranny continues to blossom, as Jess Bravin writes in the Wall Street Journal… The Obama administration issued new guidance Friday advising schools and colleges on how they can make race-based enrollment decisions to promote campus diversity, shortly before the Supreme Court is set to consider whether to re-examine a 2003 case holding that universities could sometimes use race in admissions decisions.

And, how is America responding to this outrage…?   Mum… Seems like there is nobody home…

MSM Manipulations

As it was to be expected, MSM found the ‘reason’ to bring down Cain, eliminating a major threat for Hussein Obama: a forceful black conservative candidate.  

This episode brings to memory another that happened in 2004, during the campaign period for the 2004 presidential elections.  A major democratic figure consulted with me because a republican was accusing him of a wrongdoing -but I knew and had the proof that the democrat was being wronged.  He asked for help to prove his innocence and I accepted.  He asked why would I do it?  I simply replied that I was convinced that Bush was going to win and that given that I knew the truth about his case, I could not possibly stand by without doing anything, because I said that “in my view, personal attacks have no room.  In politics we have to argue on political agendas -and it should not be based on personal attacks.”  And, yes, I was successful in contributing to clear that part.  End of that story.

That’s why, even though I was not a fan of Mr. Cain because I knew too little about him, interrupting his campaign on vicious personal attacks has left a bitter after-taste.  

American Men Lack of Faithfulness

It is a given by now that American men cannot be faithful to their wives and that along the road, unfailingly they have other encounters.  

And, it is also a given that by now MSM and political adversaries have gone out of their way to find out those extra-marital adventures and hang the “blood” at the window sills of the candidates sentenced to at least a temporary-political death.

So, it may be time now that America’s social parameters evolve without, however, condoning unfaithfulness.  

After all, the institution of marriage has suffered many reformations, to say it mildly.

IF the American society accepts that their men are romantically gallivanting -then the effect of MSM ‘findings’ will be undermined and at least such kind of personal attacks will distract less from the real issues at hand.  

The Cain Solution

In his closing campaign speech, Mr. Cain was fiery and combative, he was feisty and creative. What I appreciated the most was his candor and his way of not allowing himself to feel defeated.  He has his Plan B.  I like that!  As they say “when one door closes, another door opens…”  

And, who knows, maybe one day those who engineered Mr. Cain’s downfall at this early stage will regret giving him a far more advantageous platform -one where he is the only star of the game, one where he can actually lead as of ‘now’, rather than wait for the results by the middle of the year.

As many know I had not given my support to Mr. Cain or any other candidate for that matter, as I thought it premature.  But, listening to his abdication speech it was enlightening and refreshing.

America needs a leader now, not later.  And, as our country is geographically enormous, we need an opposition figure that can rally the unhappy masses in their will to fight for the survival of America’s Exceptionalism.

The fact that Mr. Cain has become already a well-known politician and who will not bow to the pressure of the media and the corrupted political democratic and conservative elite is meaningful for John and Jane Doe -because this man now has in his hands the possibility of achieving something grander than what he was expecting…

Cain said he had the intention of reforming Washington, D.C. from the inside -and that now, under his Plan B, he is intent in doing it from the outside.   It’s time to observe his next moves.  

The Democratic Party is outright anti-American. The Republican Party is corrupted with very few exceptions.  The Tea Party has no real organization and their freshmen in the House are only apprentices ready-to-be-corrupted.

And the Conservative movement in America is paralyzed.  

American Patriots know very well that the country is in a dire situation and that the danger and the national debt are increasing by the day…  But they have been waiting for a leader to organize them.  Never mind the elections, because only G-d knows if there will be any.  

This is the time when civilians have to be inspired by the military approach:  Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best…

So, maybe G-d in His Infinite Wisdom has put Mr. Cain in his new situation for the better of America.  

Only a competent, black American Patriot will be able to ensure that the current anti-American black president will not be re-elected.

G-d bless America.

EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at herwebsite. Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebookand her business page on Facebook.