by Eliana Benador

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil”  Thomas Mann 

Ever since the events at Tahrir Square in Cairo, last February, the Obama Administration has anxiously looked at the developments in the Muslim world under the uplifting brand of “Arab Spring.”

Springtime follows winter, it brings warmth, sun and light to the world…  But, has the Arab Spring actually been the Springtime of the Muslim world or, for that matter, of the world at large?

Despite the manipulations of MSM by whoever is now controlling the internet and the printed, audiovisual media, the daily dose of terror and horror has increased, even if they are no longer easily found on the “search” front pages.  They have managed to render it difficult if not almost impossible, to find the massive news of Muslim terror attacks on any front page.  A certain Saudi Prince may have had something to say about it…


When the American people decided they had enough of President Bush, they went ahead and elected Hussein Obama, blindsided by hate to a president with mixed reviews, but who in hindsight was not as bad as the current one.  Mind you, none of them has been good -but the latter could get this time, a well deserved, another Nobel Prize as the worst President ever, intentionally-wanting to harm America.

Just as Obama took over the presidency, he lost no time to begin the dismantlement of capitalist America and, somehow, Americans are showing an astounding indifference to the magnitude of the silent attack on their economy, national security and the defense of the country made by none other than the man who they elected to protect and defend them.

Looking at the large picture of events worldwide, we are witnessing a vast Left-Muslim conspiracy for world domination.

This is not only happening in America, but also throughout the world, and that could help explain why Obama took our troops to Libya, with no Congress consent, to place our military as partners of America’s arch-enemy Al Qaeda terrorists.  

Obama and his Leftist and Muslim cohort are intent in obeying “higher” powers, such as the United Nations, the King of Saudi Arabia and more of the same….

In Libya, Muslim terrorists, caught Gaddafi.  And, after a week, Colonel Gaddafi was butchered in the most bestial manner, as a horror video documents (was Gaddafi sodomized?) the savagery that Hussein Obama’s friends perpetrated against the former dictator.

Remember this quote?  Tell me who your best friends are, and I will tell you who you are.

Under these circumstances, it is fair to ask if Americans are planning on being instrumental in the rise of a sub-human species to dominate the world…?

This is America.  We are better than that, we have been inventors, providers of humane medicine to make this a better world, charities to improve the living standards of the elderly and of the disabled, and so much more…

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman…  and so on, have had more or less important unrest throughout this “Muslim Debacle.”   

The Left has wanted to see it as “democracy” in the rise. But is it, really so, with those uneducated masses, that look more like beastly butchers than anything else…?

Tunisia, lately, has been used as the paradigm Muslim country within the context of so-called “democratic” elections…  and yet, once again, by popular demand, the Islamist, Muslim extremist Al Nahda party has emerged as the dominant power in the country and with it, just as it happened in the Palestinian Territories, the results disappointed expectations of the world at large.  What the Muslim hordes actually voted for, is their retrograde and inhumane sharia. They are voting for it, using our democratic tools to hold elections and “democratically” elect their own Muslim radicals in power.

Muslim extremists who have somehow been marginalized, stigmatized and imprisoned in the three nations in which popular revolts this year have succeeded in ousting their longtime enemy autocrats: Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, are managing to hold elections in the world of “make-believe” and are making possible for extremist, Islamist leaders to emerge from the disastrous Muslim debacle and, whether they end up adopting Palestinian-, Afghanistan- or Turkey-style, the result will be the same.

So far, Obama the key element facilitating world domination by Islam and the Left, is succeeding, especially with an American public numbed, in a lethargic anesthetic state that’s stopping them from reacting to the horrific scenes they see.  

American’s indifference is allowing the forces of evil to put them in close contact with the  degrading spiritual and moral decadence of the human soul in the Muslim world.  The butchery committed against Gaddafi is but one detail of the regression towards the underworld of bestiality.  

And if those who committed those acts, look like humans, it is up to those within civilization, to raise their voices, loud and clear, and without any ambiguity, condemn that assault on human dignity.  

As a matter of fact, no animal should be butchered either, causing them endless suffering as the sub-humans have done, when they committed those monstrous acts against four camels who were beheaded so that the beasts could dip their dirty hands in their blood, as “celebration” of their Gaddafi butchery!!!

Where is the outrage…?

It should be disturbing how the changing parameters are altering what’s acceptable for a civilization where the pursuit of happiness is not only a dream but has also been a right and our daily reality until now.  

This government is attacking his roughly 300 million citizenry and purposefully endangering the defense and the national security of our own soil by erasing all mention of the inadequately called radical Islam -and which *must* be called for what it really is: bestial Muslim terrorism, committed against America and the West in their quest for world domination.

And, yet, no one seems to react… No one, that is, except the stooges of this Administration and the “Occupy Wall Street” teams that are popping up throughout the country…  Besides that, no reaction from anyone in America….  

What are we waiting for…?  It’s a fact that there is a conspiracy against every single column of the Republic we inherited from our Founding Fathers.

The more time passes without the American people reacting against the flagrant attack on our Constitution, the more the destruction of our society seems imminent by implanting new decadent and degrading standards.  Thus, the attack is not only on a visible level within our system, but is also directed to the destruction of our souls and our will, making us their tacit, silent, but direct accomplices -unless we react.   

To sum it up, under Hussein Obama, our descent to Hell is guaranteed.

American soldiers, the defenders of freedom and the security of what used to be the World Superpower, are reduced to fight the agenda of this -most likely illegitimate- president.  Circles close to counter-terror units, have reported that when push would come to shove, they would stand up to the president and their malignant orders.  But, in reality, any and all American military are sworn to obey the Constitution and therefore this president and his Administration.

Thus, the only ones upon whom falls the responsibility to look after America, are the American people.  

At the pace we are going, it is time to look at the crude reality in the eyes.  

A future without 2012 elections, is not far-fetched, especially when already the Governor of North Carolina has called for support to suspend congressional elections.  We know that when a democratic governor makes a statement, it’s because they most likely have instructions to do so.  

The situation is becoming increasingly difficult, especially now that Obama and his Administration have instructed that official information no more consider the threat of Islam as the most terrible enemy and danger America has, despite the fact that Muslim terrorism is based on the Koran, instructing them of Jihad aiming for world domination, invasion, and so on.   

That alone, should be considered the utmost impeachable of all offenses.  However, appears that in order to do so, America would need to be in a declared “state of war,” which despite all appearances, in legal terms, we are not.  We are rather in the middle of an asymmetrical warfare, an armed conflict with treacherous terrorism.  

Reportedly, one would need to bring the case to the Supreme Court, but then again, Obama has made sure to place his people there -and the motion would not go far.

It would seem we are entrapped.  

This is exactly how a tyranny is imposed, by placing its pawns in places, so the people, legally speaking, can find no way to rally opposition.  

America is being taken over by the riffraff.  

Americans must wake up and take the solution in their hands, appeal to Congressmen, Congresswomen, to side with the people who want America’s Exceptionalism back, who want America, the Force for the Good, back.   

This must be done, because the descent to Hell is not for us.

America and Tyranny are incompatible just like water and oil.  



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EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website. Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.