“If I am not for myself,who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?”   Hillel, Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14 

Toulouse Massacre

On a peaceful Monday morning in Toulouse, France, a family woke up, enjoyed having their breakfast together, not knowing it was their last one, unsuspecting that their world as they knew it, was going to be shattered moments later… 

GIMP_-_Toulouse_Victims-640__380After breakfast, the father, a teacher, took his two small sons, 3 and 6-years old and they walked the path to their fate…  The mother is not with them, she’s with the baby sibling, unsuspecting that tragedy is about to hit…  

Father and sons arrive to school.  The horror begins.  Reportedly, at around that time a gunman had pulled up on an expensive motorbike with a big engine, dismounted and pulled out two high-calibre handguns and fired at “everything in front of him, children and adults,” so said the state prosecutor.

He then shot dead Jonathan Sandler, the above mentioned 30-year-old French-Israeli rabbi and father of the two boys, who had recently joined the staff of the Jewish school Ozar Torah in Toulouse, to teach Yiddish.  Sandler’s two sons were also murdered.

Then, with the precision of a trained terror spreading jihadist suicide bomber, the murderer stepped over the bodies and chased children into the school courtyard where witnesses said he pursued a child, the eight-year-old daughter of the principal, brutally grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to him and shot her at close range…   And, so, the massacre took place once again targeting Jews.  

One cannot even imagine the pain and the crumbling heart of the wife and mother of those two so young Jewish children and her husband, and the torn heart of Myriam Monsonego’s  parents.

I received these horrific news through a text from my former IDF soldier, who, I know must have been heartbroken, given that these young people who join the Israeli army as volunteers, do so because they want to defend the defenseless Jewish people in Israel….  

Itamar’s Massacre

Add to that the indelible memories that haunt my mind until now:   Last year, at this time, five sub-human savages entered a Jewish home on the night of a Shabbat and slaughtered five members of a family of eight.  

They slit their throats and when it was the turn of our tiny 3-month old Jewish baby Hadassah, the degenerated sub-humans beheaded her and stabbed her sixteen (16) times….  simply because they were Jewish.

Back then, the Israeli government did not retaliate as any other government could have done.  They simply ordered 400 more residential units built in Judea and Samaria [who knows, they may end up demolishing them anyway,] keeping the going rate at 400 construction units in exchange for the lives of 5 slaughtered Jews or 80 units for one slaughtered Jew.   Well, in time things got worse in Israel.  They “raised” or “lowered” it, depending from where you stand on the political spectrum, when they freed from Israeli prisons 1,027 dangerous-to-less-dangerous-Muslim terrorists in exchange for the life of one Israeli soldier.  Such reckless behavior from a government in the end will endanger not only the Israeli soldiers, but also the Jewish population worldwide, no doubt.

A suspect with connections to Al Qaeda

The Toulouse massacre once again, was taken by French authorities, with a grain of salt, maybe it was not an antisemitic attack after all.  But, a few moments ago, against all  expectations, they seem to have found the suspect, who is reportedly holding out in what the police describe as a pavilion, and is heavily armed and has been described as a 24-year-old ultra Islamist, who claims he was trained with Al Qaeda on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.   

However, it’s possible that he has been indoctrinated by the extremist Algerian community in Toulouse.  This area has been known for a long time as an Algerian extremist stronghold;  the proof that they are educating a younger generation in islamic extremism is lying in the fact that a huge islamic school is being built right now in Toulouse as a part of the ‘grand mosque of toulouse,’ entirely funded by Algerian financiers.

Toulouse_mosqueToulouse Grand Mosque

This is a project that has been in the works for roughly seven years, since 2005.  The construction of Toulouse Grand Mosque is expected to be finished by the end of 2012.  The total cost is estimated at almost six million dollars.  It will have a school as well as a cultural center.  It will accommodate roughly 2,500 followers.  It is mostly financed by contributions by local and regional observant and wealthy Muslims plus unconditional contributions from Algeria and Kuwait to which profits from the sale of a land at Pech David, after the building permit was refused to the Circle of Civilizational Dialog, name by which the association has been known.  This project envisions an imposing building to mark the presence of Islam in this part of the city.        

Toulouse Islamic Dormant Projects

It’s interesting to find, to the west, the neighborhoods of Mirail, where five construction projects are stagnant.  To the north, the Izard Muslim citizenry in the neighborhood tries to function out of a prayer room.  However, the situation represents a real puzzle for the city urbanists, whose goal is to distribute evenly the different religious places over the Toulousan territory, including the Muslim population in Toulouse.  It’s important to note that this is probably one of the most determined observant religious groups that tenaciously show their will to practice their religion as close as possible to their homes even if they have to defray some costs from their own pockets.

There are however, other projects to build Muslim mosques or prayer rooms in other neighborhoods in Toulouse:

Bellefontaine: There is a Turkish mosque that counts also with a Turkish cultural center.    

Les Pradettes: Its Muslim population has requested the mayor to grant them license to get a prayer venue.  

La Reynerie:  Neighborhood Muslims have been praying in the basement of a building across the street from a church.  Now they are trying to get another venue.  

“Building Prayer Venues”

Obviously, the above mentioned projects signal a persevering, tenacious will from regular Muslims to practice their religion.  And, with no polls at hand, one can safely venture to say that it’s probably this faith that makes them easily migrational, as their Koran tells them to do.

Compared to this fanatical faith, thinking of religiosity among Christians and Jews, naturally, Muslims have the upper hand.

And they think they may have found the key to their success in world domination and most particularly in regards to Israel as, reportedly, among the Muslim extremist milieu, they consider that  “not having the conviction of G-d, makes Israelis an easy prey for their fanatical goals.”

Toulouse Population Ratio

Toulouse is one of the most important and biggest cities in France and it is situated in the broad Garonne river basin between France’s central mountain range and the Pyrenees Mountains. Sunny Toulouse has a large North African Muslim population of about 75,000 – nearly a tenth of the city’s population, which has 800,000 inhabitants.

A Jewish Response to Muslim Attacks

EB-_shiva-candle_copy-horizontally_-_Dear World:

Yesterday, four of our people were brutally slaughtered in Toulouse, France, as a result of a hateful religion that specializes in wanting to share with the world some of the most horrific methods of coercion to impose on other peoples their will for world domination under their evil so-called religion.  

The time has come for us, Jews, to take the responsibilities that HaSh-m has given us. And it is written in our Torah: if someone comes to kill you, you must not wait for him to come and do so, but you must go and kill him first. This is our instruction manual for survival.

We are Jews, we believe in G-d and in the beauty of life.  

However, so far, we had adopted the suicidal and insane attitudes of complacence and misplaced pity with an enemy who wants to kill us and time and again has ended with the slaughter of our people.  Also, the political leaders in Israel do not represent the Jewish people.  Only G-d represents the Jewish people.  

Let us elaborate for your benefit:

Last year, in Itamar, Judea and Samaria, Israel, sub-humans entered the home of a Jewish family sleeping during the night in Shabbat, they slit the throats of five of the family members.

Those sub-human savages stabbed sixteen (16) times 3-month old Hadassah who was also beheaded.

Now, a young father and rabbi and his two little sons age 3- and 6- years old and an 8-year old girl, have been slaughtered, point blank.  They just were buried.  

Now, don’t anyone ever dare talk the Jewish people about compassion with the enemy.

We must finally follow G-d’s instructions that he gave to us, His Children, the Jewish people, descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Yacov, because it is only when we will obey G-d’s Commandments to the letter that He will protect us… He is a Jealous G-d, He has said it and He has all the rights in the world to impose His Conditions.

Dear World, We, Jews, are fed up with being the victims.   So you have not liked us until now, when we have tried our best to be “nice” to you.  Now, FYI, your feelings toward us are totally irrelevant.  

G-d is with us, and together with our righteous, we will take the path back to Him.

With G-d, we fear no one.

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