By Eliana Benador

It happened last Thursday, 16 January 2014.  Not one, but two petitions have been filed and were posted simultaneously at the official petition website of the White House.  

The proponents of the petitions are calling for the American Administration to “recognize Muslim holidays throughout the United States of America.  

Both petitions have been posted on behalf of two groups:

  • Support the movement of having Muslim holidays recognized in the school year, throughout the United States of America; and,

  • Recognize Muslim holidays throughout the school year

However, as required by the White House petition protocol, the petitions will have to get 100,000 signatures by 15 February and only after that the White House may consider answering the petition.

Some make comparisons between Islam and other religions, purposefully oblivious that there is absolutely no other religion whose members go around the globe blowing themselves up, massacring innocent victims with them, to the cry of Allah hu Akbar.  

Therein lies one of the main differences in comparing Islam with other religions.  But, comparisons do not stop there, far from that.  

Pseudo-religious Muslims, their extremists, radicals and their terrorists, are keen in following instructions from some of their self-asserted, self-righteous leaders, their Prophet and others that operate safely behind the scenes, pulling the strings in an almost silent but subtle, insidious way.  

Their XXIst century, hypocritically gentle, misleadingly soft-spoken “theoreticians” who, in the mildest of manners, relentlessly incite their masses and give them excuses to commit violence.  

From a theological point of view, the fact that Muslim radicals and terrorists actually implement men’s dictates, give the latter the form of human-deities. But, wait, aren’t they precisely against idolatry?  Go figure.

Muslims celebrate – EId Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, then Ramadan, which takes place during 30-days, and Ashura, which is also another Islamic holiday.

Just as the Jewish calendar, the Muslim calendar is also based on the lunar cycle, which means the holidays fall on a different date each year.

Read the argument stated by the Muslim petitioners:  

“With the growing population of Muslims in the United States of America (including first, second, third, and fourth generation) we believe it is high time that Muslim holidays are recognized by schools throughout this nation. Unfortunately many Muslim families are forced to choose between their children’s education and their religious obligations. Muslim school children and staff deserve the same benefits afforded to the followers of other faiths. We call on President Obama to support this petition and advance the inclusiveness of our great nation.”

Last December, three middle-school students from Virginia posted their first petition asking for recognition of Muslim religious holidays, but it failed for lack of signatures.  

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