by Eliana Benador
“…  That men may know that You alone, whose name is the Lord, are the most high over all the earth.”  Psalm 83

Many are wondering why would the Israeli government put a trap on their own valiant IDF soldiers?

GIMP_-_Judea_and_Samaria-StarOfDavid_1The former IDF Chief Rabbi, Rav Avichai Ronsky, thinks the State of Israel placed the soldiers in an impossible situation.  He mentioned that in one of the commandments says: “You shall not place an obstacle before a blind man”  (ויקרא‎, Wayikra, “And He called” or Leviticus 19:14) That’s as simple as that.

But WHY?  Why would the Israeli government do something like that…?

Historical Background

Some look at the Torah as a religious book only.  However, in general, and particularly, for Jewish sages, the Torah is a book containing the fountain of history at large, and of understanding life itself.  

There are religious fanatics.  AND there are atheists who are also fanatics, and as such, godless atheists have no limits, no forbidden areas, everything is permitted.  

Between those two positions, the second one is the lethal one, simply because they choose to look at life without taking into consideration that there are laws that rule the universe.  From the microscopic bacteria and viruses, to the macroscopic galaxies and universes.  And, as such, as a natural corollary, the human species is also expected to follow the “order” established by the One who has created everything that we see and that what we cannot see or even imagine.  The fact that the Torah is the God given book of guidance in life given to His Chosen Children, the Jewish People, is that: a fact.   

It is also a fact that the name “Israel” was first mentioned by God in His Book, the Torah, just as much as it was also God who mentioned for the first time ever, the word “sion” now spelled ‘zion” by the godless zionists.   

It is also a fact that God mentions by their name, in the Torah, many of the main nations of the world.  

However, the only country He actually creates in full is the Land of Israel.  It is also a fact that Israel is the only nation in the world whose country received precise, God Given Borders.  

Therefore it is impressive to find the massive number of individuals whose rabid, secular, liberal, godless approach to life has become the worst enemy the Jewish People in Israel and worldwide have.

Judaism, monotheistic par excellence

A concept that is hardly understood by the large readership is that Judaism, only, exclusively, accepts the existence of Only One.  God is One.  And, therefore, God, has placed for us testsso that we learn to mature as human species.  Hardship is a way to strength, pain is part of our road because we have two possibilities, either mature before, so we make the right choice and not feel pain, or mature afterwards and soothe the pain -either way, pain, hardship, are also God-given, as lessons.

God is for us, One, Unique, Indivisible.  There are no intermediaries, no effigy, no shape, no form, no color and no odor.  And, we humbly accept that we, as human species, will never grab what the concept of God truly is.

As such, we are supposed to learn -from the outer world, from past experience, from studying and from understanding that there is an unavoidable order wherever we look at in the world, simply because the world in chaos would not and cannot survive.  And, neither can we.

About the Erev Rav or Fake Jew

According to the Gaon of Vilna, the Erev Rav are the souls from the world of chaos which God transplants from generation to generation.  They are the bold-faced of each generation. Jewish Sages said that in the period of “messiah’s footsteps” impudence will become great… and the “erev rav” will return to be the shepherds of Israel…..  

At the very beginning, it is said that Adam, the first Man, sinned because of the souls of the `erev rav he contained – they caused him to sin. Likewise, Moses, Moshe Rabbeinu… came to make mistakes because of the erev rav. The “erev rav” are those who desire to be the spiritual authorities and to reach great positions but who are not ready at all for those tasks.  

Judeophobic Zionists took over the Land of Israel

 Ignorance is the mother of all iniquities, of hell and of war.  And it has most certainly been the cause of mistaken beliefs among Jews for decades.  Let’s shed some light on the truth:  

Theodore Herzl, considered the father of modern political Zionism and the mastermind behind the establishment of modern Israel, was a virulent anti-Semite who, from the very beginning, wanted to convert the Jews of Vienna, ‘en masse’, to Catholicism, and to that effect had already established contact with the Pope Pius X.

These are the words of Theodor Herzl (from his personal Diary), Zionist Leader and founder of the Zionist Congress:  “I consider myself an average, modern Jew, and am not shaken from converting to Christianity. I give praise to every Jewish Parent that decides to convert to Christianity. I have a son, whom would sooner convert to Christianity rather than tomorrow, so that he would start being a Christian as soon as possible, and to spare him the injuries and discrimination I have suffered, and will continue to suffer because I am a Jew.”

And these are the words of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, another one of the beloved and revered Zionist leaders and hater of Judaism as the overwhelming majority of Zionists were:  “In the National Home, we will declare those Jews who fail to rid themselves of the rust of the exile, and refuse to shave-of their beards and locks (a religious Jewish trademark – Song of Solomon 5/11.. “His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven.”) as second-class citizens. We will not give them the right to vote!”

Herzl died in 1904.  Jabotinsky died in 1940.

GIMP_-_Israelmap2Modern Israel begins in 1948

 As the Independence of Israel takes place in May 1948, the first Prime Minister is sworn in: David Ben-Gurion.  

Ben Gurion belonged to Mapai, the Workers’ Party of the Land of Israel, the left-wing of the political life in Israel until the Labor Party replaced it, in 1968.

The Altalena Affair

A month after the Independence of Israel, June 1948, David Ben-Gurion gave orders to Yitzhak Rabin to fire on the Altalena ship, filled with Jewish Irgun patriots headed by Menachem Begin.  

Ben Gurion also sent tens of thousands of Jews back to the death camps never to return, as he did not want a religious state. And, it was Ben Gurion the one who granted the Arabs a legal status and gave them citizenship.  As a result, there are now more than a 1.5 million ‘Palestinians’ with Israeli citizenship…  

Years later, on the eve of the Six Day War, Menachem Begin -showing his true Erev Rav nature- joined a delegation to ask Ben-Gurion to accept the premiership again.  Later on, Begin gave back the Sinai for a ‘peace agreement’ with Egypt,,,  And so, he became the first prime minister to give ‘land for peace.’  

Begin got no peace for all the land he gave.

Fast-forward History to our days

 It is easy to see and conclude that the Land of Israel is now at the hands of the Erev Rav.

But, Israel is not alone.  Liberals and progressives are in ascent to power worldwide.  Theirs is a longstanding plan that is finally coming to fruition.

The Conservatives goal is supposedly to fight to “conserve” what they have, their lives, their religion, their country, their military, their traditions, and so on.

Liberals, on the other hand, are “free” simply because they have mistaken the concept of freedom and taken it just as such.  Freedom.  But, alas, there is a missing word there, and one that makes all the difference in the world:  Responsible.  Responsible Freedom.

Responsible Freedom is important because it aims at the survival of our species, at the betterment of our existence.

And, on the contrary, “freedom” per se is a suicidal sword.  “Freedom” allows us to say negative, horrible and pernicious statements -in the name of our freedom.  Freedom alone can be destructive.

“Freedom”  per se, is an aberration, the license to be destructive, among others, to your own country and “seem” to be compassionate to the enemy, while at the same time applying the harshest standards to your own people.  But, all that in regular lingo, is called TREASON.

Erev Rav Netanyahu and government betray the Land of Israel

 On orders of Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, for instance, “Courageous restraint,” is one of the evil methods utilized by the Israeli army, in their sick quest to “protect” the deadly enemies who are after the Jews’ throats in Israel and elsewhere in the world.

Last Sunday, the Netanyahu government knew well in advance that pro-Palestinian crews wanted to arrive in the Land of Israel, to promote their cause.

Normally, any sensible government should have simply closed their airport.  No one coming in. No one going out. Period.

That’s what they did during the 2005 Gaza Disengagement when they even blocked buses from their places of departure.

But no, Mr. Netanyahu had to make believe the world how above the melee he is and that he could show his suicidal “courageous restraint” towards people who hate Israel’s guts.

And, needlessly, he had to expose the young IDF soldiers to the hateful enemy.

Modern Day Jewish Israeli Hero Lt. Col. Shalom EisnerGIMP_-_Cutie_Jewish_Kiddie

 In their haste to show the world how evenhanded Israel is, the IDF leadership, under orders from the former Matkali, traitor Ehud Barak, quickly denounced Lt. Col. Eisner.

In an unreal attack on their own man, taking it completely out of context and it is not a surprise that Lt. Col. Eisner does not feel guilt over what took place and “does not understand the attack upon him by the press and public,” he said.

But, what can anyone expect from the Israeli media, public and leadership…  plagued with “erev rav”, Israel is far from what is right and just for the people who are the direct heirs of the first Jews who lived and thrived in the Land of Israel through millennia.  

“In the course of the event, the same rioter hit him with a stick that broke his hand,” Rav Ronsky said. “[Lt.Col. Eisner’s] response, when he hit him in the face, was basically self-defense.”

The Land of Israel was God Given to the Jews

 If the “erev rav” exists it is because they are tests for those around them.  What is right and just is what mankind has to fight for.

Likewise in the Land of Israel and just as God protected and opened the waters of the sea so His Chosen Children could escape the Egyptian oppressors, so is God always watching over the Land of Israel.

May God give wisdom and strength to the Jews who have chosen to live in the Land of Israel, to trust and abide by God and behave courageously, fearlessly, against the enemy within and the enemy without, to defend what’s theirs, because God Himself gave it to them.


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