by Eliana Benador
“Moses built an altar and called it “Hashem is My Miracle”; and he said, “For the hand is on the throne of God: Hashem maintains a war against Amalek, from generation to generation.”   Shemot/Exodus, Parashat Beshalach, 17:15  ——

IDF “justice” for the Jewish People has been served

Once again, the IDF court has rewarded a Muslim Palestinian terrorist with five-life sentences for the Itamar massacre committed last year, in March 2011, where five members of the Fogel family had their throats slit.

This comes as un unwelcome reminder that recently, the Israeli government released 1,027 Muslim Palestinian terrorists, suicide-bombers, terror-planners in exchange for one single soldier.

Now, the IDF generals find nothing better than give a five-life sentence to this terrorist, the same one handed down to his  cousin and accomplice in the crime, last September.

This means a lease on their lives -until, G-d forbid, the next one-million dollar soldier will be caught by the savages, kept hostage, and his dignity and life violated, waiting for the time when another leftist Israeli government will need to “distract” attention and release these two and at least another nine hundred ninety eight more terrorists.  

As the massacre happened, the Israeli government did not retaliate. Instead, they approved construction of 400 housing unites in four towns in Judea and Samaria.  The Palestinian Authority and the United States condemned the plan.

It’s as if though the Israeli government and the IDF are planning on making things get worse by the day for the security of the Jewish population living in the country.  

Ironically, to defend their country, the liberal godless erev rav cannot even count on their own offspring, because of their un-patriotic education they are giving them. The erev rav or mixed multitude’s offspring don’t even have a notion of what patriotism is.

They are rather taught to defend more the rights of an enemy waiting to slit their throats -rather than to defend the Land of Israel and the Children of Israel.

But, *who* is defending the Land of Israel, the Land G-d gave to the Jews?

There are the compulsory, yet liberal soldiers who would much rather be roaming the night clubs in corrupted Tel Aviv.   But there are also, some willing, Israel- and G-d-loving Israeli soldiers.  

And, then there are the worldwide volunteer idealistic young men and women who do not hesitate to risk their young lives to defend the Land G-d gave to the Jews and their people, the Jewish people.  These, are the true heroes.

Those lone soldiers are the ones who abandon the comfort of their homes, families, friends, and with their ideals in their hands, travel to Israel and join the IDF.

The Truth about Joining the IDF

Hadassah-LionWhat happens when those valiant heroes participate in life during their service in the IDF, something each individual must think about before deciding to join the IDF -and so should their parents and families.

While it is important to defend the State of Israel per se, it is also of utmost importance to consider what the intrinsic consequences of joining in the IDF could be.   

Are you ready to think that once in the middle of the night you, your son/daughter, will be brought with his/her brother/sisters-in-arms to evacuate Jews who have been peacefully sleeping, and evict them from their homes, regardless if there are nursing babies, if there are children, if there are old or disabled…?  

Are you ready to think that the child of yours may be one night looking on at some crying Jews watching other, ruthless, heartless, godless “Jews” demolish their homes…?  Are you ready for that?

I have been the mother of an IDF soldier, who supported her child’s wishes and dream to “serve with them” and protect the Jewish people in Israel….   

But as I told once directly Chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz during a visit to my City:  “I did not raise my child so that every night I would be dreading he will be asked to evict Jews from their homes and have that child of mine watch impassive while some Jews cry and other Jews demolish their homes…   No, I did not raise my child for that…”    

The IDF Chief Rabbi, Rafi Peretz did not answer.  My child is no longer in the IDF.  So, I can now speak up, loud and clear, so the Erev Rav, the mixed multitude, and IDF Chief Rabbi Peretz can clearly read this and learn that we know who they are and why they are doing this.    

Something else to bear in mind before you join or one of your children joins the IDF, is that there is a one-million dollar bounty on the head of IDF soldiers, and if, G-d forbid, the unthinkable would happen, any of them could become the exchange for the release of over 1,000 terrorists that are being kept in good shape in Israeli prisons, waiting for the day of their freedom -as soon as yet another Likud, Labor or Kadima government, whose differences are minimal and their commonalities are huge, will need to use that tool to distract attention from their corrupted policies.

Should a Torah-abiding and G-d-loving Jewish parent would rather have his/her child much rather go to prison for disobeying orders, than having him or her lift a hand against or stand idly by while Jews are cruelly attacked by other Jews.

A good Jew above all, defends G-d’s Gift to the Jewish People, the Land of Israel, and not those who want their annihilation.  

Change the name of the IDF to Israel Armed Forces

Fogel-funeralIDF is an arm of the Zionist godless Israeli establishment since the independence of the State of Israel whose views were so liberal from the beginning, that when Israel had barely won its independence, the best thing they found to do, was to name the Israeli Army, Israeli “Defense” Forces, thus positioning themselves as victims who need to ‘defend’ themselves forgetting that they could be the heirs to King David.  

The liberal notion of goodness implies that you give your other cheek when someone hits you and then, pray to idols hoping for the best.  That’s not what life is about.  

G-d not only says it so in the Torah.  He gave us infinite elements to understand that life on this Earth was not going to be a peaceful life -unless we make it peaceful.  And, how so?  Simply by accepting that there are strong people and countries, and weak people and countries, and that as such, there will be winners and losers.  There is no equality in this world.  And, wherever you turn you can see it.  If you look at the animal kingdom, the cut is clear:  Strong, survive. Weak, perish.  

Why do mankind think that the law is different for us?  Look at a newborn:  What happens as soon as the baby is born?   Will the baby stand up and start walking just as other mammals from the animal kingdom? No.

Life is a test. Life is a struggle. And peace just as love, is to be achieved through effort, fights for survival.  Let us not get confused here, the liberal notions that corrupt our soul and confuse our minds and dampen our hearts, are suicidal positions that cannot lead ourselves, as individuals or as societies, to any kind of peace or achievement, but a suicidal surrender to enemies that only look for our demise.

Tel Aviv, World’s best Gay City

“Let not the Land disgorge you for having contaminated it, as it disgorged the nation that was before you.  For if anyone commits any of these abominations, the people doing so will be cut off from among their people….   I am Hashem, your God.”          Vayikra/Leviticus, Parashat Acharei, 18:28

In a godless world, there are no barriers, nothing stops the corruption of the soul, because everything goes, except maybe murder and only because there is actual physical damage that can be seen and no one can escape that reality.  

It is therefore, easy under those circumstances, sadly, to understand the prominence of Tel Aviv as best gay city in the world, over possing New York.

Israel’s Judeophobic Zionism

Judea_and_Samaria-BenadorThe post-Zionist narrative actively imposed and promoted by former IDF warriors from the elite Sayeret Matkal, Netanyahu, Ehud Barak in conjunction with Gideon Sa’ar, the Minister of Education and their ilk, continue promoting the post-Zionist narrative that comprises a globalist perspective that does not value Jewish nationalism and rejects patriotism as retrograde and is even racist against Jews.

But, that’s nothing new. These people, instead of aiming at the establishment and restoration of the real G-d and Torah abiding Jewish nation in the Land of Israel, they aim to destroy and disrupt the process.

Sometimes one may hear them speak as if they were Torah-abiding Jews, like Netanyahu, who publicly proclaimed that he is organizing a Torah class at his home.  But, their actions are what actually matter, because in the end they defend more the enemy than their own country and people.

All their “make-believe” effort in the world, will never unveil an authentic commitment to the Jewish people or to the Torah, because instead of fighting the real enemy nations, they choose to go after the faithful of Israel – as it is mentioned in the Zohar (I/25).

Thus, the mision of the corrupted erev rav, the mixed multitude that is now at the helm of the Zionist Judeophobic Israeli government, are there to put barriers and delay the path to rebuilding Jerusalem and to achieve the redemption of Israel.

This places the burden on the shoulders of Torah and G-d abiding Jews who should sow the seeds so that in a few hundred years the Kingdom of Israel should be established with its G-d Given Borders, and allow a successor of King David rule in the Land of G-d.

The opinions expressed in this article are exclusively the author’s.

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