by Eliana Benador

“Help us, Oh God of our salvation, for the glory of your name; and save us, and forgive our sins, for your name’s sake.  Why should the nations say, Where is their God? let the revenging of the blood of your servants which is shed be made manifest among the nations, and before our eyes.”   Psalm 79

It’s three in the morning Eastern time, as of these writings, on Erev Shabbat, Friday, March 30th, 2012, dawn is slowly approaching on the East Coast, and thoughts and hearts of millions of lovers of Sion around the world are beating and praying for our eternal City of Jerusalem, the Capital of the Land of Israel.  

Once again the world is giving in to evil.  Once again, as expected, the “tolerance” shown to evil has turned as a boomerang against the Jews.  

Expanding in an infinitesimal part of what should really be the Land of Israel, we find this tiny land as the target destination today of evil at the nth exponent.

GIMP_-_Torah_KotelIgnorant, uneducated, miserable, illiterate Muslim masses that most are treated as sub-humans by their own leaders and most likely don’t even have a minimum decent standard of living, and a probable average IQ of a domestic chimpanzee…  that scum is now walking or being walked in, or delivered at the borders that surround the Land that G-d Himself gave to His Chosen Children, the Jews…

In their own words:  Today, March 30, 2012, in their self-appointed so-called “Palestinian” “Land” Day, they announce that the “world” will be supporting the Global March to Jerusalem, with actions taking place right across the world.

Iranian Supporters of Evil

The ad hoc website of Global March to Jerusalem lists a Who is Who in the corrupted world of Islamic, Muslim terrorism around planet Earth. And, foremost and above all of them, one finds Iran’s misfits, as well as the so-called “Palestinian” mécréants, and they are also counting on the support of self-hating-North American Jewish organizations and their sisters organizations throughout the continent.  

Among the most “notable” participating, Iranian, anti-semitic, Judeophobic misfits,  are:  

Society for Defense of Palestinian Nation, International Union of Unified Ummah, Society of Iranian Jews, Union of Islamic World Students, Student’s Justice Seeking Movement, Independent Islamic Association of Student, Union of Student’s Islamic Society, Quds News Agency, Iran’s Technology Analysts Network, Campaign of One Month for Palestine, Movement of Islamic World Students, Islamic Dialogue Institute, Pure Islam Association, Home of Latin America in Iran, Arman Cultural center, Iran’s Bayan Association, Foundation of “Sobhe Qarib,” Varsin Cultural Center, Association of Muslim Bloggers, Institute of “Nedaye Zeyton,” Cultural Institute of “Khizesh-e-no,” Institute of “Mashar”, Commemoration Board of Islamic World’s Martyrdoms.

What has happened to the “world”?

One cannot but wonder where are we living now?  Is this the same world than before?  Be it as it may, this is a world where French media have just called the terrorist murderer and perpetrator of the Toulouse massacre “a gunman”, and French President Sarkozy ultimately decided that the man “is after all a French national, and therefore has the right to be buried in France…”   

And, Monsieur Sarkozy made that decision after the Algerian government refused to bury the criminal in his country of birth due to “security concerns…”  

Or was it only another “taqqiya” inspired move so as to actually leave his remains in France and allow for Muslims to have a lieu of pelerinage much handier and at a more useful place than in a Muslim country such as Algeria, as France is not yet completely Muslimized…  

Where is the “Civilized” World Gone?

Leaders around the world are compromising and therefore, risking their lives, lifestyles, the lives of their compatriots as they give in to Muslims’ expectations and, what’s worse, by doing so, they are endangering the lives of many generations that will follow them.  

Who and what are they compromising with and for…?   Naturally, to Muslim world domination.  

World political and business leaders are closely intertwined and, no matter in which country, the fact of the matter is that they are all “connected”.  As a typical example, Rupert Murdoch and his partner, Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia, have completely changed the pro-Israeli stance that Murdoch’s media companies had pre-Alwaleed.  The difference is abysmal.  And, that’s only one example.

Michael Bloomberg, another media mogul turned New York Mayor, also has major business interests in the Muslim world, and so it has not been any surprise to see him do the “salam alekhum” to prince Alwaleed and to the Muslim agenda.

Likewise, American think-tanks have been among the staunchest and most confusing elements that American politics could have.  Their defense of so called “moderate Muslim” elements is beneficial for their cash registers, but counterproductive and self-defeating for American and Western interests.  They are misleading the American public instead of putting pressure on those self-anointed Muslim “moderates” so that they can become the leaders of the Muslim “resistance” and be “inspired” to create, just as it has happened in the West throughout centuries, a revolutionary movement, that would put an end to barbarism exported from their midst to the rest of the world.  Naturally, they should begin by stating they do not condone terrorism in any way, shape or form -nowhere in the world.  

Arafat_Gretta_DuisenbergBut, complacent American and Western political and business leaders only worry about adding more billions to their already largely amassed fortunes.  Owning sixty (60) billion is not enough.  Why not aim for 500 billion?   After all, in a country such as America, former Israel’s staunchest ally, with an over ten trillion debt, why not get close to one trillion…?

Some weak points in the Muslim-European closeness are based on the secrecy  involved in affiliations between muslim reflection groups and European  politicians, and which is also their weak spot, as it is in the case of a Dutch figure now announced to participate in the Netherlands version of Global March to Jerusalem.  The “figure” is none other than Gretta Duisenberg (who appears together with Arafat on the picture) whose husband, Wim Duisenberg was the founding member of the biggest Dutch socialist party and who was associated with corruption in the mainstream media.  Reportedly, in the aftermath of those publications, Wim Duisenberg was found dead in the swimming pool of his huge luxury villa in the South of France.  

The Hussein Obama Destabilizing Anti-Israel Factor

Another key element in the world change of attitude, has been the rise to power of Barack Hussein Obama, the most anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, president America has ever had.  Obama’s anti-American policies are all-encompassing and pernicious as can be and their direct and indirect impact on the privileged relationship America had so far with Israel are a defining factor and reason for concern, in the increasingly delicate situation of the Land of the Jews in the Muslim Middle East.  

Obama’s ambush not only of America but also, with the same intensity, of Israel, has been promoted by his and his administration overt moves to establish close relationships with the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahabi system of Saudi Arabia, but also with the Iranian regime -though the contacts with the latter are dissimulated and sneakier, as at times, it seems Obama is playing a double or triple card.

Obama’s recent microphone mishap while he was speaking to Russia’s Medvedev, showed the intensity in the complicity they and “Vladimir” have.   As a result, Israel may be better off mistrusting one and all.

World Refuses to Condemn Attack on a Sovereign Country

What would have happened if the any other country would have called for a march of evil to target another, also legitimate, country just as the Land of Israel is, and given indication that they were planning on entering until their capital?  What if France had wanted to send their ‘people’ to enter Belgium…?  What if Australians would have planned on entering New Zealand and targeted Wellington…?  

As this author said in an interview in the Gulf News of Dubai back in the summer of 2006, no one has the moral authority to call for other countries and peoples annihilation -as Ahmadinejad, vociferously, had done at that time, back in May 2006.

Muslim Supremacy and World Domination: Is it stoppable?

The “real” Palestinian problem is not such.  It is being used as a Muslim pretext in order to abate and divert from a problem Muslims do not want to deal with, namely, the real crisis they have inside their own world in keeping with the supremacy of the ruling classes while maintaining their masses at a sub-human level, one that can allow the rulers and their elites to manipulate them at will and that can allow them to convert to terrorism and human bombs any and all of those in the under-classed Muslim population, because it’s not the sheiks or their children, not King Abdullah or King Mohammed and/or any of their children that are taught to wrap themselves as human bombs and cause mayhem among innocent civilians.  No, the human bombs come from the most illiterate populations, those that can be and want to be indoctrinated.

Muslims’ Fallacies

While Muslims argue that they have legitimate claim to Jerusalem, there is absolutely no mention of Jerusalem in the Koran.  As a matter of fact, they do not pray towards Jerusalem, ever.  It is also never mentioned in any of their prayers.  It has also never had any relation with the life of Mohammed -and for that matter, it has no political or scholarly connection with Islam and has never been capital to any Muslim country.  

As a matter of reference, every time the Torah is to be removed from the Ark for reading during the synagogue service, it is read: “For out of Zion shall come forth the Torah, and the word of God from Jerusalem” (Isaiah 2:1 and Micah 4:2). These are just two of the 821 times that Jerusalem and Sion appear in the Tanach – Jerusalem 667 times and Sion, usually synonymous with Jerusalem though sometimes referring to Eretz [the Land of] Yisrael as a whole, 154 times.

Israel’s Legitimacy

Israel’s legitimacy is not even up for discussion.  It is what in mathematics is called an “axiom”, a universally accepted principle, rule or proposition that refers to a self-evident truth that requires no proof -no proof other than the Torah, the book of God to the Jews.  It is there that God promises the Land of Israel to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Yacov:

“And God said [to Abraham], Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son [at this set time in the next year] … and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him…  But My covenant I will establish with Isaac, whom Sarah will bear to you at this season next year.” Genesis 17:19-21


Whatever the result of today’s Global March to Jerusalem, the enemies of the Land of Israel and the Jews must be reminded that from all human groups, cultures and civilizations, there is only one that is surviving, despite all the attacks to annihilate it.  

And as much as the so-called Civilized world will side with evil and accept immoral calls for the destruction of a country and their people, it is that precise people, the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, that have survived throughout History.

Slavery, famine, starvation, exile, betrayal from inside and outside…  all that has made that tiny Land of Israel and the intrinsic Jewish soul that lives in true, real God-loving and Torah-abiding Jews that has always survived and will always survive.  

God always brings dire consequences to evil doers against His Children, the Jewish people and the Land He gave to them: The Land of Israel.

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