by Eliana Benador

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me…”
Psalm 23 

The descent to Hell continues… According to the Legal Dictionary, kidnapping… “… occurs when any person is unlawfully and non-consensually asported and held for certain purposes. These purposes include gaining a ransom or reward; facilitating the commission of a felony or a flight after the commission of a felony; terrorizing or inflicting bodily injury on the victim or a third person; and interfering with a governmental or political function (Model Penal Code § 212.1).”

International kidnapping laws established at the 1980 Hague Conference seek to reduce child abductions across international borders.  Under these kidnapping laws, each sovereign nation sets up a Central Authority responsible for investigating international kidnapping cases.  The Central Authority is required to do everything within their power to protect the child and secure his return to the lawful guardian.”

IDF-girlsandboysKidnapping a child or a soldier, comes in the end to the same, as young soldiers are the children of the country they are defending, whether by duty or by self-imposed choice to fulfill the dream to defend, in this case, the Land given to the Jews by G-d: Israel.   

And when we thought we had seen the worst horrors from the Muslim world, they always seem to find a way to make things even worse than before.  Barely a week had gone by, since Muslim Al Qaeda terrorists butchered Colonel Gaddafi in the most savage, sub-human way, that now we are treated to yet another psychological torture at the hands of Saudi pro-terrorIsm elements.

As a result of the Netanyahu-Barak-Hamas Shalit swap, Sheik Awadh al-Qarani, a prominent Saudi cleric, offered last week a $100,000 bounty as reward for anyone who could kidnap an Israeli soldier to be exchanged for 1,000 terrorists.   That’s why yesterday, we have read news that Abu-Mazen, aka Mahmoud Abbas, has said on Egyptian TV that “the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit was a good thing.”  

However, this weekend things got worse.

Rupert Murdoch’s Saudi business partner, prince Al Waleed Bin Talal’s brother, Saudi prince Khaled Bin Talal, announced on Saudi’s al-Daleel TV station by phone last Saturday that he was raising the previous offer made by Sheik Awadh al-Qarani’s: “I tell Sheik al-Qarani that I support you and I will pay $900,000 to make it one million dollars to capture [kidnap] an Israeli soldier to release other [terrorists] prisoners,” said a voice identified as Prince Khaled, member of the Royal Saudi family and who holds no official position in the government.

One of the first questions here is: What is Murdoch, the father of the Wall Street Journal, the Dow Jones and Fox News Channel, doing to stop this? Is he standing up for Israel and his former friends…? We don’t know for sure, but in all likelihood, nothing. Just as the fake Jew, Bloomberg, their paganism makes them idolater their god greed, their other god business and god money. Men without conviction or integrity -led by their own business interests. Period. The world can and should go to hell.

We have a situation, Houston!

Indeed, we are witnessing a change in values, as the world is sheepishly choosing to hold hands to jump over the precipice with those who love death more than they love life.  

The world is purposefully closing the eyes to allow Muslims who hate their enemies more than they would ever love their own children, to show them the way into the tunnel that will take them to darkness.

The world is intentionally abandoning its love of life in a most determined way.  

“Love thy enemy,” is a misconception that must be eliminated from our minds and hearts, it’s a flagrant attack on G-d’s commandments and instructions He left in the Jewish Torah, the Divine Encyclopedia that ensures the basic principles to safeguard human dignity.

G-d in His Infinite Wisdom taught us that we must defend our lives and when we know there is someone who comes to kill us, we are expected to kill first.  That’s the law of survival and it is our Divine right not to endanger our lives, but to fight for our lives without hesitation.  This concept in its integrity is the very source of the definition of the inalienable value and the right to life.  And, to be clear, let’s understand that “killing in self-defense” does not mean “kill” after being attacked.  Killing in self-defense is killing the attacker before he gets to his/her target, us.  

This analysis will help explain the diametrical difference with Muslims whose murderous instincts are taught by their Koran in such a way that their distorted value scale turns what’s wrong, right.  They benefit from the fact that the non-Muslim mankind are tacitly adopting this value scale for themselves as the most natural thing on Earth.

Muslims are gaining terrain and it’s not for the betterment of Humanity, but the contrary, it is to apply sharia, the enslaving tool of Islam, the quintessentially tradition-bound-religious-political-ideology, making giant steps towards their goal of world domination.

Who could have imagined that History would unravel in such an accelerated, dramatic way?

We have gotten to the point that a public call to kidnap Israeli soldiers, hits the news and has been received with total indifference when in reality, it is a declaration of war against humanity.  

The demand on Israel, to liberate murderous Muslim terrorists is totally unacceptable and yet the world finds nothing to say.  Releasing those Islamic Muslim terrorists, guilty of committing atrocities beyond words against unassuming, innocent civilians, unfairly forces Israel to liberate them against the life of one Israeli soldier.

Root cause

When the secular Israeli leadership forgets its roots and implements the principle of “love your enemy” -love your enemy, that is, more than you will ever love yourself or your children…  That, for sure, is not Jewish.   And it is a frightening premise indeed, because in the end, the enemy matches it with their own version of “Hate your enemy”  -hate your enemy, that is, more than they will ever love their children.   

The former however, is a losing formula for abdication, whereas the latter is the winning formula of conquest -both, ready to sacrifice the most precious they have.

However, the enemies of the G-d abiding Jewish people and Israel, in our midst or outside, would do well to remember that they are in the very perilous situation of attacking G-d’s Chosen People and G-d’s Land, Israel.

So, whether you are the outspoken enemy of Israel, i.e., the Muslim world, or the lethargic remaining part of the world, you are either attacking the Jews and Israel directly or by your silence are tacitly siding with the underworld of bestiality and savagery.  

The Muslim yemach shemom ve zichrom terrorist-loving scum may be in the count of over a billion population and have the most financial solvency nowadays in the world, as well as the support of Obama yemach shemo ve zichro and his ilk, so, my message to you is:  

We, G-d abiding Jews, are His Children.  And, just as He saved Noach, just as He opened the Earth to swallow Korach to protect Moses, just as He allowed the Jews to escape from slavery in damn Egypt, so will He, Our G-d of Israel, Bless and Protect His Children…  For He is Our Father and we are His Children.  And He is always taking care of His Land, Israel.


May G-d show His Rage and His Fury against our enemies, those who want to harm any of His Children.

May G-d Bless and Protect each and all of King David Warriors, G-d’s Soldiers of His Land, Israel.  

©ElianaBenador    Art©StephenEHughes

EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website. Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.