by Eliana Benador

“Let them be put to shame and dismayed for ever; and let them be put to shame, and perish.  That men may know that you alone, whose name is the Lord, are the most high over all the earth.”    Psalm 83

Last week, the liberal JTA, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, reported Hussein Obama’s recent visit to attend a fundraiser in New York, hosted by Jack Rosen, chairman of the American Jewish Congress.  Mr. Obama took the opportunity to declare that Israel is the “most important ally of the United States,” JTA headlined the piece “Obama touts his pro-Israel credentials…”  Really!

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Perfect timing for the publication of the above piece, as it enlightens with utmost clarity the thesis of this article.  Those who may think the issue is here with Mr. Hussein Obama, will be disappointed to find that attention will rather given to the real culprits in the eternal mess between Israel and the Jewish People with the outer world.  

Netanyahu Government Demolishes Synagogue

And, in the most recent of the long string of treacherous attacks perpetrated against their own people, we learned that last Thursday night, the Israeli Government has hired Arabs to demolish the synagogue of Itamar where a beautiful Holocaust surviving Torah had just been dedicated a few days earlier by the organization led by the indefatigable Helen Friedman, Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI)…  The Netanyahu government perpetrated that crime at the same place where five members of the Fogel family had been massacred…  

So, what is actually going on in Israel?  How come are the authorities so intent in zapping the religious Jews.

A liberal-progressive-fascist conspiracy to take over the world is actively moving ahead -with the added bonus of Islamism or radical Islam sharing in the quest for world domination.  

Likewise, the deterioration of the situation in Israel is definitely going from bad to worse as the government incessantly and increasingly takes measures that will benefit and protect more the enemy than their own -religious.


Sticking to facts is essential to report on History or simple facts of life.  As such, the fact that the Torah is the G-d given book of guidance in life given to His Children, the Jewish People, is that: a fact.   It is also a fact that the name “Israel” was first mentioned by G-d in His Book, the Torah, just as much as it was also G-d who mentioned for the first time ever, the word “sion” now also spelled ‘zion”.   It is also a fact that, while G-d mentions by their name, in the Torah, many of the main nations of the world, the only one He actually creates in full, is Israel.  It is also a fact that Israel is the only nation in the world whose country received precise G-d Given Borders.  

Therefore it is impressive to find the massive number of individuals whose rabid, secular, liberal, godless approach to life has become the worst enemy the Jewish People in Israel and worldwide have.  

The Erev Rav or The Fake Jew

It is the evil within, the Erev Rav or Fake Jew.  It was the fake Jews who turned their back on G-d as, impatient, when Moses was away to receive G-d’s Commandments, they went back to idolatry.  As a result 3,000 idolaters were killed.

When Shaul HaMelech [King Samuel] was given strict orders by Shmuel HaNavi [Shmuel The Prophet] not to take back any spoils -meaning that no captors were to be taken alive and they were all to be killed. Unfortunately, not everyone listened and amongst the captors was a king named Amalek.  Amalek had offspring, that Torah observant Jews are still struggling against, until this day.Erev_Rav

Ever since then, time and again, we find that same polluting weed.  And, so began  a long-standing story of deceit, ambition and greed, one which until now is being kept as much as possible far from public knowledge. These are some of the incredible facts that the public at large ignores.  

Ignorance has been the cause of mistaken beliefs among Jews for decades.  It’s time to shed light and set the record straight.

Theodore Herzl, considered the father of modern political Zionism and the mastermind behind the establishment of modern Israel, was a virulent anti-Semite, who wanted to convert the Jews of Vienna, ‘en masse’, to Catholicism, and to that effect had already established contact with the Pope Pius X.

These are the words of Theodor Herzl (from his personal Diary), Zionist Leader and founder of the Zionist Congress:  “I consider myself an average, modern Jew, and am not shaken from converting to Christianity. I give praise to every Jewish Parent that decides to convert to Christianity. I have a son, whom would sooner convert to Christianity rather than tomorrow, so that he would start being a Christian as soon as possible, and to spare him the injuries and discrimination I have suffered, and will continue to suffer because I am a Jew.”

And these are the words of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, another one of the revered Zionist leaders and hater of Judaism as the overwhelming majority of Zionists were:  “In the National Home, we will declare those Jews who fail to rid themselves of the rust of the exile, and refuse to shave-of their beards and locks (a religious Jewish trademark – Song of Solomon 5/11.. “His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven.”) as second-class citizens. We will not give them the right to vote!”

Herzl died in 1904.  Jabotinsky died in 1940.  

May 1948, the Independence of Israel takes place.  The first Prime Minister is David Ben-Gurion.  He belonged to Mapai, the Workers’ Party and which was the left-wing of the political life in the Land of Israel until the Labor Party appeared, in 1968.

However, in June 1948, a month after the Independence of Israel, David Ben-Gurion gave orders to Yitzhak Rabin to fire on the Altalena ship, filled with Jewish Irgun patriots.  

Besides, the Erev Rav Ben Gurion sent tens of thousands back to the death camps never to return, as he did not want a religious state. And, it was Ben Gurion the one who granted the Arabs a legal status and gave them citizenship.  As a result, there are now more than a 1.5 million ‘Palestinians’ with Israeli citizenship…  

On the eve of the Six Day War, Menachem Begin -then, showing his true Erev Rav nature- joined a delegation to ask Ben-Gurion to accept the premiership again.  Later on, Begin gave back the Sinai for a ‘peace agreement’ with Egypt,,,  And so, he became the first prime minister to give ‘land for peace.’  

From the Guide of the Young Guard (Hashomer Ha’Tzair) in 1956. ‘The Young Guard’ was the mainstream Zionist youth organization, dedicated to bringing Zionist ‘Values’ to the youth of Israel:  “How to deal with religious youngsters: Among our youngsters, we’re encountering significant numbers that are religious. Especially in the guided-youth in the immigration transit-camps. Obviously our goal is to make them aware that their faith in G-d is illogical, and unreasonable since religion is the fruit of reactionary dictatorships, and has no raison d’etre among those who fight for the progressive realm. In short, at this stage, counselors should use patience and try to degrade religiosity, as a socially disturbing factor in the movement. After briefing a youngster in a way which does not directly attack religion, but undermines it, the youngster will independently come to the conclusion that there is no God, and will abandon his religious faith.”

In the words of Haim Hazaz, a Zionist writer, and one of the leading thinkers of the Zionist movement, Haaretz 1943:  “Zionism and Judaism are not the same thing, but two things distinct from one another. No doubt, two things which contradict one another. When one cannot be a Jew, he becomes a Zionist. Zionism emerges from Judaism’s ruins, from the nation’s hour of weariness. One thing is for sure – Zionism is not a continuity, not a cure for the wound, IT UPROOTS AND DESTROYS! On the contrary, it distracts the nation, defies it, contradicts its will and its spirit, undermines it and uproots it, and abandons it for another route. Towards a goal distant and distinct. All alone with a handful of men at its helm, THE SEED OF A FOREIGN NATION. Anyone thinking otherwise is either mistaken, or fooling himself…”

Amram Mitznah, on his part, made the statement that ‘the intifadah can not be suppressed’.

Even Ariel Sharon, the fierce right-wing general who later became Israel’s Prime Minister gave “land for peace” to the Palestinians.

Behaving exactly as the leftist Jew-hater, Ben-Gurion, Sharon decided with the approval of the government to proceed with his unilateral disengagement plan to evacuate 4 settlements from Gush Katif in the West Bank.  During painful days, IDF soldiers had to forcibly evacuate Jewish families with babies from their homes and then proceeded to demolition.  

Sadly, the list is literally endless…  It is hard to choose which one is sadder than the other.

So, in the curse of current History, when some wonder if Israel is a nation betrayed… the answer is YES.

As Abba Eban so astutely put it at the end of the Six Day War:  “This is the first war in history that on the morrow the victors sued for peace and the vanquished called for unconditional surrender.”

Despite its Divine Birth, Israel, seen by the liberal godless secular Erev Rav or Fake Jews, was never meant to be a religious state but rather a “secular state.”   

Currently, Torah studies are taught as literature rather than G-d’s message to His Children.  

Reportedly, there are no women singing in the U.S. army. But, appears that in Israel the IDF wants to make things extra hard and purposely has women singing so as to upset the religiously observant soldiers who feel compelled to walk away from the parade grounds and then are inappropriately jailed and docked pay.  

Appears, that even the Chief Rabbinate instead of trying to encourage people to have a religious wedding ceremony they make it so impossible and scare them away and they run off to Cyprus to obtain a secular marriage license.

In the Godless-Liberal-Fascist world movement, moral relativism maintains that there is no objective standard of right and wrong that could exist separate and independent from humanity. In ‘their’ world, as Dostoyevsky puts it: “Without God, everything is permitted.”

That’s how the morale debacle has been taking place in Israel, in the name of ‘unlimited’ freedom, disregarding the orderly situation throughout the Universe inside and outside.   Observing the macro- as well as  the micro-cosmos confirms that there is an almost perfect order…  That’s why, even scientists like Einstein have known that whatever we are, see, feel…  is only possible with the G-d established Order.   

Only the hubris of the Erev Rav places the blinders on the godless liberal haters of Judaism. So be it.  They do it at their own risk.

Erev Rav in Israel and throughout the world are all those above mentioned -and nowadays, Netanyahu and Barak and almost all their comrades, are a clear example of this.

Their policies disguised under the wrapping of conservative Likud allow them to maneuver giving the impression of ‘right’ and right wing for Israel.  The same happens when in public Netanyahu says he “opposes” going to pre-67 borders, and yet, they think they can out maneuver G-d as well as the true Jews -by asking Arabs to do the dirty job of destroying a synagogue freshly dedicated -with no apparent reason other than show how they despise G-d.  

Throughout millennia, the Erev Rav have ended up being destroyed.  The Word of G-d is sturdy, solid and true -and all those who are descendants of Amalek and represent the Erev Rav may want to forget G-d’s Words.  But He doesn’t forget:  “…because they turned their back on Me, I destroyed their cities…”   

We would be remiss if we omitted mentioning how Obama’s America is putting pressure on Israel’s national and foreign policy.  And Netanyahu, silently, is giving in.  

Fake Jews such as Rahm Emanuel, Bloomberg, Soros, including Thomas Freedman and many others, have supported and continue to support Hussein Obama: Israel and the Jewish People’s number one enemy.

The Erev Rav with their godless, liberal, Judeophobic agenda, are hard at work trying to destroy the Land of G-d, Israel, by adopting policies that rather defend the enemy and undermine the safety of the people and the Land of Israel.   

Speaking of G-d implies total commitment and the certainty and pride of being the Children of G-d who received His Land, Israel, from G-d Himself.   

May G-d make His Loyal Children wise and strong to fight the war against the Erev Rav…  against the evil within and the enemy without…

G-d bless the Jewish People and His Land.

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