by Eliana Benador

Silently, quietly, creeping Islam is taking over the scene… from A-Z… Hussein Obama liberal progressives at the helm of the Republic, have been encouraging the advancement of Muslim Brotherhood representatives within the Administration.

Last September 11th, on the tenth anniversary of the massive terrorist attack on American soil in times of peace perpetrated against unassuming innocent civilians, the American people was given instructions NOT to refer to the infamous date as a Muslim terrorist attack against the American people and, adding insult to injury, religious signs were removed from the official commemorations.

MUSLIM_BOMBERS_OFF_OUR_STREETSDuring decades, with the complicity of successive presidents who had their own agendas and with help of their administrations, a silent invasion of our country has been facilitated -as Americans, even in the aftermath of 9/11, were carefully kept away from information about the constant Muslim immigration.  Initially, Muslim immigration numbers have not been alarming but what becomes alarming as time goes by, is the elevated procreation rate they have.

Taking a look at recent news, we found Attorney General Eric Holder, declaring that the training manuals used by some FBI trainers, which have drawn furious criticism from Islamist lobby groups, contain training lessons that, in Holder’s words:  “… can really undermine, really undermine, the really substantial outreach efforts that we have made and really have a negative impact on our ability to communicate effectively, as we have in the past, with this community…. I almost hesitate to say ‘this community,’ because the reality is that we’re talking about Americans, Americans citizens, who have the same desires that we all have, who want their kids to be safe, who want the opportunities that this great country has to offer them,” Holder added.

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American citizens, indeed, but those with Muslim background are bearers of a religious-political ideology that ultimately requires from them to impose sharia wherever they may live, and to kill whoever does not share their faith in order to achieve their goal of world domination.

Unhesitatingly, the Attorney General who is supposed to provide the legal support and backing to the highest authority in the country to protect Americans, decides to jump in the bandwagon asking us to forget that the Muslims in question are the crib that has, either intentionally or by omission, aided the terrorist community that launched the savage attack of 9/11 and that make no secret that their main goal is to conquer the world.

muslimrally4vivi1-vi3.pngThose of us who have lived and/or worked intermittently in the Muslim Middle East in the last few years, understand how important it is to face reality and refuse Hussein Obama and the left imposed political correctness.

As a result of the left so-anointed “Arab Spring”, the Muslim world is going to be ruled from now on, by theocracies.  After elections, Morocco will have its first Muslim Brotherhood PM.  In the aftermath of Egypt “democratic” elections, the EU as much as the Coptic communities in Egypt are looking at an uncertain future when anti-West, pro-sharia Islamists will have the upper hand at the end of these elections.  The same fate was also shared in Tunisia, where Islamists also won the elections.  In Libya, the same happened after the brutal assassination of Col. Gaddafi at the hands of former Al Qaeda terrorists soon to be statesmen -and who counted with the efficient help of the America military in a move where the American president Hussein Obama unconstitutionally passed over Congress.

But we would be remiss if we did not mention two indispensable factors within the everyday life of the Muslim world: Family/tribe and solidarity…  Yes, as in Muslim “Brotherhood”.  Family is one of their most sacred notions in the Muslim world.  Solidarity is the common denominator that unites them more than there will ever be anything separating them.  Among the wealthiest families, married siblings reside in the same neighborhood, possibly within a few blocks from the patriarchal home -where the matriarch of the family may have among the largest kitchens one can imagine, and where she can receive on a daily basis the members of her extended family at different meals of the day…   Yes, a Muslim family could be almost the antithesis of what a modern American family is, where parents can hardly wait to get rid of their children when they barely turn 18-years old…

In that context, it’s easier to understand that those close-knit relations are the ones that may have served as the badly infrastructure needed to nurture the existence and blossoming of an efficient worldwide Muslim terrorist network.

Recently, Sol Saunders, writing for The Washington Times, wrote that: “Muslim “moderates” and their apologists present Islam as another Abrahamic religion not all that different from Christianity or Judaism. Don’t the Jewish holy books, too, drip with blood and hatred? The answer, not so simple but enough for this brief apologia: Islam never had its Renaissance, its Reformation, its Counter-Reformation, its Haskalah, its Enlightenment, its scientific revolution.”

Wrong.  Jewish holy books do not encourage blood and hatred.  They promote Justice.

Humanizing Terrorism

Gal Beckerman interviews author Ken Ballen who has recently devoted a book to “The Private Lives of Terrorists,”  where some Jihadis have interacted with Mr. BallenMuslim_terrorist_children about their childhood, their love lives and Mullah Omar.  The author shares his impressions about the feelings of Muslim terrorists who he met, in a surrealist situation, at, of all places, the rehabilitation center for violent fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia…  Never mind that Saudi Arabia has been the crib from where Islamic fundamentalism was launched into the world via drastic Muslim terrorism responsible  of many treacherous attacks, including the massive attack on America on that fatidic 9/11 masterminded by none other than Saudi billionaire, Osama Bin Laden…   Other interviews took place in Pakistan, with former and current Taliban terrorists -which as is MSM tradition by now, are referred to, as ‘fighters.’

Interestingly, Mr. Ballen reports that, as he shared with one of his interviewees that he’s Jewish he seems to have had hard times listening to his terrorist interlocutor ranting antisemitic threats: “ “The day of judgment will not come until every Jew is killed. This is what the prophet Mohammed tells us. And if the Jew is hiding behind a rock, the rock will cry out, kill the Jew. And if the Jew is hiding behind a tree, the tree will cry out, kill the Jew.” And I realized that I had had enough of that interview,” Ballen said.

The American public should be cautious with those who, too eager to find solution to their current funding problems, must find creative ways to show there is hope at the end of the tunnel.   Some state that, “By ignoring evidence of Islamist groups in the Muslim community, Holder is “denying the [FBI’s] agents — and, derivatively, the public — the tools necessary to distinguish authentic Islamic moderates from the Islamists who pose as moderates.”   Seriously.

Beyond a Cause: the Business Deal…

The Saban Center for Middle East Policy of the Brookings Institute, presents an article in The Atlantic, penned by their director of research at the Saban Center in Doha, Qatar, Mr. Shadi Hamid, who lets us know “How Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is already winning.” The Brookings Doha Center International Advisory Council [which oversees the research and programming] is chaired by Qatar’s prime minister and minister of foreign afffairs, H.E. Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al Thani, who inaugurated the Center officially on February 17, 2008.  It is co-chaired by Brookings President Strobe Talbott. Members include: Madeleine Albright, Samuel Berger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Edward Djerejian, Wajahat Habibullah, Musa Hitam, Pervez Hoodhboy, Rima Khalaf Hunaidi, Nemir Kirdar, Rami Khouri, Atta-ur-Rahman, Ismail Serageldin and Fareed Zakaria. Salman Shaikh serves as the director of the Brookings Doha Center. In other words, the who’s who of the current, progressive liberal establishment in America.

From a sheer psychological point of view, Shadi Hamid introduces us to a fait accompli: Muslim Brotherhood’s success. But, his assertions do not stop there. He posted on Twitter: “Egypt‘s elections sort of feel like a Muslim Brotherhood coming out party…” coincidentally, opening phrase repeated by the Washington Post as introduction to yesterday’s article reporting on the Egyptian elections: Muslim Brotherhood sees strong support in Egypt

It was certainly a good move for Brookings to open a branch in oil wealthy Qatar.

Muslim Brotherhood Judeophobia

”Last but not least, reportedly last Friday, at a rally organized by the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, the meeting reportedly turned to one of the most Judeophobic held in Egypt in recent times, as the roughly 5,000 participants joined calling for the “battle against Jerusalem’s Judaization.”

Judeophobic Rally | Battle Against Jerusalem’s Judaization

Naturally, history students will not be surprised about these developments.  There has been an evil relation between Hitler’s fascist Nazism and the Muslim leaders of his time, as this video bears witness…  The situation has only worsened with time, as Muslims have reproduced and now count 1.3 billion -from which reportedly 10% or 130 million are fundamentalist or terrorism-prone, and/or practicing terrorist…  a lot of evil people roaming the world… 


As we watch world events, we can see that the Islamic-liberal-fascist approach has a specific strategy, aiming at the takeover of the world…………..however..

….. they are not the only culprits.  Their untold partner, are the ever-seeking business, for-profit entities in the West, that instead of looking after the interests of Western Civilization in the face of a formidable enemy, after decades of treacherous fight, they insist in accommodating  so-called “moderate” Muslims -as if Muslims in general could be moderate in any way beyond their appearance.

Instead of accepting with face value what experts in the Muslim world say as they turn apologists of so-called moderate Muslims, we need to know what’s their plan to get those “moderate Muslims” active in their home countries to stop Muslim terrorism and suicide-homicide-bombings anywhere in the Civilized world.  

Beware as well that during these times of financial distress, our revered and ever-greedy-business moguls, such as Bloomberg, Murdoch, Soros, Buffet, Gates, and others, as well as think-tanks, will figure out ‘creative’ solutions to attract the interest of many brains, hearts and pockets here and among the nouveaux-rich in the Muslim world.

We are being entrapped from various fronts.  The worst part is that conservatives do not seem ready to defend the survival of our world as we know it, and in the name of a socio-psycho-patological inertia we are allowing a melting pot of a tsunami-avalanche head in our direction…

Civilization as we know it, is in peril of extinction…  

It’s time for true world conservatives to unite and lead…!

EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at herwebsite. Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.