by Eliana Benador

“In time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”   George Orwell

In the world we live nowadays, there is a very pertinent question:  What’s right and what’s wrong? Is there any room for ‘gray’ in between?  Can anyone be a “moderate” extremist par opposition to an “extremist…?”  

As such, here a good question: Is it enough to belong to a religion, be it Christianity, Judaism, a Buddhism, a Hinduism, or any other religion such as Baha’i or any other one for that matter… to be a righteous human being?   No.

GIMP_-_2-_SEH-EB-ModerateMuslims-Mohammed-2-Kindly note that we do not include in the latter category the term “Muslim”, the reason being that Islam -unlike all above mentioned religions- is the only one to promote world domination accompanied by the mandatory killing of whoever does not submit to Islam, plus other atrocities.  So, therefore Islam is not mentionedl, because it belongs on the very exclusive list of religiously presented ideology and could be a better fit under the list -of one- theocratic tyrannies.  

For decades now, populations in the West have been submitted to the terror and horror coming our way courtesy of Islam, via its Muslim allegiance (given current circumstances, it’s impossible to include the Muslim world in the category of “civilization”.)

Like a snake, during decades Muslims have been migrating to our countries in a silent way, sneakily intruding inside our small, lost, forlorn towns and suburbs, whether in America or in Europe and even in Australia.  

We must admit that, partly, they have been counting on inside help, that has facilitated them to do it silently so their secret has been very well kept by our governments, our think-tanks, our legal system, our media, even our military, all of them have been accomplices.

It seemed no one was too willing to pay attention at what Prophet Mohammed has demanded from his followers in the Koran, namely, the basic principle of sharia legitimizing Islamic fundamentalism, which in turn authorizes and promotes jihad (waging a holy war in the name of Islam,) as well as abuse of women, cruelty, sadism, pedophilia, stoning, beheading, mutilation, honor killing… and the list is endless -but it’s crowned by the leading terror of terror: Terrorism. 

Terrorism, the brainchild of Islamist fundamentalism is a cowardice maximum, perpetrated against innocent, unassuming populations from our Western Civilization in times of peace.

For anyone who may be wondering, the terrorism that may or may not be inflicted by Muslims to Muslims among Muslims, should not be our concern, as they and everyone is free to do as they will in their countries.  That’s the new, no matter how untold, approach that should be taken by the American people as a result of so many wars where our men have been taken to risk their lives -only to be betrayed by their government and people, as we are increasingly seeing it happening.  

Along came the Muslim 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and with much ado in between, the worst, however, came on 9/11 when, on a sunny Tuesday, September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated suicide attacks were committed by Muslim terrorists, shouting Allah Hu Aqbar as they hit planes filled with innocent passengers against the Twin Towers in New York City and in Washington, D.C., wreaking havoc and causing over 3,000 victims and leaving many families mutilated from their loved ones.  

And, Muslim terrorist attacks have continued to be committed, incessantly and throughout the world.

The last known feat committed in the name of the so-called “religion of peace” has been last Monday.  

A two-legged sub-human went into a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, and shot point blank at a little 8-year old girl, then he shot and killed two more small children and their father.

We have often witnessed how civilian, “moderate” Muslims around the world, have reacted at similar news and rejoiced at the sight of the horrors caused by their Muslim terrorists.  

We have seen scenes showing how sadistically “normal”, “moderate” Muslims have rejoiced at the beheading and 16-time stabbing of a 3-month old baby and the killing of innocents.  

We can surely visualize how Muslims at large could never even imagine how a young mother may feel…   when she had had her young husband and their three and six year old children slaughtered, basically torn from her life in a matter of seconds…

How could they even begin to understand that, when they don’t give it a second thought to train their own children to wrap themselves in bombs around their little bodies that will detonate in the middle of innocent people, again, wreaking havoc…  

Animals kill each other or other species, but they do it only to eat and survive, or if they fight for power and authority it happens on a one-on-one situation.  Among human beings the situation is different.  We are supposed to aim at being better.  But, not in the Muslim world.  

It’s important to note that it was only in the seventh and eighth century that the new religion of Islam actually emerged with its founder and its holy book, the Koran.  And, although Islam was not that well-known, in Northern Europe, however, they were aware of the existence of the saracens (kindly click on that link, as it will enlighten you on part of the history of that term) -term that was replaced by the word “Muslim” by the eleventh century.

As such, Northern Europeans seemed to have admitted Muslims’ predecessors, the saracens, among them and had accepted without much concern, the fact that they were descendants of Hagar and her son, Ishmael.  Hagar was the slave of Abraham and Sarah, by whom Abraham had his son, Ishmael -but who he had to expel from their midst, when Sarah gave birth to their legitimate son and heir, Isaac.  

An enlightening point for the general, American, reader is to historically show how parts of Spain were conquered by Muslims already by 711.  History tells us that roughly two centuries later, Spanish Christians became deeply immersed in Arabic culture, and became so assimilated that they had no qualm to master Islamic theology and theologians as well as their philosophy and philosophers.  Spanish Christians even ended up writing more beautiful, aesthetic poems in Arabic than the actual Arabic speaking Muslim invaders.

As a reaction to the Christian laxism, not unlike what one can witness in present day America and Europe, some tried to raise awareness among the Christian communities, in an effort to take them away from their spiritual negligence and carelessness…  alas, only to see their praiseworthy efforts fail, and many died martyrs.

That sounds so far, partly familiar…

Up until now, we have been shocked to see blood, any blood overflow wildly.

But, change is slowly coming to our mentality.  Now, we are reviewing such ‘broad’ concepts which are more self-inflicting, self-limiting and self-defeating, because in reality, what is “humane” is to love your friend and hate your enemy.

Yes, many in the West have been brought up believing that putting the other cheek could appease an enemy that wants to kill us -when in reality it was a sign of weakness, that more than anything else, has incited the enemy to finish the job.  

Democracy has been our Trojan Horse that clever Muslims have been and still want to use to their advantage.  

However, the real problem is that by Western standards, our societies are accepting the notion that there may be two kinds of Muslims.  

Sure, such a classification in “moderate” Muslims existed in direct opposition to “radical Muslim terrorism,” would be an increasing plus for the livelihood of so many.  

Ranking first among the beneficiaries of such scam are:  business moguls at large, chief among them:  Murdoch, Bloomberg, who are both sharing interest and investments going and coming in both directions, with Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia, major investor in Western outfits, close friend of the Muslim Brotherhood and funder of many “chairs” promoting Islam, in Georgetown University, Harvard University and, to mention only one abroad, Oxford…  But the list of business moguls benefiting of this accommodating situation vis-à-vis the misleading classification of “moderate” and “radical Muslim terrorists,” is much longer, touching people such as Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and so on.

Second in line, comes the vast majority of think-tanks, which to the best of my knowledge, may exist in the tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands, devoted to study Muslim terrorism.  It is shocking for instance to read how some of those bookworms flatly announce that “Saudi Arabia is not a friend or a foe.  It’s rather a rival.”  Right.  It’s not Saudi Arabian money that funded Osama Bin Laden who in turn gave birth to his brainchild, Al Qaeda.  And there were not fifteen Saudi terrorists among the nineteen who perpetrated the massive attacks of 9/11.  On moral ground, labelling Saudi a rival, is giving them moral equivalence with us…  and willingly forgetting that stoning, sharia, beheading, honor killing and terrorism do not make Saudi our equal.  Sure they could find an adequate Saudi donor for their outfits, but that is not certainly a way to watch over “American interests.”  

Think-tanks owe a huge moral debt to Americans.  They knew perfectly well how Islam was advancing in America and chose not to share that information freely with the large population -probably with the goal to keep it privy for their major donors so they continue funding their organizations.

Recently, however, with the American economy disturbing everybody’s plans, think-tanks may be suffering just as all other entities.  In comes the magic word for all in times of need or despair:  “HOPE”.  And, hope comes to their rescue in the shape of the so-long awaited for, the so-long dreamed of, the so-called “moderate Muslims.”   As if they could differentiate one from another within the Muslim world, forgetting that it’s like trying to differentiate water from vodka without tasting them.  

On the other hand, what is left of truly American conservatives know that the new dwindling “marriage” concept has made it legal for men to marry men in many states, and women to marry women.  Some great news for “to whom it may concern”:  Appears that, just in time for elections, it is being planned to go-gay from coast to coast in the truly foreseeable future.  That’s America now.

So, under those circumstances, how is America going to understand the vision of a united family nucleus in the Muslim world, where the patriarch rules and has the law on his side for all kind of horrors and punishment of women, abuse of children, and so much more.   

However, in an inexplicable dichotomy, women as matriarchs, keep the family and home together.  Families live close by, there is the matriarch’s home, where regularly the whole family, in-law, grandchildren and friends reunite for meals, celebrations, and more.

But, whatever they do, they will remain united.  Their hate for the West, America, Europe and Israel is beyond any rational thinking.  

If you are a Muslim reading these lines, and you think you are a true “moderate”, here is a solution for you:  Gather all those like-minded Muslims around you and figure out how to start a revolution that disavows terrorism and all kind of barbarism that Islam expects from you.  You will risk your life?  Yes.  Absolutely.  So have all our people who at one time or another saw injustice and organized revolutions in the Western world.  Trying it convincingly, may help us broaden our views of “moderates” in your world.  Nothing else will do.  

And, it’s up to Americans to choose the road to follow in our own country, we all either begin rallying -but not only for one point on the agenda or we will be defeated without a fight.   Fighting for religious freedom is great.  But our fight has to be to stop tyranny once and for all.

And, what to do with all those Muslims already in our midst.  Number one: demand that immigration be slowed down and delayed, and above all, not to facilitate Saudi immigration of an average of roughly one hundred thousand (100,000) students per year, for example.   

Americans need to make more American children, and subventions must be provided to help the young families.  That’s not a question.  It’s a right!

Then, let’s be alert and stop them from establishing sharia, however dissimulated in our midst.  We must do that with the strength that Justice gives us,

The road is arduous.  The prize is America, the former superpower.

Where will America end?  At the hand of the Muslims or at the rightful hand of Americans?

May G-d bless and protect America.

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EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates.  For speaking engagements and “Organizing Leadership in America,” kindly contact her here.