by Eliana Benador

As time is passing by, an incredible opposition is growing by the day, against any attack on the people of Syria.   This phenomenon is Obama Terroristhappening not only in America but also worldwide, leaders are having hard time proving the legitimacy of a war on behalf of Saudi interests.  

Barack Hussein Obama, is relentlessly demanding his “war against President Assad” be accepted.  Naturally, the world at large is compassionate to the relatively few victims of chemical attacks.  From the onset, the United Nations chemistry scientists have made clear that even though they may find some traces of sarin, they would be unable to specify if it was Assad’s loyalists or the terrorists who did it.  This begs the question:  How can anyone identify sarin, when this chemical element evaporates?  

As he pushes for Congress and world approval, Obama no longer can or wants to hide his proud allegiance and connection to the cause of Islam world domination and its vehicle of choice, the Muslim Brotherhood.  Hear him, recently, applaud the Muslim folk at the 50th anniversary of the Islamic Society of North America, that is spearheading the silent takeover of this country. Obama said:  “My Administration is proud to be your partner in our shared efforts to promote economic opportunity, accessible health care and affordable education in Muslim communities throughout our country.”  

Thus, with the help of our Achilles heel, Democracy, the invaders have been smoothly embedded in our societies.  

Obama’s priorities for the Muslim communities are, as he enumerates:  First, economic “opportunities”, while he absolutely does not care about creating jobs for Americans and now he wants to waste trillions in a probably endless war, so he can bankrupt the country even deeper.  Second, “accessible” health care.  That may be the reason for Obamacare.  And, third, “affordable” education.  “Muslim affordable education,” he means teaching Islam in America.

One of the foremost influential Islamic scholars in the Western world, can best epitomize the increasing presence of Islam in our midst. Hamza Yusuf was born (in Washington State) as Mark Hanson in 1959, to parents who were American academics. He became a Muslim at age seventeen and then spent ten years studying Islam in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Morocco, and elsewhere. Today he may be the West’s most influential Islamic scholar. He commonly appears as a guest speaker at events organized by various chapters of the Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada.

Hamza Yusuf, has made many anti-American, anti-Semitic statements but he moderated his tone in the aftermath of 9/11.   In 1995, Yusuf described Judaism as “a most racist religion.” In 1996 he expressed his contempt for the United States:

“[America] a country that has little to be proud of in its past and less to be proud of in the present. I am a citizen of this country not by choice but by birth. I reside in this country not by choice but by conviction in attempting to spread the message of Islam in this country. I became Muslim in part because I did not believe in the false gods of this society whether we call them Jesus or democracy or the Bill of Rights.”

On September 9, 2001 – just two days before the al Qaeda attacks against America – UCLA’s Al-Talib magazine co-sponsored a benefit dinner titled “Justice for Imam Jamil Al-Amin” (a convicted cop-killer formerly known as H. Rap Brown) at UC Irvine. Among the speakers at this benefit was Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, who spoke about the fate he foresaw for America:

“They [Americans] were ungrateful for the bounties of Allah, and so Allah caused them to taste fear and hunger. That is one reason and, I would say, that this country is facing a very terrible fate. The reason for that is that this country stands condemned. It stands condemned like Europe stood condemned for what it did…. This country [America] unfortunately has a great, a great tribulation coming to it. And much of it is already here, yet people are too  illiterate to read the writing on the wall.”  

Obama is a Muslim, and as such, he is using his prerogative of twisting the truth at will, as ordered by taqqiya, a sharia condoned truth-twisting right given to Muslims to say whatever needs to be said in order to advance Islam’s cause for world domination.  

Obama’s mask is falling off, and that is worrisome.  He needs it no more and feels safe enough to say it as it is, publicly.  He knows Americans will not react.  Or, at least, so he thinks.  

That’s also the reason why he has “accepted” to submit to the American Congress; only to announce, the next day, that if Congress should veto him, he can still decide to do what he deems necessary, making a mockery of America’s institutions.   

Islam runs in the blood of the Obama family.  And so does their allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood.  His oldest, half brother, Obango Malik Hussein Obama, is an active member of the organization, and his inclusion in the terrorist list of the new Egyptian government is impending… Unless the brother president puts pressure on interim President, Adli Mansour.  

In the aftermath of Morsi’s fall, something unexpected and unacceptable happened to the Brothers:  Failure, which is not taken lightly by the movement.  Action must continue, Islam and sharia worldwide cannot fail, nor can they wait.  Thus, the imperative need to have other countries in the region taken over by the Brothers and their terrorists.  That’s why Syria is next.  

The fight to depose Assad, was taking too long.  Opportunely, Obama and his ilk, “found” chemicals in Syria.  How could they have known?  Prior to that, Obama’s orders have been to arm the terrorists, whose appellation they have dry-cleaned for public consumption and now are called “rebels” by the distinguished mainstream media, Obama’s state media.  For all one knows, those weapons sent by the Americans, could well have included some chemical “gifts”.  

And, yet, Obama, Cameron and Hollande, have come, one after the other, with discoveries that are, according to them: “conclusive”, “massive”, that sarin was “a result of President Assad’s attack on his people.”   The Saudis threats are working and the immoral western leaders are showing the world how they have become the marionettes of foreign interests forgetting their own peoples’ interests and well-being.

Meanwhile, a serious anti-Americanism is in acute rise in Egypt.  People from all corners of life are not happy with Obama, no Egyptian supports American strike against Syria.  American journalists are being expelled from restaurants.  They are experiencing anger coming from all sides.  And, thanks to Obama, the divide among Egyptian Muslims is showing in the land where being an Egyptian was almost as being from the same family.  That’s why they also chose the name “Muslim Brotherhood.”  Obviously, this situation is endangering Americans living there.  

It is evident that Obama’s concern are not “Muslims” at large, and he is showing his total disregard for the safety of the larger part of the Syrian population, as he bows to his own agenda which is one and the same with the radical Islamist agenda of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region that want to implant sharia via Islam’s world domination.  

The Muslim world must be tired of Americans playing stratego in their lands.  

Meanwhile, how long will American’s safety in their own soil last?  

If Obama wages war against Syria he will endanger the whole region.  Iran has already warned that they would attack Israel.  Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other countries.  Multitudes of exiled, hungry people will initiate migrations.  The chemical issue will not be solved.  

Not only will he worsen the American bankruptcy, but he will succeed to increase anti-Americanism on American soil to levels never yet seen before.

Copyright ©Eliana Benador

EB-carlylepic-2Eliana Benador is a global strategist, a political operative and a human rights activist. She has been the founder of Benador Associates. She has represented dissidents abroad from Iraq, Iran, the Copts and others. Her blog is Eliana’s Choice.  You may follow her on Twitter, join her fan page on Facebook and you may find her also on LinkedIn.