by Eliana Benador

“Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act”   
George Orwell

At noontime in a sunny autumn Sunday in the Upper East Side, one of the most sartorial sections of Manhattan, New York City, news spread that on Park Avenue, Muslims were gathering in a rally.

Walking in that direction, the sound of their prayers traveled with the winds, as some Muslim women, dressed in black from head to toe, were walking down the sidewalk.  Some moments later, their number continue growing -going South.

There were women standing at the corners, some had ‘leaflets that they hand to passersby who reportedly were told that was a peaceful rally “to celebrate one of their freedom fighters…”  When an American passerby is asked if he knows the so-called ‘freedom fighters are terrorists,” he answers evasively, adding…  “but they look inoffensive…”   And that apparently the Muslims told the Americans that…  “if we see any violence that we should let them know…”   Sure, they should do that…  Naive Americans don’t even realize that they are been talked down by the archaic, retrograde Muslims who are getting established in this land not so slowly anymore.

NEWYORK-MUSLIMRALLY-4DEC2011The rally was impressive.  A sea of black dresses -from-head-to-toe- and their point persons were scattered along the corners of preceding crossings, mostly women who were speaking to passersby willing to lend an ear to their tales.

At the same time, big busloads of men were being unloaded at the crossing of Park and 72nd Street.  Men with or without, beards and with the traditional Muslim attire…  they were everywhere…  And only some Irish workers at some of the Park Avenue buildings seem unhappy with the way the situation was unraveling.

The Wall Street Journal, unsurprisingly, reports via Associated Press that the demonstration was “smaller and more subdued than the Occupy Wall Street protests that led to clashes with police and made headlines worldwide.”   Never mind that what one could see was a sea of people dressed from head-to-toe in black, no kidding…

The press reports that apparently said that the Muslims were officially complaining about the police ‘behavior’ towards them…  “We are Americans” and they added that: “We want for you to respect us,” Abdur-Rashid said, “and we will respect you.”

Doesn’t anyone see through this a veiled threat….  Respect them -or else…!

In my book, the situation is being accelerated as we speak.

And, reportedly they also complained that “this would not have been done to any other religious group…”  Right, as if any other religious group had in their written mandate, black on white, to perform acts of “jihad” against our civilization.

As if they forget that their religion is the source of incitement for so many acts of vile terrorism perpetrated against Western civilization and our country in particular with the masterminded plan of 9/11.

What Americans may be ‘not in the know’ is of yet another information that is being passed in the sneaky, silent way that is traditional for this Administration and that makes it yet more obvious the tyranny towards which Hussein Obama is taking us.

Chronologically speaking, Hussein Obama’s Administration took a first step, announcing via the Institute of International Education -a non-profit but now seems to be used by the Obama Administration…

They have recently informed that the record high number of post-secondary international students in the United States has hit 723,277 for the 2010/11 academic year, according to the annual report.  Then, we are given information about regarding Chinese students: their numbers have increased by 22 percent in total, and by 43 percent at the undergraduate level.

Noteworthy is that IIE informs that “… most foreign students pay for their US studies with their own or family funds…”   Sure.

The order of ‘contributing students’ countries to our “economy” are:  China, India, South Korea, Canada, Taiwan Saudi Arabia, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico and… Turkey  -in the top ten.

Besides that:  Did  you know that the United States has given instructions to give priority to the issuance of student visas in its Embassy in Riyadh and its consulates in Jeddah and a city that most of us has probably never heard of: Dhahran… In reality, the “Arab News,” the Saudi newspaper owned by one of Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal’s companies, refers to it not as our “Embassy” but as our “Mission”…   a  detail perhaps, but a very telling one.

There are already 48,000 Saudi “scholarship students” already studying in various universities and colleges throughout our country…  But, who is giving the scholarship, because if there are any scholarships available, they should be given to our own American students.

For your information, the American press attache of our embassy in Ryadh is Mofid Deak who shared that there are “another 5,000 students that are studying in the United States on their own and along with students’ family members [which most likely seems to signal that those “family members” are legitimate citizens on our soil…?]

But, what’s more concerning is that there are already roughly 100,000 Saudis currently in our country…

One more, important, number is that what US-official representatives are calling our “missions” in the Kingdom have issued 121,296 visas for Saudis, up 32 [later the information refers to 34] percent over the previous year.  The Riyadh embassy issued 71,490 visas, while Jeddah 26,349 and Dhahran 23,457 visas respectively.  Of all the visas issued in Saudi Arabia, which they seem to refer to, as  “the Kingdom”, a whopping 26 percent was for students “which was a remarkable number.”

Remarkable numbers indeed…!

And, here is an opinion article published in the editorial pages of “Arab News,”  penned by James B. Smith, the United States ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…  The Ambassador seems busy “Creating Opportunities for the [Saudi] Youth,” and adds that the young people he has met throughout Saudi Arabia, “are hopeful and positive; they represent the future of Saudi Arabia. They share the same aspirations as young people around the world…”  Sure.

Take a look at this tweet by yourself, from

@USEmbassyRiyadh U.S. Embassy Riyadh 

Want to study in US? See these fin. aid opportunities;;;

The ambassador ends his piece by very worrisome words:

“Looking at the young people of Saudi Arabia and the United States reminds me of our common humanity and the values we share. It is important that we all strive to create an environment in which young people have every opportunity to reach their full potential. By strengthening the partnership between Saudi Arabia and the United States in education and commerce, and by promoting a spirit of volunteerism, we can contribute to creating such an environment to the benefit of both countries.”

This, is the master plan of Hussein Obama -prior to election day 2012.

He is bringing his masses of supporters to our countries under different wrappings…

Do we share “common humanity and values” with the students of Saudi Arabia???

Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and all of them, with the approval of the Republicans, may want to “erase” the mention of Muslim terrorism savagely massacring our defenseless, innocent people on that fatidic 9/11 but they will never stop our minds to remember or our will to never forget.

9/11 was the terrorist act committed by mostly Saudi Arabian students who were studying in our soil.

A true American President, a true American Administration, should have interrupted relations with Saudi Arabia until they once and for all stopped funding terrorism under any way, shape and form.

Instead, they are facilitating the entry into our country, of “students” who we know for sure who want to invade our country -and Hussein Obama and his people are telling us that foreign students bring in over 20 billion dollars per year to enhance our -bankrupt- economy.

And, now the American people are being undermined, jeopardized by their own treacherous president who together with his administration, are bringing right to our streets and neighborhoods, people who they are empowering with the same rights as us and are already taking over our institutions, our cities…

Americans are not taking this seriously.

Maybe it is because they have never seen hordes of men in the Muslim Middle East, dressed in their Muslim white robes and pants, with a white turban, just as Osama Bin Laden…  Then it would be easier to understand, that all these people are learning is how to plan the takeover of America, the Big Satan, their biggest prize….  Can you imagine…?

America, the huge country-continent, is being take over, from north to south, from east to west, they are silently here…

Wish you had seen the sea of people last Sunday.

Those are people who have no fear to die.

We must remember our Founding Fathers when there is -maybe- still time…  because they were not afraid of risking their lives.

As I was looking at the massive rally Sunday -by the way, reported as a few hundreds- my sadness was infinite, thinking how could Americans have allowed those retrograde masses of uneducated people to move and get established here? People whose culture promotes Middle Age-sharia, beheading, amputation, honor killing, untold slavery of the mind and the soul… people who could well be planning in outspoken Arabic our demise while they speak close by us, and we will not have any clue of what they are saying and even less, plotting… How has this happened…? How did we get there…???

How has this happened…?

May G-d protect America, because no one else does…

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Eleana BenadorGoodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website. Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.