by Eliana Benador
We just finished a busy holiday weekend, where families gathered together and happily celebrated their religious traditions that have been kept for centuries in America.   But, did we think for a minute of those who are being kept literal hostages and those who are the collateral victims and virtual hostages of this government’s anti-American agenda? 

In life, tests and trials exist to make us go to higher spheres and while some could desperate and get depressed about these life realities, others among us could rationally use those difficult, excruciating times to draw conclusions, to draw from inside us, with God’s help, to find the solutions that will make of us better people than we were before going through all those tests to begin with.

In dire times, in times of war as are these ones, who are the ones who are the first victims?  Those who, for one reason or another, are defenseless.  And, sometimes, the defenseless are not necessarily the weak -which, for instance, this socialist American government are protecting, making them needier by making them dependant and addicted to the new social drug “government assistance.”

The true victims of this unpatriotic Obama government, are the military. Why?  The answer is simple:  Once someone signs for service in the military, they are bound by a hierarchy, they are bound to obey without discussion, without questioning.  

But, why does any free man want to sign for the military of his or her country?
Some may say that it’s just another job for them.  Sure but, frankly, if it’s only the money, they could very well go for another job.  

So, in all, we find our men and women signed in for a job that is not what they or their families expected to be.

The malignant liberal suicidal mentality of leftist ruling governments in the world  enters in the military realm with nasty viciousness as our soldiers have to learn that in reality they and their families have signed in for a situation where their lives are going to be at utmost risk…  but for what?  Is it to defend our people from an enemy who wants to destroy us?   No.  Not at all. These men and women AND their families will find out in due course that their main goal are to follow the malignant “rules of engagement” and chief among them, the damned “courageous restraint.”  

SEH-Bales_and_Karilyn-In the case of Sergeant Bales, we can see that his has been a tragic case of abuse of our men in the military.  A twice decorated hero from two deployments in the war in Iraq, despite his wounds and traumas, has ended up on a third deployment right in the worst rats goddamned war place a man could be when he was not supposed to be sent to war anymore.  And yet…    

Back in May 2010, the Navy Times announced that “U.S. troops in Afghanistan could soon be awarded a medal for not doing something, a precedent-setting award that would be given for “courageous restraint” for holding fire to save civilian lives.”

“Nobody likes to see innocent civilians killed in a war zone but the blame for these tragedies lies with the terrorists who caused the war in the first place,” American Legion National Commander Clarence E. Hill said. “The proposal to award medals for holding fire is troubling because it is symptomatic of a growing culture in the military that will punish troops for making split-second decisions while they are expected to defend themselves and their comrades. This proposal is an insult to our men and women in combat who already do an extraordinary job of exercising restraint. Too much restraint will get our own people killed.”

 And so they have.  And so they will continue to be killed, especially since their so-called commander-in-chief has decided after the Kandahar events, to simply allow our troops to stay in Afghanistan as “there is no rush” in evacuating them.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Bales is in military custody and no one can really know what is being done to him.  When one reads that he has been “confused”, how can anyone know if he’s under medication?  After all, the American government and our military are tampering with witnesses, and not allowing the defense investigation team to interview them because they were dismissed before the Bales defense team had arrived to interview them in Afghnistan.

That said, “As a result of the Bales case, the Army STARRS (Study To Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers) initiative, done in partnership with the National Institute of Mental Health, is gathering details about the lives and mental health of 55,000 soldiers. Participants are chosen at random to attend a session about the study at Army basic training sites, and they are not required to participate.) The goal of the study, which was launched in 2009 and is the largest-ever of its kind, is to provide the military and public health community with information about why some individuals remain resilient to challenges and trauma while others are deeply affected. The project is specifically looking at what might place soldiers at an increased risk for suicide and which factors make them more resilient to that risk.”

It is time to understand that when a man or a woman decide to join the army is to defend you and I from enemies to come to our shores.  

It is time to understand that it is impossible to keep one’s sanity when your main responsibility to defend your people (us) becomes so sickeningly equal to risk one’s own life to save collateral civilian casualties.

We are at war.  There is no escaping to that truth.

We are also being betrayed by the man many chose to live for four years at Pennsylvania Avenue 1600, in Washington, D.C.

And there is no escaping to that truth either.

The liberal progressive, socialist, communist and Muslim allegiances Mr. Hussein Obama has are no match for the defense of American interests -and a proof of it are in front of our eyes on a daily basis.  

Obama’s complicity with Medvedev and how he “will have more flexibility after elections,” has been but only one moment of open complicity between these two men -both left leaning, both in quest to bring back the glory and misery of communism to this world.

But, Obama’s largest conspiracy against America does not end there.  He has recently met with Turkey’s Erdogan and ‘brainstormed’ about aiding Syria’s rebels with what they call “non-lethal” support, whatever that may mean and yet, it goes without saying that their maneuvers were done certainly in the hope to expedite the ascension to power from a more Muslim Brotherhood-friendly regime, following with the line of the current American government.   

Rumors say that Hussein Obama may have also used Erdogan to convey a message to Iran in an unprecedented reversal, Obama may have indicated that  he and his administration “may be open to an Iranian nuclear program, as long as Tehran can provide strict assurances the program remains civilian focused.  Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei must be able to provide tangible proof the country’s nuclear ambitions do not include building an atomic bomb if the United States is to allow any program to proceed, the Washington Post reported on Friday.”

Mr. Hussein Obama may not certainly have forgotten that regardless of whatever Muslim government may say, one cannot actually believe them, as there is the compulsory practice of taqqiya, or distorting the truth as deemed necessary in order to advance the Muslim agenda of world domination.   And which, Obama is actively helping and enforcing.  

When all is said and done, studied and explained, when all causes will be found to explain why a man of integrity, who has the responsibility of a young family, has lost his mind and behaved in the sad way Sergeant Bales has done, it is the time for American patriots to stand by the man who was sacrificing so much to defend their safety and their freedom.  

In the light of the kind of the current and worst anti-American administration ever, it is simply treason to our country to expect that our soldiers have to avoid collateral civilian casualties -after the Muslim terrorist attacks were exclusively committed against our innocent, unassuming civilian casualties in times of peace.   

It is simply sick that the American people agree that their employees at the White House and in the administration consider and demand from our soldiers to go above and beyond the call of duty of any soldier, and are encouraged not to fight.  No business could ever accept a situation like that. If this situation would be happening in any business, and you find you chose a CEO who turns to be incompetent and helps the competition -and what do you do? You fire him!

There is something seriously wrong in the way our military is being handled and it’s time to fix it -no need to wait for elections for that, because in these precious minutes lost, our men, our troops are the target of savage Muslim terrorists who are attacking them, and who count with the decisive help of the Hussein Obama anti-American administration.

Americans, support our troops!

God bless America…


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