By Eliana Benador

As his presidency walks the dark tunnel of time, the memories of Benghazi are coming to haunt the man who until now has, defiantly, ducked accountability and denied responsibility.

Almost fifteen months after the Massacre of Benghazi, breaking news have announced the murder of another American, Ronnie Smith, 31, while jogging in a residential area, not far from the American Consulate.  Mr. Smith, a beloved teacher at an international school in Benghazi, is the new victim of Libyan Islamist terrorists.  R.I.P. Ronnie Smith.

However, behind those headlines, mainstream media has been keen in hiding other, critical, news.    

Two years after, and thanks to, the Obama-NATO-backed terrorist uprising that ousted Gaddafi, Libya has been in messy transition, with no new constitution until last Wednesday when they resolved that important detail.  

Libya’s national assembly voted to make sharia the law of the land. Islamic law, that is, which is now apparent that was not so, under America’s former ally, President Muammar Gaddafi.  Sharia is based on the defined moral and legal teachings of Prophet Mohammad that appear in the Koran.  

All changed with Mr. Obama’s fateful discours in Cairo 2009, which forever catapulted the Muslim Middle East into more radicalism than ever before.  

Thus, in Libya, Sharia has now become the source of all legislation, given that “moderate” Islamists wanted to outmaneuver “ultra-conservative” terrorists who have been gaining influence.  

Meanwhile, the temporary terrorist government that ousted the President, and its nascent “security forces” have been struggling to contain ‘militias’ and former “rebels”, both Obama’s preferred whitewashing lingo instead of the accurate term “terrorists”.  

Apparently, lawlessness lawless may not have yet grabbed that joining the so-called civilized lawful world demands more than ruthless beheading, mutilations, rapes, honor killing, and other of their specialties.  They may be having hard time figuring how to avoid such pitfalls.  Sorry about that.  

The immediate impact of establishing sharia in Libya, was not clear in the already overwhelmingly Muslim country, but it will undoubtedly affect criminal and financial legislation.

Islamic sharia-based finance, based on sharia religious principles which avoid interest and pure speculation, is quietly becoming one of the key global financial power players with their trillions in assets -no debt there, thank you.  

“The [pre-existing, Gaddafi] legislative system did/does not contain many laws that contradict Islamic law so it is easy to say sharia would be the sole source of legislation,” said Ibrahim al-Gharyani of the National Forces Alliance party.

Indeed, while Arab Muslim Gaddafi was not a staunch religious Muslim, his legislation was not far from the excesses of a sharia-imposed system.  


On the anniversary day of the 9/11 massacres of 2001, Muslims Islamists terrorists made sure to commit another ‘memorable’ massacre eleven (11) years later as they targeted the American Ambassador Chris Stevens and his bodyguards, three former Navy Seals, Glen Doherty, Tyrone S. Woods and David Ubben, in Benghazi, Libya.  

Just as Muslim-Islamist savages murdered one of their own, Gaddafi, the same fate was reserved to the Ambassador representing America in Libya.  He and his security were massacred at the hands of savage Muslim Islamist terrorists from Ansar al Sharia, an al Qaeda branch.  

All, under the watchful and indifferent eye of Mr. Obama and his team at the White House.  

The attack by the heavily armed terrorists on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, began at night in a compound meant to protect the main diplomatic building.   It was followed by a second assault in the early morning the next day targeted a nearby CIA annex in a different compound.

Four people were killed, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Ten others were injured.

Obama and his Administration had initially argued that the violent attacks were in response to an inflammatory video, Innocence of Muslims, though that lie was quickly dismissed as it was determined that there was no such protest and that the attack was premeditated and launched by Muslim Islamist terrorists.

Many Libyans praised the late ambassador and staged public demonstrations against the terrorists, but the Obama Administration stubbornly insists calling “militias”, in an effort to dry clean and assuage the lingo regarding Muslim-Islamist terrorism.

Later on, the Administration efforts to increase security worldwide at various diplomatic and military facilities when they began investigating the attack, proved to be futile.  Too little, too late.

The debate over the events before, during, and after the attack featured heavily in the 2012 US Presidential election, and the Obama campaign hijacked the Benghazi topic by imposing on then candidate Mitt Romney that “Benghazi should not be politicized…”  

Dutifully, Romney obliged, when he could have shown his outrage and call for a patriotic movement from the American population demanding justice for the cruel murder of four of their compatriots.  

Thus, the conspiracy to silence the Benghazi massacre began and the complicity among both candidates was not bearer of good news for the country’s fate.  

The pantomime continued in the following months, when some Republican members of Congress launched investigations and held a hearing which never really was meant to be.

With impunity, the Obama Administration forced Benghazi witnesses to sign affidavits swearing them to silence for now and forever.  And no American representative has yet done anything to reverse such act of violation against justice and to protect the human rights of American citizens.  

Nonetheless, the plot has continued.  Big news announced last August 6, 2013, it that “the U.S. had filed criminal charges against several individuals, including militia leader Ahmed Abu Khattala, for alleged involvement in the attacks.”   So, what?  


Americans may not be aware that Ambassador Stevens was the personal representative of the President of the United States.

In other words, it is very likely that Ambassador Stevens was a personal friend of President Obama. That makes the presidential betrayal even more disgusting as Obama did not find it in his heart to answer his friend’s thirteen (13) pleas.

No one answered.  Hour after hours, he was tortured. He was dragged on the streets of Benghazi.  He probably was raped by the savages as they did with Gaddafi.  Muslims paraded him naked, to disgrace America, with the silent, tacit approval of the American President.   

The only answer Ambassador Stevens could hear before he died was: Allah hu Aqbar.  

And, worse, up until now, the American People has not yet answered. 

God bless America

Copyright ©Eliana Benador

Eliana Benador1Eliana Benador is a global strategist, a political operative and a human rights activist. She has been the founder of Benador Associates. She has represented dissidents abroad from Iraq, Iran, the Copts and others. Her blog is Eliana’s Choice. You may follow her on Twitter, join her fan page on Facebook and you may find her also on LinkedIn.