by Eliana Benador

CAIR satisfied with DoD, concerned with “our” Military Training

Without much ado, CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the pro-sharia Muslim advocacy organization recently demanded that the Department of Defense (DoD) “to dismiss the instructor who taught fellow officers that only a “total war” on Islam would protect America, that they should use “Hiroshima” tactics, target civilian populations, and abandon the Geneva Conventions.”

seh-darn_CAIRIn the self-promoted PR Newswire press release, CAIR, simply publishes that “It is imperative that those who taught our future military leaders to wage war not just on our terrorist enemy, but on the faith of Islam itself be held accountable,” wrote CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad in a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. “These shocking revelations are completely out of line with the longstanding values of one of our nation’s most respected institutions.”

To allow my readers more clarity, here is a link to the CAIR page on Facebook, which will provide with the true insight of what they’re doing, how they are feeling and what they are planning.

Senator Jeff Sessions

This is one of the few American conservative men we can count on.  He is member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and, let’s hope that  together with other representatives, they will lead to defend America.  

The fact that CAIR wants to factor in, regarding the training materials and essence of what our military men learn, is uncalled for and should immediately cease.

This is how it’s done in America

Muslims must learn that in America, Christians do not interfere with the training of our military men and neither have Jews done so -nor for that matter, any other religious group.  So, Muslims interfering with the military training of OUR American military must and should stop.  They have nothing to say about this.  No demands.  No applaud.  No congratulations.  Nothing.

What is certainly worse, is that the president, Obama, the Secretary of Defense, Panetta, and the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, are betraying our country -and are clearly now working with the enemy.

As Mr. Panetta said two months ago to Senator Sessions, the military must first consult with the U.N., NATO and so on, in case of war.  And, afterwards, they will “inform” Congress.   

But, that’s not the American way.

What is CAIR and what are they doing in America?

In June 1994, the Council on American-Islamic Relations was founded by three former officers of the Islamic Association of Palestine or IAP:  Ibrahim Hooper, Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad and Rafeeq Jaber.  Their goal was to concentrate on combating anti-Muslim discrimination aka their favorite guilt-provoking appellation: Islamophobia.

The ins and outs of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), appear in an amazing book, published in 2009, ““Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America” that enlightened the readers on CAIR’s exaggerated and deceptive claims of financial and political clout.  The authors Chris Gaubatz and Paul Sperry based their accounts mostly on direct access to CAIR operations obtained by Chris, who using an alias spent six months, in 2008, as a CAIR intern, closely working with the leadership.  He ended up walking out with 12,000 pages of documents (most of which he had been instructed to shred) and 300 hours of clandestine video.

Back in 2009, Muslim Mafia claimed that CAIR relied on two dozen wealthy supporters, many of them from Persian Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, for 60 percent of its $2.7 million annual operating budget, including a donor who contributed $600,000 a year.  However, the book also shows that until 2009, CAIR used to engage in deception about its activities.

The authors referring to notes from a 2006 board meeting, explain how Awad reported that the Washington public-relations firm Hill and Knowlton had put together a “business plan” to help CAIR raise money from Gulf states.   As a result, CAIR officials, together with Hill and Knowlton, sought huge donations from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

It is important to note that CAIR was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn also created Hamas, which explains why CAIR also operates as a Hamas support group.  

In 2007, CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation conspiracy trial.  As a corollary of which, the FBI severed all relations with CAIR -and one of their officials even referred to the organization as a “front for Hamas.”  

Americans certainly remember how many Muslim elements have recently become close to Hussein Obama and his administration, as in the case of Hillary Clinton, whose personal assistant Huma Abedin, was the daughter of prominent parents belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  

More recently, the administration Muslim choices for different positions, have being directly approved by the Muslim Brotherhood.  And, naturally, the looming presence of CAIR cannot be ignored.

Muslim terrorists attacked America on 9/11

This is not Islamophobia.  It’s called truth, reality.  And it’s possible to change it if only the so called moderate Muslims soon decide to make a revolution to fight against their terrorism and a lifestyle that includes sharia, women’s abuse, stoning, beheading, mutilations, marriage with little girls, pedophilia, and more and worse.   

Whenever any of our American soldiers is involved in any problem in a Muslim country, such as Afghanistan, the American president, the secretary of defense are rushing to profusely apologize.  

But none of those problems has ever been as grave, as serious, as catastrophic and as evil as 9/11 was.  

And, yet, so far, we have never received any apology for those monstrous acts perpetrated against our unsuspecting, innocent, over 3,000 civilians in times of peace.

So, let’s help envision what a just solution could be.  

On the one hand, we have the current president and administration, including a mute Congress, who are demanding the removal of all terms related to Islam and Muslim terrorism from FBI and military texts, as if anything could erase the truth of what happened, instead of demanding from Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others, apologies and other measures to stop Muslim terrorism.  

The American people have elected Mr. Obama and his team for this term, but this anti-American president instead of defending our country, humiliates us in front of the whole world, as if he wants to make us lose our pride.  So, who in his or her right mind wants to have for a second term a president that makes us feel unprotected?

On the other hand, responsible Americans must demand that Muslim organizations such as CAIR concentrate on presenting their apologies to the American people for the savage attacks committed by their Muslim terrorists in the name of Islam, against our people.

Then, they must present us a program that they should establish in their own countries in order to eradicate terrorism from the face of the earth.  In other words, they should do whatever is needed to stop exporting Muslim Terrorism to the world.

Their next item should be a statement committing to keep sharia within Muslim borders.  In exchange we will also commit to not interfere with their lifestyles.

For those who want to establish residence in America, they MUST abandon their ambitions of world domination and at the same time they should keep their religion just as all other religions interact on American soil.

Taqqiya is the Islamic legal right to distort the truth in order to advance the Islamic goal of Muslim world domination.   So, in short, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of Muslims are not to be trusted.  And, what about the so called “moderate” Muslims?  Well, when Koran calls, your “moderate” and seemingly assimilated Muslim friend, will respond.  You can be sure about that.


The majority of Muslims are committed to whatever the Koran demands from them, and whoever wants to dissuade us from that reality, is lying to us and wants to mislead us.  

A telling detail is found in the Muslim Brotherhood name, conveying a very significant notion of family in the word “brotherhood”.   Indeed, family links are strong as steel in the Muslim world, unlike scattered and divided families in our country and in the West in general.  Therefore, any and everyone in the Muslim world, would undoubtedly and massively respond to the call of Islamic jihad to achieve world domination.   

And, when Muslim leaders in America venture to interfere about how to train “our” military in “our” country, it’s a sign that they are well advanced in their endeavor to invade America, and it also means that now they don’t have any more qualms to let us know that.

Why?  Simply because they know that they will hardly find Americans standing up to them and try to stop them.  .

It’s our inaction, our incredulity and our comfort in life that have taken care of us.  Right now the pieces have been well placed on the checkerboard -all pieces, that is, except ours.  Our pieces are on the board, looking on as the invasion takes over, with no bloodshed, with no resistance.

And, what will we leave to our children, and their children, and their children’s children?   A country that retrograded, a country that fell in the abyss while their ancestors looked on -doing absolutely nothing.

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