by Eliana Benador    “Americans love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle… ” General George S. Patton   

Back in 2005, the Prince spoke at an off-the-record meeting in a European capital.  Then, he was still ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the UK.  He sat right across from me, gave me a special greeting with his hands, the meaning of which was to be unveiled in a few seconds. My neighbor, a British Lord, adviser to various prime ministers, explained I had just received a Royal greeting “…He probably thinks you are a distant cousin…”  Little did the prince know that at the end of his speech I would ask why did Saudi Arabia and the Muslim world waited to save the Iraqi people from Saddam’s tyranny….?   And…  why does Saudi Arabia worry about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so much and not about their own problems, like radical Islam and terrorism, to name just two…  After all, I asked, the Israeli-Palestinian ‘conflict’ does not even touch Saudi Arabia and it roughly affects 30 million people -compared to the 1.3 Billion Muslims in the world.

The response I received was that Saudi Arabia “is a democracy where everyone is free to practice their religion…  inside their homes…”   But, of course…

Prince_Turki_in_Arab_ClothesThe man was none other than Prince Turki bin Faisal al-Saud, also known as Prince Turki al Faisal or Prince Turki, and who had been the head of the Saudi external intelligence service for 24 years until 2001 when he resigned in a timely fashion… serendipitous ten days before 9/11.

In December 2004, Prince Turki received substantial libel damages and an apology from Paris Match magazine after they implied that he was linked to 9/11. He described the allegations as “outrageous” and condemned al-Qaeda as an “evil cult which the international community must fight to destroy.”

  Prince Turki bin Faisal al-Saud

While Hussein Obama and his Administration are intent in erasing any mention of Islam and Muslim terrorism from the annals of the 9/11 attacks that massacred over 3,000 Americans in times of peace, there is no way that anyone will ever erase from our memory that fifteen of the nineteen terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and that even the CIA confirmed on October 20th 2002, “Al Qaida is supported by 12 financiers, most of them Saudis” -though the link to that information appears broken…  

Prince_Turki_in_Western_AttireHowever, according to “Prince Saudi Turki al Faisal has a long tradition of friendship with the US government and US Congress members. One of his friends, Bin Laden’s cousin Sheikh Suhail Ibn Mustahil Ibn Salim , by 1979… had become a business partner of former Texas Governor George W. Bush, in the family’s Zapata Oil and Arbusto Ltd. Bin Laden’s family had invested in the Carlyle Group specializing in buyouts of defense and aerospace companies, in which George Bush Sr. holds the position of Consultant.

the same Prince Turki bin Faisal al-Saud

According to business magazine Forbes, the father of Khaled bin Mafhuz (BCCI, Harken), who has the 251 fortune of the world, estimated in thousand 900 million dollars, had founded the main Saudi bank, the National Commercial Bank [AlAhli Bank] that created diverse companies in collaboration with the Sico, Swiss society of the Bin Laden Group.

The sister of Mahfouz was married to Osama bin Laden. In December 2002, it was revealed, that Mahfouz’ main business partner Yassin al-Kadi was the secret owner of US-computer company Ptech, among their customers are Applied Materials, Booz Allen And Hamilton, which is run by former CIA director Woolsey, James, FAA, FBI, IBM Global Services, IRS, The Mitre Corporation, MetLife, Motorola, NATO, NAVAIR, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Sprint or the US Air Force.”

Suffice to illustrate Prince Turki’s  close-knitted lineage to the Royal Saudi family, that we mention that he is grandson of the late King Abdul-Aziz and the son of the late King Faisal. Among his brothers: Foreign Minister Prince Saud and the Governor of the Makkah (Mecca) Province, Prince Khalid.  And he is a nephew of current King Abdullah.  

After being Ambassador to the UK, in July 2005, Prince Turki succeeded Prince Bandar as Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States until December 2006. During that short period, he spent much of his time traveling around 37 states.  Saudi Prince Turki strongly advocated that the United States engage in direct talks with Iran over its differences concerning Iran’s involvement in Iraq, its nuclear program and support of Hezbollah in Lebanon.    

Five years later, in October 2010, the Prince, a leading figure in Saudi Arabia’s royal family, called Israel “a drain on the United States, and not an asset,” and admonished the Obama administration of a blatant pro-Israel bias in its Middle East policy.

Six years have past since that serendipitous meeting in Europe.  Now, thanks to petrodollars and the quintessential help of both oilmen and Presidents Bush as well as the current occupant of the White House, outspoken Islamophile and Muslim Brotherhood advocate, Barack Hussein Obama, Saudi Arabia’s image has purchased luster and its future looks rosier -and not in the best interest of America or Western Civilization.

It is in this context, recent news informed that former Saudi intelligence chief said that “Saudi Arabia may need nuclear weapons to fend off threat from Iran and Israel.” ‘If our efforts, and the efforts of the world community, fail to convince Israel to shed its weapons of mass destruction and to prevent Iran from obtaining similar weapons, we must, as a duty to our country and people, look into all options we are given, including obtaining these weapons ourselves,’ he told a conference in Riyadh on Monday.  That’s the real point of their move: to target Israel.SANuclear

And, to support his statement, later on, at a Saudi-US business held in Atlanta, Commerce and Industry Minister , Abdullah Zainal Alireza announced that Saudi Arabia will spend more than 100 billion dollars to establish 16 nuclear energy plants in different parts of the country.  Such an announcement, was almost done ‘en passant,’ as the Minister went ahead to mention the Kingdom’s efforts to develop solar and other renewable energy technologies to “reduce dependence on oil and gas.”

A quasi-speculation by a non-official voice, Prince Turki, who currently has no government position, has now been legitimized by Minister Alireza.   

To be sure, making a nuclear bomb requires enrich uranium or reprocess spent plutonium fuel rods.  But, since the A.Q.Khan affair, when a nuclear smuggling network was discovered in Pakistan, it’s critically difficult to obtain both technology and know-how.  

Surely it’s no secret that Saudi Arabia could call on Pakistan to make available to them whatever they need. And on practical terms, maybe only China could oppose the move, especially given that, according to the Financial Times and Bloomberg, the Obama Administration made a deal a year ago that may give Russia’s ARMZ control of more than half of U.S. uranium production. And, nowadays, the relations between Hussein Obama and his Administration could not be closer to or tighter with Saudi Arabia.  

The future seems bleak as an irresponsible, evil American Administration has shaken the grounds of the rogue region of the world, the Muslim world, in order to facilitate the ascent of America’s archenemy, Islamo-fascism, the chief cause of the 9/11 massacre.

Instead of having a firm position making the Muslim world accountable for the terror that emanates from their political-religious incitement and deadly attacks against the Western world, the Obama Administration is purposefully endangering our country’s safety, for many generations to come, by wide opening our borders, and now most likely, approving this Saudi move to go nuclear.

Once again, Hussein Obama and his Administration, directly or indirectly, may end up facilitating nuclear capabilities for Saudi Arabia, the country that has never shown any intention of actually stop exporting terrorism worldwide.  

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