by Eliana Benador
Today, Jews worldwide celebrate Pesach or Passover for English speakers.  Pesach is the story of how the enslaved Jewish people walked to their freedom from their slavery in Egypt -even though only 20% of Jews left Egypt, while 80% remained with their Egyptian masters.

Just as in America, 80% of Jews voted for their incumbent president.  And only 20% did not.  


Be it as it may, throughout the reading of the Haggadah, the story of Pesach which is read throughout the seders or Pesach dinners, one can feel the omnipresence of God from the beginning of the story to the end of it… although now one can perceive that the story is not fully terminated, regardless of how much time we literally have left Egypt.

Not many may have realized that at the beginning of this week, the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court announced without a glimmer of a doubt that because the PA is not a state and therefore not an ICC member state, they cannot file complaints against the Land of Israel.  The PA filed a complaint against Israel for alleged war crimes during “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza in 2009.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Meir Rosenne, former Israeli ambassador to the United States and France, under international law, the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are legal.

Last week, there were warnings of the infamous Global March on Jerusalem, wanting to enter the Jewish holy city of Jerusalem, the capital of the Land of Israel.  It was God’s will that no major harm was done against the Land He had given to His Chosen Children, the Jewish people.

Miracles surround the Land of Israel.  It was a desert before the Jews arrived back from Europe.  And, some may think that it was the bare hands of the Jews who made it blossom, but it was much more than that.

The Torah

 It is in the Divine book where God mentions the name of the Land of Israel for the first time ever.  There, God also gives the Land of Israel specific delineations of what its territory should be.  And it’s then that one can realize how contemporary Jews are not listening to God’s Words -as they only live in a parcel of what really should belong to them, while the ‘Palestinians’ as such not only are a non-entity and that they should have any other name but Palestinians.  Compared to what the Land of Israel should actually be, it is more understandable to expect no complaints.  (see map)

Evicting Jews from Machpelah

 As the Jewish world begin the festivities of Pesach in the Land of Israel and throughout the world, it is with shame that Jews worldwide have received the news that in the Land of Israel, the anti-Jewish godless secular government of Netanyahu and Ehud Barak has again expelled Jewish families, this time from Beit Ha Machpelah…

Netanyahu under the orders of Ehud Barak

Netanyahu’s old friend and his Sayeret Matkal buddy, Ehud Barak, make a dynamic duo.  Dynamic as in negative, evil dynamic.  Ehud Barak, the one who disguised himself as a woman when it was time to avenge the eleven (11) Israeli Olympians murdered in Munich, is now no more a Labor guy, he is not even considered in the polls.  And though no political figure at all, he inexplicably continues to hold the post of Minister of Defense of the Land of Israel…  and, in a bizarre way, his opinion seems to be the only one that counts -above Netanyahu’s, the coalition and the MK’s…  Barak rules!

IDF Soldiers Used to Evict Jewish Brethren from Their Homes

GIMP_-_Israelmap2_1Reading many accounts of how the IDF expelled the Jews on the orders of Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, and under the watchful eye of the Chief Rabbi, Rafi Peretz, one could have expected the latter to raise his voice and loud and clear tell those military men that they could not possibly evacuate the Jews from Beit Ha Machpelah, because regardless of the title of property that they anyway had, מערת המכפלה, Me’arat ha-Machpela is the place where the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried.

Indeed, in the first book of the Torah, Bereishit, or Genesis, Abraham purchased the cave and adjoining field, 3,700 years ago.  The Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish people, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah are buried there. The only matriarch missing in Machpelah, is Rachel, who was buried near Bethlehem where she died in childbirth.

This author is thankful to be a “former” IDF mother.   As I once told the IDF Chief Rabbi himself, Rafi Peretz, I did not raise my child to evict other Jews from their homes.  I could not even bear the thought of that possibility.  That’s unacceptable.

Chag kasher v’sameachPesach_-_Ceramic_Plate_-_538__538

As we get ready to begin our eight day Pesach celebration, and when we all rejoice about having moved from slavery to responsible freedom, the shocking news that our Jewish men have evicted Jewish families from their homes as they were preparing to celebrate Pesach, is simply sickening.

“Preparing” for us, means deep, almost compulsive clean, removing anything that could be or could have been in touch with “hametz”, even the tiniest vestiges of leavened bread, as we take very seriously the tradition of following the same pattern of what happened to our people as they left slavery and moved in their long, long walk to freedom -without any leavened bread.  Only with the 18-minutes cooked matzah, which is leaven-free, just as all the unleavened food we eat during eight days. 

And yet, the godless ruthless political and military leadership of the Land of Israel, had nothing better to do than ruin the Pesach for those Jewish families in Machpelah.

Hillul Hashem

The most serious problem is that everyone is committing Hillul Hashem.  The political/military leadership is.  The Jews from Machpelah, because while they decide to take the risk and live there, they don’t go all the way and therefore allow other “jews” to evict them.  

Hillul Hashem is committed when Jews allow others to have the impression that they are not being protected by God -when in reality, they are the ones failing God, they are the ones who do not believe unconditionally in God.

Pesach is not over

The way out from slavery is not over.

It is not over when Netanyahu and Ehud Barak become idolaters of power and authority, when they commit crimes against their own people.  

It is not over when the Jewish people behave sheepishly, instead of fighting for their God-given rights and trust that God will in the end decide what’s in His Plans.  

Pesach is not over when 80% American Jews turn their back on God and their peoples.  

Pesach’s Maror

GIMP_-_Judea_and_Samaria-StarOfDavidThe Maror are the bitter herbs that we will have to eat tonight to remember the bitterness of slavery.

And, thanks to the godless Erev Rav in the likes of Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and their government, that bitterness will be with each of us tonight.

Tonight as we gather together, may we pray at the seder table and also after we recount the history of the Exodus, let’s make sure to make aware our families, hosts and guests about the tragic situation inside the Land of Israel nowadays….

And, may we also remember on this Pesach 5772, that there is no man on Earth, no president that has any power to decide on the fate of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel at large, because what was given by God to His Children, no man can take away.

L’shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim

May God bless the Land of Israel and His Children, the Jewish People.


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