Do not waste your time attacking me.  I will be nice and will tell you the best way to deter me.  

Show me and my readers that you are abdicating support of terrorism, that you will set up an army and armies throughout the Muslim world to fight and stop exporting Muslim terrorism.  

Throughout the History of Western Civilization, we have gone through revolutions.  You can do the same!

Say_NoShariaAlso, show Americans your good will to commit to the American Constitution, as all of us do.  You will have to swear –no taqqiya– that you do not support replacing our Constitution with your sharia. Sharia is unacceptable for us.  As you know, many of us have our own beliefs, that we do not force upon the others, and because of that, we are free to live in this wonderful, exceptional country.  

And, last but not least, you must convince Western Civilization you do not want, nor do you approve the Islamic, Muslim plan of World Domination.   

In other words: Prove me wrong.

With grace, Eliana Benador


Is anybody awake? Is anybody up and awake in America, other than the enemies of this beautiful, wonderful country?

Occupy movements are keeping busy, in Miami, Oakland CA, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Murfreesboro TN, Fairbanks, Alaska (where they have said they will brave the cold!)  and so on, because the Occupy movements are obviously here to stay -most likely ensuring to make enough chaos in case of need, should the winds blow in a different direction than that of their anointed at election time.

Meanwhile, American Patriots keep demonstrating their staunch unhappiness at home or via the various social networks, but are asleep and numb when it comes to resolve in the view and in the light of danger ahead.  It’s as if though a massive suicidal conscience has penetrated the minds and hearts of the heirs of the Founding Fathers, who beyond the grave must be despairing in the face of this collective blindness just as they see this far away generation jumping off the cliff and unable to open their parachutes and stop the deadly end ahead.

As it is, there is an organized large part of the population that is vociferous, and those are the above mentioned Occupy liberal movements as well as the “peaceful” Muslim invaders -but not the American Patriots who are shapeless, spineless, unorganized and suffering of that dreaded illness: LL… Lethal Lethargy.

Only that can explain that there has been no uproar as we learned news, announcing that “Controversial general withdraws from West Point speech.”   If American Patriots are considering this just “another” news, they are dead wrong.  The gravity of our situation goes beyond words, but let’s try to analyze it together, so readers may get an idea of the seriousness of the threat and how far has the American society been infiltrated, without your knowledge, without your consent and without your opposition.

Did you know that the U.S. Army ‘doctrine’, “instructs Army leaders to respect the Muslim culture as a part of counterinsurgency operations…?” And, this is not foreign to the Obama Administration’s “reevaluation” which took place last October 2011, when they pulled all references to Islam in connection with any examination of Islamic jihad terrorist activity.  That meant and means that 9/11 was terror against America by “unknown”.  A purifying dry cleaning service provided to the rabid 19 Muslim terrorists who acted under mastermind Saudi billionaire and terrorist-in-chief, Osama Bin Laden, and who, in the name of their god and religion, massacred over 3,000 of our people in time of peace, leaving as casualties of their horrors the innocent surviving members of the victims’ families -plus a shattered economy and so much more.

The Administration did their reevaluation by pulling any mention of Islam or Muslim terrorism, the undesirable terminology, not for the benefit of America but, clearly for the benefit of the Muslim world, that has never shown a will to fight Muslim terrorism or their own terrorists, because we have never heard news saying the King of Saudi Arabia “has forbidden terrorism and will be sending his troops to kill the terrorists if need be, because we do not support any kind of Muslim terrorism…”  And, just as we have coalitions, there could have been an ad hoc Muslim coalition to fight Muslim terrorism, so that Western Civilization not be bothered with their barbaric ways and means.  Neither have we heard that they have completely and resolutely abdicated their intention of world domination, have we…?

And, yet, this Administration, Congress, Democrats, Republicans and almost all leading businessmen and women, are siding with the enemy -simply because their political leftist agenda coincides with the Muslim agenda, as a copy conform, so they are allying against Civilization as we know it.  That, plus the personal business interests of business moguls such as Murdoch, Soros, Bloomberg, are bringing down our country -but, what do they care?  They can live anywhere in the world, provided their billions continue accumulating, the cause is their wealth and their power…  

The situation in our country is speedily deteriorating.  What began silently, with the complicity of administration after administration, of think-tanks, of political parties, of business leaders, is worsening by the day.

West Point United States Military Academy

A few days ago in the news, there have been a few elements that are indicative of the corruption and the level of infiltration inside our different entities.  West Point, the nest where our military elite has been formed, is slowly and surely been taken over by the enemy.

West Point defines itself as:  “…one of the world’s preeminent leader development institutions, West Point’s mission is to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country. The student body, or Corps of Cadets, numbers 4,400 and each year approximately 1,000 cadets join the Long Gray Line as they graduate and are commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army.”

U.S. Three-Star General William Boykin

General Boykin is none other than a former United States Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.   According to Wikipedia, General Boykin has played a role in almost every recent major American military operation, serving in Grenada,Somalia, and Iraq. He is currently an author and teaches at Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia.

I encourage my readers to take a few minutes and read the rich, moving story of General Boykin…  From 1978-1993 Boykin was assigned in various capacities to Delta Force. Lt. Col. L.H. “Bucky” Burruss, helping with Delta Force selection at the time, recalled that Boykin “had a bad knee and I thought he would never make it…. I thought, I hate to see this guy busting his [butt], I don’t see how he can make it on this bad road wheel, but he surprised us.” In fact, a Fort Bragg psychologist almost ended Boykin’s career, wanting to exclude him from the Delta Force because he was “too religious”. However, he was finally accepted into the Delta Force at the age of 29. Burruss wrote at the time that “Jerry Boykin is a Christian gentleman of the highest order.” Boykin believed God had a hand in things: “God led me into the Delta Force…. And He said to me, ‘This is where you ought to be.’”

FYI: Delta Force is the army’s elite counter-terrorism (CT) unit, whose mission includes, hostage rescue, capture/elimination of terrorist forces, intelligence gathering on terrorist threats -and much more.  The unit’s operators, are highly skilled in sniping and much more, in other words, they are masters at the dark arts of counter terrorism.

Who are…?

Language and communications skills are indispensable in every culture. There are words that pronounced out loud, immediately bring images that are beyond words and ‘imply’ a definite kind of concept.  

As such, in our American culture, the word ‘veteran’ is so much a part of our very short sweet American History bringing memories of men who had left their homes, their families, their babies, infant children, and joined our armed forces to fight wars in far away countries, defending our ideals and our values.  Some of those wars, were not even ours, but our country stood up to defend the innocent, the hungry and the defenseless….  

Therefore, a veteran, in general terms, implied a patriot who had fought the wars, who had come back, and on whom the country could count on, in case of need, because a vet would know what it means to be American and could be ready to defend the country with their blood if need be.

So, the current leftist movement that supports this American president who has apologized for our country in front of the world, has now become more vociferous and strident via the website  Unsurprisingly created in 2006, one could easily think it’s a pro-American conservative veteran movement, but it is nothing of the sort. as well as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), had an issue with General Boykin addressing a breakfast at West Point because, they said, Boykin’s past remarks “threaten our relationship with Muslims around the world, and thereby, our troops serving in harm’s way,” said VoteVets, which represents veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

*These* veterans are behaving as though they are afraid to rub Muslims’ sensitivity, because it would endanger our troops serving in harm’s way…  

By the way, are conspicuously supporting and promoting as they call them,  “our candidates,” their democrat candidates, pro-Obama, pro-Muslim agenda in America.  

Pro-Muslim Pressure in America

As of latest,  besides, some liberal and religious freedom groups as well as CAIR, put pressure to stop General William Boykin, famous for his strong anti-Muslim arguments.  

Muslim media in Islamic countries, are increasingly accusing Americans of Islamophobia and of Muslim-bashing, without realizing that it is rather Americans who have suffered from their American-phobia and American-bashing.  

In reality, Muslims make little effort to try to make an introspection and find why would it be that some of us are mistrusting.  Rather, Muqtedar Khan explains his views very well in this article.

What to do?

Infiltration is running full-speed.  We don’t know who is funding votevets, but theirs is a democratic pro-Muslim agenda that obviously collides with America’s best interests.

In other words, removing the mention of Islam and its Muslim terrorists that attacked us in times of peace on 9/11, removing the name of Gd from military funerals, as well as any allusion to religion on the tenth anniversary of 9/11….  and when a former Delta Force three star American general and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence is stopped by the leftist machine from giving most likely a patriotic, religious speech….  then, America, something is rotten and it’s time for you to wake up and stop it.  

The problem is what to do and how to do it.  Given that no passion in the world seems to energize American conservatives, we might as well get inspiration from the successful left.  It is true, that the comfort of modern life and the seemingly lazy approach may have overtaken Americans.  After all, it’s easier to “educate” children without imposing rules, because the authoritarian, conservative approach demands more effort and energy, rather than raise wild children who don’t know what the word ‘no’ means.  And that’s no way to raise strong, religious American generations.  

As time goes by and as we approach elections, there is only one solution for a lethargic American conservative movement: use social media to save America now and organize rallies of all sizes throughout the country in order to put pressure on your representatives in Congress.  .

One way or the other, your voices should raise like a thunder so Gd can hear you siding by Him and so that the cowards who want to destroy our country learn that America is no easy prey and no one can harm her -unless it is over your dead body.

Opinion©ElianaBenador           Art©StephenEHughes
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