by Eliana Benador

“The art of war is of vital importance to the State…  We shall be like two rats fighting in a whole—and the pluckier one will win!”  Sun Tzu

When the 9/11 massacres happened, we knew that from the 19 Muslim terrorists, 15 were from Saudi Arabia and that the idea had come from the Saudi mastermind planner terrorist, close to the Royal family, Saudi billionaire, Osama bin Laden, based out of Afghanistan.

SEH-whitehouseThe ill-will of the long-term planning, the sheer painstaking preparations for the brutal massacre, the cold-blooded intentions that were far and beyond wickedness which actually were a result of the monstrous vein of the perpetrators, whose planning of their every move, were conceived to torture the maximum amount of people who were present, in one way or another, witnessing the most monstrous attack in times of peace to a civilian population.

At that time, G.W. Bush was the president.  Instead ot taking us to war with Saudi Arabia, he moved us away from the place where his business partners were: Saudi Arabia, the great oil producer.  So, Bush and Cheney took us to war in Afghanistan.  

This is part of Bush’s speech declaring war on Afghanistan: “Tonight we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom… The terrorists practice a fringe form of Islamic extremism that has been rejected by Muslim scholars and the vast majority of Muslim clerics, a fringe movement that perverts the peaceful teachings of Islam. The terrorists’ directive commands them to kill Christians and Jews, to kill all Americans, and make no distinctions among military and civilians, including women and children.”

As we can see, obviously purposefully, Bush had nothing better to say that it was simply a “fringe form of Islamic extremism,” already defending his royal friends and business partners, the Saudi royal family and owners of vast numbers of oil reserves and more.  

That’s how we ended placing our expensive human band-aid in the nest of terrorism that is Afghanistan and we gave carte blanche to those whose billions fund terrorism, namely, the Saudi royal family and their evil country.

Fast forward to Obama

Truth be told, once we look at how Obama behaves, he seems to be perfect successor to Bush, following in his footsteps.  

Barely a month ago, Hussein Obama, current president of our country, once more, abused his powers and bypassed Congress, again, by giving 1,5 billion dollars, from our bankrupt country, in military aid to the Muslim-terrorism-sponsoring, promoting, encouraging and teaching, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.   ’And where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves…’ and true to his word, he did it.  

Not only has Obama done that, but by ordering the FBI to suppress any and all mention of Muslim terrorism from the 9/11 records, he has most of all abided by the United Nations “Defamation of Religion Resolution,” which was mostly the motions sponsored on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the group of sharia-abiding Muslim countries, which have aimed to prohibit expression that would “fuel discrimination, extremism and misperception leading to polarization and fragmentation with dangerous unintended and unforeseen consequences.”  Naturally, the resolution was aimed mostly at protecting Islam above all…  

Did Anyone EVER Apologize for the 9/11 Massacres and for all their Acts of Terrorism perpetrated against our Allies?

The short answer for that is “NO”.   

We never received desperate apologies, neither from Afghanistan and most certainly nor from Saudi Arabia!  

On the contrary, the Afghan government is abusing the presence of our American military there.  But, all that is uniquely thanks to the anti-American behavior of Hussein Obama.  This, is a president whose goal from the beginning has uncontestedly been, the destruction of America as a super-power, as one of the most prosperous countries in the world.  His anti-colonial mind is on the offensive against everything that represents America, from our Military, to our Constitution, to family values, to religious values, to patriotism, to economic success and much more.  

The above question has been formulated including America and our Allies, given that we our presidents have made war and continue to make war by proxy against Afghanistan instead of also have included Saudi Arabia, place of origin of 15 of the 9/11 terrorists.

Muslim World Domination

 Given the lethal proliferation of Liberalism worldwide, the succession of events that have recently happened, indicate a rapid descent to hell by the whole world.   We have thus witnessed the massive proliferation of Muslims throughout the Western world -accompanied by Western measures to reduce fertility among locals.  

Muslim immigration has not been illegal as in the case of the Mexicans entering America by their own means.  No.  The Muslim immigration has been totally legal, therefore facilitated by our governments.  For instance, the Obama administration has had a man in our embassy in Saudi Arabia to grant over 100,000 visas for Saudi students.  Again, 19 Muslim terrorists who perpetrated and died while massacring our innocent, unassuming civilians, 15 were Saudi students in America.  

Ambushing our American Military at large

 In recent weeks, this period in History is being accelerated.  

First, our men in Afghanistan have been accused of burning used Korans, and seems that our government in its usual sneaky way, it has agreed to give our men for trial to the Afghans -sentences could include beheading and other, Muslim style.

Second, our Sergeant Bales, twice-decorated hero from the war in Iraq, excessively deployed to Afghanistan despite wounds of war, is accused of killing Afghans.  But our man has symptoms of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder which is often found on former military.  And yet, he has been given  the harshest treatment.

Third, our American Secret Service, body guarding presidents for many decades, seems that only now, under Hussein Obama, they have been caught receiving visits from prostitutes.  

These are none other than the U.S. Presidential secret service.  This is not a secret service belonging to an African or a Latin American country.  These are experienced men, who know better.  Why would this happen of all presidents, with this Husein Obama, on the year he is desperately seeking re-election?  

Why would this happen, amid a series of attacks against our military?

It is the secret service…  they, just as the Navy Seals, and their Team Six,  are sworn to secrecy.  

Fourth is the very conveniently published 2010 pictures of our men with severed bodies of terrorists.  

And, for this, Husein Obama and his team have profusely apologized and are outraged and they want to, once again, punish our men for their posing under those circumstances.

Actually, those are the risks of the profession when Muslim terrorists thrive in blowing themselves up in the middle of innocent, unassuming civilians and their bodies, just as all of their victims, are gruesomely decimated.

America is at war.  In war there are those kind of acts.  But,  what is for sure wrong is that Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, says: “I’m not excusing that behaviour, but neither do I want these images to bring further injury to our people and to our relationship with the Afghan people.”

I’d like to have my readers say how much do we care for what the Afghan people think, or their government for that matter.  

Our men are being killed in Afghanistan as a vengeful vein has now Taliban trying to show their strength and more, while our government has decided to leave our men longer there, until 2014.  

How many of our men are we still going to leave at the mercy of this so-called president and his administration, including our weakling loaded Congress?

American Justice, Obama-styleGIMP_-_H-HeadInSand

Yesterday, it was announced that, despite efforts for the prosecution to stop further trial delays, the judge moved the date for Palestinian Muslim terrorist, Mayor Nidal Malik Hasan, from mid-June to August 20th.

The media still calls Nidal Hasan, Major -because thanks to Holder, he has kept his rank.  And, the media still calls him ‘suspect’ when American-born and father of two little children, Sergeant Robert Bales is receiving a totally harsh treatment, even though, as his civil lawyer says that there is no real cooperation from the military.  The case is extremely complicated, given the location of the crime scene in a war zone and the possible hostility of witnesses to lawyers from both sides, and made even more complex by the fact that witnesses in situ had been released -leaving no contact information.  It is obvious that there is no chance to have a fair trial under those circumstances.  

The lenient treatment given to Hasan contrasts sharply and painfully with the harsh approach military “justice” is taking vis-à-vis Sergeant Bales.

Where are the VETERANS???

 Indeed, where are the veterans?  Why are they not taking the lead in our country to move American patriots and defend our repeatedly violated Constitution and their brothers-in-arms who are currently serving in the military?   

When American patriots choose to join the military, they surely expect to defend their families, their country and their people from the evil Muslim terrorism.  But what are they finding instead?   Instead, they find they have to abide by the self-defeating and morale-undermining “courageous restraint.”  They are even given medals for not killing the enemy.  One may rightfully think, why on Earth are we sending our men to war?  Are we sending them as bait for the monster terrorists…?

Holocaust in the works

 As Jews worldwide somberly remember their Holocaust at the hands of the German Nazis, it is also time for non-Jews to reflect.  A holocaust is a well-planned mass murder.  And for that, there are perpetrators and  accomplices.  

What is happening in America deserves reflection and action.  It is time for Americans to stand up, regardless of the elections.  The American military is standing up and doing what they can to call our attention on the violation of our country, our Constitution and our Military.  

The American military are men and women who may be your parents, your children, your cousins or your neighbors.  They are bound by the code of “obedience” and cannot do much.  As a matter of fact, they are already doing very much indeed to show the distressful situation they are living in.  Think: A military person is supposed to fight against the enemy.  Not to fight to “save the enemy.”  That alone can be a serious cause of PTSD -because they are being forced to live in a schizophrenic situation not of their doing.  

Now, it is up to Americans to start organizing meetings throughout the country, creating groups of action.  Leaders must appear throughout America.  Time is of the essence.  

Meanwhile, a friendly reminder:  Do not believe there is a division between Muslims.  There is none.  Once they are called to the Koran-inspired duty of world domination, any and all Muslims will respond.  Theirs is a visceral connection to their evil book and among them.  Theirs is a loyalty unknown for our Western countries where all rights have been exploited and misused.  Muslims stick together, they pray together and they fight together.  And, even your most seemingly assimilated Muslim is applying taqqiya to mislead us and take us from the hand to the point where they want us to be.  So, be aware.

Therefore, Americans must stop being slaves to their former lives, as they knew before.  Times have changed.  Slavery under Muslim domination means beheading, stoning, mutilation, pedophilia, persecution of those who do not convert and their assassination in the most cruel ways.

It’s time to stop Obama and all in the American government who are not thinking of America first.

America is civilization.  It’s time to say no to barbarism.  It’s time to stop Islam.


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