by Eliana Benador

With headlines such as “France standoff with gunman reaches deadly end,” the world learned that the man, who cold-bloodedly killed three innocent Jewish children and a Rabbi and father of two of them, and a few days earlier three paratroopers, ended up dead after a long standoff by the French police, in the hope of getting the monster “alive”.   

The amount of police and special forces displayed in Toulouse, France, “with the instruction of getting the murderer “alive”” may have proved to be futile, but it gives an idea of the will of French authorities to show their efforts,  even though it was easy for “experts,” such as criminologists and psycho-criminologists to conclude that the man had most likely being trained with the same evil discipline given to Muslim suicide-homicide-bombers.  

SEHBAT_-_fRANCE_19Mar12ShughesAl Qaeda claims responsibility for Toulouse attacks

The Israeli newspaper YnetNews publishes today, that the Jund al-Khalifa group which is associated with al-Qaeda in Maghreb took responsibility for the Toulouse massacre and called on France to reexamine its “hostile policy towards the Islamic minority.”

Speaking about minorities:  The Jewish population in France by 2010, has been  483500 or 3.6% of the total population in France, while for the same period, 2010, it was reported that there were 10 million Muslims, or 6% of the total population.  That said, it is a well-known fact that Muslims have one of the highest reproduction rates in the world.  

More than meet the eyes

Toulouse is one of the most important and biggest cities in France and it is situated in the broad Garonne river basin between France’s central mountain range and the Pyrenees Mountains. Sunny Toulouse has a large North African Muslim population of about 75,000 – nearly a tenth of the city’s population, which has 800,000 inhabitants.   

March 11, 2012 – A French paratrooper was killed by a lone gunman on a motorbike in Toulouse. Authorities sayid the killer had responded to an advert the victim placed offering to sell his motorcycle.

March 14, 2012 – Two French paratroopers were killed and one seriously injured when a gunman on a motorbike shot them at a bank machine in Montauban, 30 miles or 50 km from Toulouse.

March 19, 2012 – An attacker on a motorbike gunned down three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France’s worst school shooting and the deadliest attack on Jewish people in France in three decades.  That day, France’s President, Nicholas Sarkozy, declared “scarlet” alert, the closest France can come to martial law, and that night, police investigators tapped the phones of the mother of Mohamed Merah, who had emerged as the chief suspect in the probe. 

Yesterday, March 22nd, after over 30 hours standoff, the police entered Merah’s apartment through the door and windows. During 4 minutes there were over 300 bullets have been shot.  Never mind, the terrorist jumped over the window, after he managed to shoot 30 bullets.  Reportedly, as they arrived, Merah bursted out of the bathroom, shooting officers with his Colt .45, as one of the officers said, as if though he had a machine gun -but, apparently ends up jumping out a window. Later, it was officially announced that he was shot in the head. Weirdly, we also learn that “Prosecutor François Molins insists police acted in self-defense…”  Another sign trying to appease France’s Muslim community?

Some indiscretion made France’s Interior minister share with the media that “Merah wants to die “with weapons in his hands.”  In other words, France, just as other Western governments including the American Administration, are actually bowing to Muslim pressure to protect and give “humane” attention to their sub-human terrorists while the defenseless victims were plainly shot point blank.  Thus, France’s government allowed the murderer to die like a man, fighting…

Initially, the murderer was identified as a 24-year-old “ultra Islamist,” who claims he was trained with Al Qaeda on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.
However, it’s very likely that he has been indoctrinated by the extremist Algerian community in Toulouse.  This area has been known for a long time as an Algerian extremist stronghold;  the tangible proof that they are educating a younger generation in islamic extremism is lying in the fact that a huge islamic school is being built right now in Toulouse as a part of the ‘grand mosque of toulouse,’ entirely funded by Algerian financiers -but there is more, as you will see below.

The fact that he also targeted Muslim paratroopers, is meaningless in the context of the developments -simply because as an observant Muslim, the terrorist was whitewashed by “taqqiya” the sharia obligations of Muslims to lie or dissimulate, cover or distort the truth in whatever way necessary to advance the Muslim goal of world domination.

The best France’s President Sarkozy could announce was that France will be hardening their struggle against the “apology of terrorism.”

Toulouse Grand Mosque

As we take a closer look at the places where Muslim extremism can be taught, learned, it’s time to see closer what the Islamic projects in Toulouse are.  

For instance, the Toulouse Grand Mosque is a project that has been in the works for roughly seven years, since 2005.  Its construction is expected to be finished by the end of 2012.  The total cost is estimated at almost six million dollars.  It will have a school as well as a cultural center and it will accommodate roughly 2,500 followers.  Mostly financed by contributions by local and regional observant and wealthy Muslims, it also counts with  unconditional contributions from Algeria and Kuwait to which profits from the sale of a land at Pech David were also added.  This project envisions an imposing building to mark the presence of Islam in this part of the city.        

Toulouse Islamic Dormant Projects

It’s interesting to find, to the west of Toulouse, the neighborhoods of Mirail, where five construction projects are stagnant.  To the north, the Izard Muslim citizenry in the neighborhood tries to function out of a prayer room.  However, the situation represents a real puzzle for the city urbanists, whose goal is to distribute evenly the different religious places over the Toulousan territory, including the Muslim population in Toulouse.  This is probably one of the most determined observant religious groups that tenaciously show their will to practice their religion as close as possible to their homes even if they have to defray some costs from their own pockets.

There are however, other projects to build Muslim mosques or prayer rooms in other neighborhoods in Toulouse:

Bellefontaine: There is a Turkish mosque that counts also with a Turkish cultural center.    

Les Pradettes: Its Muslim population has requested the mayor to grant them license to get a prayer venue.

La Reynerie:  Neighborhood Muslims have been praying in the basement of a building across the street from a church.  Now they are trying to get another venue.

“Building Prayer Venues”

Obviously, the above mentioned projects signal a persevering, tenacious will from regular Muslims to practice their religion.  And, with no polls at hand, one can safely venture to say that it’s probably this faith that makes them easily migrational, as their Koran tells them to do.

On their part, the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors Internet messages, reported Thursday that a lesser-known jihadist group was claiming responsibility for the attacks in France. SITE said Jund al-Khilafah, a group that also claimed previous attacks in Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, issued a statement saying “Yusuf of France” led an attack Monday, the day of Jewish school shootings. There was no independent confirmation of the claim.

Indeed, compared to the fanatical faith practiced by Muslims who pray infallibly five times a day as instructed by their Prophet,  the majority of Christians and Jews are ranked at a far distance from them.

The Muslim Family Support for Terrorism

What France as well as a crushing majority of governments worldwide are purposefully trying to avoid, is to take into consideration that there is nothing in the Muslim world that can happen without the implication of something essential in their lives, and that is “family” support, the “community” support.  That is something so foreign to the nowadays distorted notion of family because in the West, an aberration has taken place:  our “traditional family” has been killed to give place to our degenerated acceptance that now so-called marriage, the fundamental base for a traditional family does not exist any longer.  And, that’s one difference that exists with the Muslim world, where “family” is the pillar of their society and their lives.

World media, is now controlled by major Muslim investors throughout the world, who are making sure to influence how public opinion is being formed in each of our Western societies.  They omit many critical factors here and there, seemingly inoffensive, anchors speak “knowledgeably” of how moderate Muslims are not at all as their terrorists and radicals…  As a result the “moderates” of the Muslim world get a pass -and we are led to forget them as a breeding and critical element in the support, encouragement and facilitation of  terrorism within the Muslim world.

The United States were aware of Mohammed Merah’s inclusion in the no-fly list, but someone along the chain forgot to stress this vital detail. So, no one should be surprised to find that there is much more than meets the eyes. It is not far-fetched, as some of my sources in France have indicated to me, to think of the possibility of a terrorist organization set up and sent by the Iranian regime…

Sleeping cells throughout our countries that, with help of their supporters, family and co-religionists, can encourage them and get them through strenuous training, sleepless nights, intense learning.  And just as a mafia operating machine, they will make sure that terrorists will keep spirits high and melt inadvertently and fit smoothly inside the local civilian population, while they would execute their plans with minutiae, precision and, one way or the other, with one only word in mind:  SUCCESS.

It is a fact that there is a worldwide conspiracy to facilitate the Muslims’ goal of world domination.  Only that can explain why the media and authorities are avoiding and whitewashing any and all association between young Muslim terrorists with local extremist mosques and their hate-preaching imams. It’s the Muslim money that make the wonders.

A rigorous observation of search engines and media in general, shows how Western governments are operating:  First, their closeness to leading legitimate figures in the Muslim world is no secret, as in the case, say, of Murdoch and al-Waleed and of the Obama administration and their love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood -all that facilitated by an oblivious population not ready to get out of their comfort zone, hoping against hope that nothing will change their little routine.

Western populations at large are being the complacent victims of their governments instructions and censorship of mainstream media to avoid raising awareness in respect to this very serious Muslim terrorism breeding problem in their midst.

The fact that mosques are being built worldwide, implies that also a fertile ground is being prepared for the propagation of their seditious spiel and therefore they also facilitate that Muslim extremists proceed to “mark their territory” by building mosques that will include naturally extremists schools. That’s part of their territory as well.  Koran teaches hate for the infidels, sharia, world domination and much more.

Methods of Infiltration

As we have seen, media infiltration is the most veiled one, but it is there and it is present beyond words, take as an example, Fox News.  As a rule of thumb, when watching Fox News, everyone would do well to always remember that Saudi money is paying for our former staunch conservative anchors to make sure they differentiate between “moderate” Muslims and the terrorists.

The bad news is that with such strong feelings of “belonging” to the Muslim world, there is no way that Muslims will ever forget who they are and what their goal is.

Besides the media infiltration, they are also infiltrating political parties and are aiming as well to become a force to be reckoned with in next elections, regardless of which country they are living in.

And the infiltration goes on.  Muslim law firms and Muslim lawyers, Muslim finance centers, such as banking, employment agencies and so on…  wherever they work and whoever they work with, are intent in, step by step, helping applying sharia law, sharia-based Islamic finance law, and other Islamic appropriate laws -no matter the price.

But the ones who are demolishing our countries and our lives, are precisely our political figures that we have elected to protect and watch over us -but no, Western media, government institutions, are intent in getting in bed with the enemy, knowing all too well, that while there may be Muslims who are not terrorists, those seemingly “normal” or “moderate” Muslims, are part of the intellectual terrorism-prone dormant cells that when push comes to shove, they will also help, aid and participate in whichever plan to conquer our part of the world for their plan of global domination.

Muslims are all the same.  That is the sad truth.  They are incredibly united.  The notion of family is sacred and that, together with the following of the teachings of Mohammed for world domination under one religion, Islam, are the solidifying elements that make the Muslim society one of the most cohesive ones in the world.

And, the Western world would do better never to forget that, regardless if the wolf is disguised as a sweet old grandma…

Muslims are intent on world domination under the rule of one only religion: Islam.  For that they have now conquered our governments, leaders, the media, the think-tanks, the legal system, the financial system, and the leading classes at large.   This is how our world is now.

But, there has never been a Muslim that wants to reform Islam in their own world. They all come here to speak of Islam compatibility with democracy, when we all know too well that, surely democracy is perfect for them.  How could it not?  When democracy makes us accept self-treacherous-suicide governments that defend the enemy more than the country they were elected to govern, protect and defend.

Be alert. Mistrust Islam, mistrust Muslims, they are all the same.

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