The Betrayal of America is a Five Part Series written by Don Snyder, an American business man.  See more about him below.

  1. Saving America
  2. Throw the Bums Out
  3. The Law and the Lawmakers
  4. Diversionary Tactics by the Congress and Administration
  5. The Price of Freedom

About Don: He write……..”This is not about me.  It’s about you.  It’s about your ability and your willingness to do it for yourself, to use your common sense and to stand up for what you believe in.  If I jump off a cliff, you should not.  And so it goes, that who I am or what I am should not matter, unless of course judging the façade of others rather than trusting your own common sense is your way of navigating this world.  In which case, I submit to you … you’ve been disappointed many times and will be many times more.  On the oft chance that you recognize that failing and want to gain control for yourself, I suggest you read on.  Nevertheless [for the record] I am a responsible, committed, loyal, energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate person.  Did I forget charming?”

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